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Reasons of the poor monthly

The poor monthly are violation at which the menstrual cycle and course of the monthly is broken can be reduced about three days. When such changes appear at girls, they do not cause fears, and here at women at mature age the poor monthly say about problems with health.


Poor monthly in medicine have the name gipomenoreya. The disease is expressed by violation of menstrual function therefore at the woman the insignificant amount of blood slime during periods is allocated. Such deviation at a menstrual cycle is caused by violation of functionality of ovaries to that existence of various diseases or impact on a female organism of external factors can serve.

At a periods delay monthly can be quite poor. Such phenomenon is more often observed at development of tissues of genitals in insufficient quantity (especially if such type of development is followed by insufficiency of ovaries). Besides, the poor monthly can be caused also by inferiority of a mucous membrane of a uterus which can result from inflammatory processes.

When the menstrual cycle approaches end, in a uterine cavity the top layer an endometriya of that monthly bleedings from a vagina are result starts being torn away. Such allocations are mix from the mucous membrane which is torn away by a uterus, a vaginal secret and slime of a neck of a uterus. In an ideal the monthly are painless or with feeling of easy discomfort. Blood allocations at normal health of the woman have to proceed from three to five days with an interval of 21-35 days. The amount of the blood lost at periods has to make about 50-150 milliliters, but it is not less. When menstrual function is broken, the reasons for that can be the most different.

Weakening of periods can be shown by an unusual state and poor monthly which are allocated in volume of less than fifty milliliters, are not an exception. Gipomenorey is followed oligomenorey (the phenomenon when duration of periods is reduced). These two phenomena often meet together, having negative impact on a current of a menstrual cycle of the woman and quite often becoming result of emergence of an amenorea - more rare periods or its absence.

The poor monthly primary can be shown at teenagers who are inclined to congenital anomalies of sexual system. In such cases the poor monthly can be followed by a delay of the general or only sexual development. At a secondary syndrome for poor monthly sharp decrease in duration, volume and frequency of periods which took place absolutely normally earlier is characteristic, and any failures in a menstrual cycle was not observed.


The reasons for emergence of the poor monthly can be much, and all of them have various character. The most frequent reasons influencing a menstrual cycle are contraceptives, and also means for pregnancy preservation. If the poor monthly are observed throughout several cycles, it can be caused by dysfunction of a thyroid gland. By the way, such violations in work of this body are capable to cause complete cessation of periods.

Blood allocations at monthly in a small amount can be caused by excessive weight. This results from the fact that fat is capable to accumulate an estrogen – female sexual hubbub which much negatively influences all organism of the woman. Many "fatties" ask a question: "Why at me such poor monthly?". The answer is simple – not plentiful allocations at monthly are caused by excess weight. The same concerns and to too thin representatives of fine part of mankind. Because at a lack of weight of an organism there is no iron. It concerns and to those women who got used to eat incorrectly. If such violations are present at activity of women, instead of the normal monthly there can be simply brown allocations in small amounts. As a rule, such allocation smeared and not plentiful. This symptom is "indicator" for urgent visit to the gynecologist.

Can also lead to emergence of the poor monthly change in structure of a mucous membrane of a uterus. Such phenomenon can be caused by different factors one of which is tuberculosis. Also not plentiful bleedings at the monthly can develop after abortions at early stages (a scraping or cleaning). It is connected with intervention in a uterus which leads to its traumatizing. At violation of development of any hormones in a female organism, in a uterus blood circulation can change that as a result will lead to emergence of the poor monthly.

Poor allocations instead of the normal monthly can be result also:

  • organism exhaustions;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • lack of vitamins B to food;
  • anemias;
  • various stresses and emotional overloads;
  • anomalies in development of genitals;
  • nature of breastfeeding;
  • reception of contraceptives;
  • infectious diseases and many other factors.

If the poor monthly appeared at pregnancy, it is important to know that such allocations are very dangerous to a fruit because testify to premature peeling of a placenta and are pregnancy interruption threat. At emergence of such symptoms urgent hospitalization of the woman is required. At such mode the doctor appoints reception of the special preparations helping to restore hormonal balance and to keep pregnancy. In most cases for normalization of periods at poor monthly appoint some effective preparations which in interaction have positive impact on a female organism and return a condition of the pregnant woman to norm. After reception of a dyufaston the poor monthly disappear for the first week of treatment, and with application of a postinor treatment is carried out a little more long.

Dysfunction of a hypophysis or ovaries which regulate a current of a menstrual cycle is the important reason of emergence of the poor monthly. Except all aforesaid it should be taken into account that fact that at emergence dark poor monthly or monthly brown color it is worth addressing to the doctor as these symptoms signal about emergence serious violations in the woman's organism.


Different symptoms which in certain cases can be pronounced can testify to the poor monthly. Such allocations can be shown in the form of drops, and can sometimes leave slightly noticeable traces on underwear. Color of this kind of allocations fluctuates from light brown to the very dark. If monthly became insufficiently plentiful, their duration can be reduced considerably at preservation of a regular menstrual cycle.

