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Treatment of scoliosis

Since the childhood we, without obeying parents and teachers, we will stoop and incorrectly we sit at a school desk. What to speak here if time dictates the rules, and the majority of time we spend behind the computer, forgetting to do breaks. And when we notice that with our backbone something not so, we do not hurry to address to the doctor, expecting emergence of deteriorations.
Life is the movement. It is very pleasant when stirs nothing to this movement. However so it developed that itself arrange lives it is capable to lead to movement violation.
Since the childhood we, without obeying parents and teachers, we will stoop and incorrectly we sit at a school desk. Besides school desks for studies are not always picked correctly up. We refuse to play sports or, on the contrary, we carry out difficult physical activities, we do not observe a work-rest schedule. What to speak here if time dictates the rules, and the majority of time we spend behind the computer, forgetting to do breaks.
And when we notice that with our backbone something not so, we do not hurry to address to the doctor, expecting emergence of deteriorations. offers you article about what disease is called as scoliosis, about the reasons and types of scoliosis, about prevention and treatment of this disease.

What is scoliosis?

Рентгеновский снимок позвоночника со сколиозом The spine column consists of vertebras, and here they, in turn, alternate with disks. And before speaking about pathology, we will deal with norm. So, in norm the backbone of the person has the following physiological curvatures:
  1. Bend forward in cervical department of a backbone (cervical lordoz).
  2. Bend forward in lumbar department (chest lordoz).
  3. Bend back in chest department of a backbone (chest kifoz).
  4. Bend back in sacral department (sacral kifoz).
If at least in one link there was a deformation, we receive a pathological curvature, and together with it also asymmetry of muscular tissue. It, in turn, leads to their uneven volume, and also has negative impact on internal pair bodies.
There is a wish to note that any deformations of a backbone can cause serious violations in work of various bodies and systems, after all our organism is one big system in which everything is interconnected.
Scoliosis is a curvature of a backbone to the left or to the right (concerning frontal plane), appearing generally at young age and progressing in process of growth of an organism.
Allocate simple scoliosis (with one bend, With-shaped) and difficult scoliosis (with several bends in different directions, S-shaped).
Depending on age at which there is a curvature, allocate infantile scoliosis (at children till three years), juvenile scoliosis (from three to ten years), teenage (it is diagnosed in 10-15 years) and scoliosis of adults (after the termination of growth of a backbone).

Reasons of formation of scoliosis

Various factors can lead to emergence of scoliosis:
  1. Displaziya of coxofemoral joints and a wryneck at baby age.
  2. The wrong bearing (stoop, carrying a backpack on one shoulder).
  3. Rickets (because of an underdevelopment of the musculocopular device).
  4. Radiculitis (scoliosis of a nevrogenny etiology).
  5. Rare exercises or incorrectly organized physical activities (especially during growth of a backbone).
  6. Age changes and various injuries.
Allocate also idiopathic scolioses at which the reason of a curvature of a backbone is not clear (in 80% of cases). Idiopathic scoliosis arises in most cases in phases of the accelerated growth of a skeleton. This type of scoliosis meets at girls by 5-6 times more often than at boys.
It is known that any disease is easier to treat, knowing the reason. However in a case with scoliosis, knowing the general reasons of developing of this disease, it is easier to warn him as it is often difficult to establish a scoliosis origin.

How to distinguish scoliosis?