Poor monthly do not influence health of the woman in any way, do not break usual processes, but there can sometimes be painful contractions that is result of reduction of a uterus. Except such skhvatkoobrazny feelings possibly emergence of a headache, a breast pain. Also at such phenomenon nausea, change of typicalness of a chair is not excluded, and in certain cases there are even bleedings from a nose. At long duration poor monthly at the woman the sexual desire can decrease considerably and the risk to infertility will increase. Decrease in level of a female hormone - an estrogen is result of such changes in an organism.

Often cases when at poor monthly the woman has a periods delay meet, and after emergence they are accompanied by pain. When such monthly proved during puberty or its decrease, in that case the poor monthly are result of hormonal reorganizations in an organism and they do not need to be accepted as a pathological symptom. But if in a reproduction phase the poor monthly appeared together with blood clots, it is the first sign enough serious problems with sexual system of an organism. Therefore anyway, at emergence of the first poor monthly it is necessary to address to the doctor who will appoint necessary analyses, will conduct careful examination for establishment of the reason of such strange periods and will appoint adequate treatment of it like a disease.


To appoint the correct treatment poor monthly, careful diagnostics and survey of the patient has to be carried out. After all if the reasons which influenced emergence of such course of periods different, and treatment is unequal. For example, when the poor monthly appeared because of violation of a food allowance, treatment will be a little another, than in case of the broken physical activity or balance of a mental and emotional state. Only after all inspections and analyses the patient can appoint a complex of vitamins, reception of hormonal preparations, and also various antimicrobic means.

If the poor monthly appeared after the delivery, during a lactation and in the period of a menopause, such phenomenon does not demand to itself special attention and you should not treat the reason of such allocations – everything will pass by itself. After the unprotected sex emergence of periods can sometimes be late that will be similar to pregnancy. But after the negative test for pregnancy it is possible to tell accurately that in a female organism inflammatory process which result can be poor monthly began. In general the single phenomenon not plentiful monthly it is normal but when such poor allocations started being shown often or constantly, it already a sign of the wrong functioning of an organism and an occasion to address to the doctor.

The frequent phenomena of the poor monthly testify to certain diseases in the presence of which it is necessary to treat not result, but a cause of illness. But except the actions directed on a problem it is necessary also completely to strengthen the organism. But such phenomenon as poor monthly can be cured not only by means of medicines. The following methods of treatment can help with such situation:

  1. Akupressura method. For implementation of such method it is necessary to carry out regular massage by point roundabouts on a foot thumb tip. It helps to strengthen a mucous uterine membrane, and also to bring a menstrual cycle into a stable state.
  2. Aromatherapy oils. Helps to stimulate allocation of sexual hormones. It is necessary to use oil of a juniper and marjoram.
  3. Contact with yellow color. Yellow clothes, and also yellow food promote the best blood supply and strengthening of a mucous membrane of female genitals.
  4. Hot bathtubs for feet. In 8 days prior to the beginning of the expected periods it is necessary to take hot baths for feet which strengthen periods, besides excitingly affect an organism.

Treatment by folk remedies

Poor monthly which have brown color and proceed throughout a long time, it is possible to treat different folk remedies:

  • if periods stopped, for their restoration it is possible at to accept onions broth every morning to food. For such broth it is necessary to take two kilograms of the peeled onions and to fill in with three liters of boiled water;
  • for restoration of a menstrual cycle and restoration monthly it is necessary to drink broth from stone bramble leaves;
  • at the painful and irregular monthly accept infusion from a root of a devyasil for which preparation it is necessary to fill in with a glass of boiled water a teaspoon of a root and to boil on small fire fifteen minutes. Then to allow broth to be drawn 4 hours. It is necessary to drink infusion 3-4 times per day on one tablespoon;
  • at poor monthly or total absence of periods drink infusion from a tansy inflorescence. To prepare infusion, it is necessary to take a tablespoon of an inflorescence and to fill in with boiled water liter. To insist not less than two hours. It is necessary to drink infusion on an empty stomach, but not more often than two times per day;
  • for night to draw two tablespoons of the flowers and leaves of a calendula which are filled in with liter of hot water. To drink infusion instead of tea three times per day on a glass;
  • the poor monthly pass from reception of such broth: to mix leaves of a rue and a gold mustache with seeds of parsley and to boil thoroughly for ten minutes. It is necessary to drink broth during the day, but the amount of the drunk liquid from herbs should not exceed 200 milliliters;
  • at manifestation poor monthly it is necessary to take a gold mustache, a root of a rhubarb Tangut, a grass of a three-separate train, fruits of a red mountain ash, fruits of caraway seeds ordinary in equal proportions, to mix and fill in with 350 milliliters of water. To put on the boiling water bath for half an hour and to insist one hour. To drink on three tablespoons three-four times a day, each 2 hours after meal.


For prevention of a gipomenorea it is necessary to try to be as much as possible in the fresh air, to move more, but not to be overzealous as excessive physical activities can lead to violation of a menstrual cycle and to become the reason of emergence poor monthly ahead of time, and sometimes and total absence of periods.

Stresses have great negative influence not only on a condition of female genitals, but also on a condition of an organism in general. It is connected with hormonal violations which negatively influence a menstrual cycle. By the way! You should not apply homeopathic remedies in parallel with essential oils, after all together they can do irreparable harm though separately each of preparations is quite useful.

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