Признаки сколиоза If you suspect that scoliosis develops at your child, observe a bearing pose, typical for it (in the weakened situation). If you suspected scoliosis at yourself, ask to examine you other adult who will be able to help you to establish existence or absence of scoliosis at you on further to the listed signs.
However, as if you did not like to go to doctors in case you worry concerning existence of scoliosis, Mirsovetov recommends to address to the doctor nevertheless. The therapist, the neurologist or the traumatologist will examine your backbone and if it is necessary, will make in addition the roentgenogram (she allows to establish precisely backbone curvature degree).
So, we will allocate the main symptoms of scoliosis.
  1. In a standing position:
    • at a view from a back – an obvious curvature of a backbone in the parties. At a side view – a backbone curvature forward (so-called lordozny scoliosis) and back (kifoskolioz);
    • shovels, different in size, asymmetry (are located at the different level);
    • shoulders stick out forward;
    • different levels of an arrangement of shoulders;
    • at an inclination curvature of costal arches is defined forward (feet are not bent in knees);
    • asymmetric arrangement of muscles of a neck and back;
    • distinction of outlines of a waist on the right and at the left;
  2. In a prone position on a stomach (the head on a chin, hands "on seams"):
    • existence of convex muscles of a back, shovels, edges;
    • asymmetry of buttocks;
    • feet on length differ (the different volume of a hip from the different parties is possible);
    • perhaps also existence of platypodia;
  3. In a prone position on a back:
    • deformation of a thorax;
    • knee joints are located at the different levels;
    • shoulders stick out forward.
Scoliosis is classified by severity from which the first are not always visible "with the naked eye", and it is best of all to make a backbone X-ray.

Severity of scoliosis and their signs

Степени сколиоза Treat symptoms of scoliosis of the I degree:
  1. Sutulovatost.
  2. The cramped shoulders.
  3. From a curvature the shoulder is higher than another.
  4. The omitted position of the head.
  5. Asymmetry of a waist.
  6. Turn of vertebras round a vertical axis is possible.
The curvature arch as follows is defined: the patient is inclined forward and note an arch on awned shoots a felt-tip pen or brilliant green since when straightening the curvature is imperceptible. If to you make a backbone X-ray, and in a picture the curvature at an angle of 5-10 degrees will be visible, so you have a small scoliosis (the I degree).
Treat symptoms of scoliosis of the II degree:
  1. Vertebras are turned round a vertical axis (torsiya).
  2. Contours of a neck and triangle of a waist are asymmetric.
  3. Omission of a basin on the party of a curvature.
  4. Existence of the muscular roller in lumbar department from a curvature, and in the chest – protrusion.
The curvature in any position of a body is defined. On the roentgenogram the curvature at an angle of 11-30 degrees is fixed.
Treat symptoms of scoliosis of the III degree:
  1. Turn of vertebras round a vertical axis is strongly expressed.
  2. All symptoms of scoliosis of the II degree are expressed.
  3. The costal hump is observed.
  4. Sticking of an edge is possible.
  5. Forward costal arches stick out.
  6. Stomach muscles are weakened.
This type of scoliosis is swept obviously up, the picture shows a curvature at an angle of 31-60 degrees.
Treat symptoms of scoliosis of the IV degree:
  1. Strong deformation of a backbone.
  2. Strengthening of all above described symptoms of a curvature of a backbone.
  3. Strong muscle strain in a backbone curvature place.
  4. Sticking of edges in a place where will bend chest scoliosis, and a costal hump is found.
The roentgenogram fixes a curvature corner more than 60 degrees.
It is unconditional, healthy if you read this article for the general development, and all above-mentioned did not concern you at all. If you after all have a scoliosis, Mirsovetov recommends to you without postponing to be engaged in treatment.

Treatment of scoliosis

Корректор осанки Of course, treatment of scoliosis is the most effective at early children's age. But you should not lower hands if you decided to be engaged in it now, after all better late than never. convinces you to treat seriously treatment of scoliosis and to address to the orthopedic surgeon.
The plan of treatment has to be under construction on the following principles:
  1. Regulation of growth of vertebras which form a curvature arch;
  2. Reduction of instability of a backbone. With curvature of a backbone functional compensation always takes place, "anticurvatures" develop;
  3. Elimination of this curvature, decompensation. At different degree of size of arches of a curvature of a backbone inevitably there is an increase in a smaller arch and a deviation of the case, i.e. a decompensation;
  4. Also medicamentous and physiotherapeutic impact on all organism which is directed on normalization of a metabolism is carried out.
The realization of these principles in treatment is enabled in two ways: conservative or surgical.
Conservative treatment Is applied conservative treatment when operation is not necessary:
  1. The individual statikodinamichesky mode is surely developed – the vicious poses (promoting further formation of a curvature) are excluded, optimum physical activity is observed, remedial gymnastics is applied to functional correction of a backbone and a thorax;
  2. The general orthopedic regime (static unloading of a backbone) is observed – for example, school lessons on a bed with an orthopedic support in a prone position are given, special orthopedic laying is used, carrying an orthopedic corset, a dream in a plaster bed is necessary;
  3. Drug treatment (nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations, hondroprotektor and vitamin therapy) is used;
  4. The all-strengthening events are held;
  5. Physiotherapeutic procedures are appointed (dirt, a balneoterapiya, influence by electric current of a low voltage).
Also it should be added that if scoliosis is observed at the child, it is necessary to create at it conscious approach to this problem.
It is considered that the backbone axis curvature to 10 degrees is only violation of a bearing, and medical care is not required here. If the axis of a curvature makes 10-20 degrees, the patient admits sick scoliosis; in this case physical activities are limited, but special treatment do not appoint, and only watch the patient (owing to hopelessness of treatment).
By sick scoliosis with a curvature axis in 20 degrees and progressing on 5 degrees a year, recommend to do three times a year a backbone X-ray. Special treatment is also not carried out.
The corset is appointed when the axis of a curvature of a backbone makes 25-40 degrees.
If the axis of a curvature of a backbone is more than 40 degrees, are appointed surgical treatment.
МассажManual therapy At a skoliotichesky bearing can help manual therapy – influence by hands on a backbone. The main thing not to fall into hands of manuals self-educated persons, differently consequences can be heavy.
By means of manual therapy progressing of scoliosis stops, the pain syndrome decreases, the lost mobility, and also at 1-2 stages as far as it is possible is restored, the pathological curvature of a backbone decreases.
There is a separate wish to tell about a skoliotichesky bearing. It yet not scoliosis, but any more not norm. The Skoliotichesky bearing arises at asymmetry of a humeral belt and a basin, different length of feet, the slanting provision of a basin. This bearing is followed by insignificant deviations of a backbone to the right or to the left from its axis, disappearing at a tension of muscles of a back. On the party of concavity of a backbone shoulders and shovels are lowered and the waist triangle – distance between a waistline and the lowered hand is increased. On the opposite side contours of this triangle are maleficiated. Muscles of a back and a stomach are weakened.
At a skoliotichesky bearing the child can straighten completely a backbone tension of muscles, unlike scoliosis (from a true curvature of a backbone). However if in time not to take measures for correction of a skoliotichesky bearing, there can be changes in intervertebral disks and a bone tissue which are characteristic for scoliosis.
To get rid of this bearing, as well as of scoliosis at the first stages, perhaps only creation of a good muscular corset. Then the backbone will strongly be kept by muscles in the necessary situation (correct). Therefore various symmetric exercises, especially for a lumbar podvzdoshnykh of muscles are very useful (shortening of any of them can cause a skoliotichesky illness).
In treatment and prevention of a skoliotichesky bearing, and also scoliosis the great value is given to the correct working pose. It provides a symmetric arrangement of parts of a body concerning its axis. Also the child has to carry correctly different subjects, i.e. alternately shift them from one hand in another. It should be noted that it is desirable for school students of elementary grades to carry textbooks in a satchel which would provide uniform load of a spine column.

What can be if not to treat scoliosis?

The wrong bearing can lead to various diseases, such as osteochondrosis, diseases of cardiovascular and respiratory system, a disease of a digestive tract, the sexual sphere, a metabolic disorder, arthroses of joints and others.
Girls during puberty have adneksita of ovaries, hormonal violations and failures of a menstrual cycle are shown. It, in turn, can respond at adult age and influence course pregnancy and childbirth.
Eventually, if you in due time are engaged in treatment of the backbone, will be able to avoid serious complications, the last degree of a curvature and risky for health and life of surgical intervention. urges you to belong seriously to your health, health of your children. And time life is the movement, let it will be easy and painless!
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