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Massage of head skin

Massage of the head is capable to bring benefit to any type of hair. But you should not forget that massage of hairy part of the head leads to stimulation of sebaceous glands therefore if you the owner of an oily hair, is best of all to apply means to massage and treatment of head skin, rubbing them a wadded tampon.

In what the advantage of massage of the head consists?

Massage of the head is capable to improve blood circulation and to bring activity of sebaceous glands into norm, besides, with its help it is possible to clear skin of horn scales and among methods of strengthening of hair massage on - justice wins first place.

If hair are sore, they can drop out at the slightest touch, but, despite it, massage is very useful to prevention of baldness but if process of baldness began, massage in this case will be inefficient, even I would tell that it is contraindicated because medical action of massage is shown not at once and massaging is connected with mechanical impact on head skin.

The medical and strengthening impact of massage is based that during massaging there is a blood circulation stimulation, hair and head skin is supplied with oxygen and nutrients. By means of massage vessels and capillaries are capable to extend, blood little bodies becomes closer to walls of vessels and it becomes simpler to them to close gleams in them.

Massage brings work of skin indumentum of the person into activity, especially recommends massage will be that who suffers from:

  • dryness of hair and head skin;
  • dry dandruff;
  • at whom hair plentifully drop out, exhaustion or the wrong diet is the reason of loss.

Massage of head skin can be done, using broths of medicinal herbs and other nutritious structures. In this case action of massage amplifies, by means of massage absorbency of biologically active agents which contain in these structures improves, so massage brings much more advantage. Therefore before procedure apply on head skin the means chosen by you, depending on requirements of your hair.

But massage of the head, as well as at any other medical and cosmetology procedure, has a number of contraindications. So, it is recommended to refrain from massage, if:

on head skin there are fungal or pustulous defeats;

  • you have eczema;
  • you have a hypertensive illness;
  • you suffer from baldness. Massage of the head belongs to those procedures which are based on mechanical impact on hair and therefore procedure will only accelerate process of a hair loss.

As it is necessary to do massage of the head

Duration of massage makes 10-15 minutes, it is best of all to do it before washing of the head or during it, It is possible to carry out procedure and after washing of the head, but in this case release of skin fat can amplify. Therefore if your hair are inclined to fat content, it is better to carry out massage before bathing procedures though massage if to carry out it after washing of the head, is capable to make more effective impact because the medicinal substances which are a part of those means which you use are acquired better. Experimentally you will be able to define that for you it is better. Also consider that more often than few times in a week you should not do massage.

Begin with the easy stroking movements which will help to prepare head skin for massage, will warm it. Then gradually increase pressure force. In the end of massage, the movement also have to be easy and stroking.

Methods of performance of massage of the head


Massage should be begun with the stroking movements. Stroke head skin palms of hands, but it is not necessary to press too strongly, the movements have to be with little effort. Hands during the stroking movements should not pound skin, try to shift it in the minimum degree. It is extremely important stage of massage because easy strokings without pressing relax skin and muscles of the head, and also work calming on nervous system, efficiency of massage in general also depends on relaxation of muscles.

Carry out strokings in the direction from a forehead to a nape, and then from parietal part to those sites of skin which are behind auricles. Strokings have to be clasping superficial and deep, it is necessary to make them both hands.

It is possible to carry out, of course, procedure and with deep pressing, but in this case it is not necessary to pound skin, simply slightly shift it. But you should not begin massage because skin has to be prepared for it with this reception, so, it has to be properly warmed and kneaded.

Each reception needs to be done 3-5 times.


Vibrations represent easy, slightly faltering movements which are made by tips of four fingers, beginning from the top and to the lower bound of growth of hair.

Circular movements.

Basis of massage are the circular movements: bend palms, slightly place fingers, then put them on a skin surface. The thumb has to be a support, and to mass head skin it is necessary other fingers. At first thoroughly massage one place, and then smoothly move to another.

Be attentive: the movements of your hands should not be sliding, it is not necessary to pound head skin, at first slightly press down it to a skull, and then the smooth movement without effort shift it aside. Such massage is capable to bring the maximum benefit.


This reception needs to be run both hands over all head, with ease and softness, unpleasant feelings thus should not be.

There is a set of types of massage of the head, but it would be desirable to tell about the simplest which is not difficult for conducting independently, advantage of it it will be unambiguous, besides, that it will help to strengthen the weakened hair, massage still will help to cope with headaches.

  1. Take skin in eyebrows tips of big and index fingers of both hands. At you folds have to turn out, slightly squeeze them and repeat this movement on all length of nadbrovny arches, but be careful, you should displace slightly fingers as you will put pressure upon eyeballs, and it can become the reason of painful feelings.
  2. Press, slightly stroking, on nadbrovny arches, going to forward part of indumentum. The movement is carried out by tips of four fingers.
  3. Before starting this exercise, comb hair diversely from the top of the head. Stroke a forehead from nadbrovny arches to edge of indumentum, then start massage of hairy part of the head.
  4. Hands have to lie on hairy part of the head in parallel each other, the right brush has to lie on parietal area, and left on the occipital. The right hand warm up head skin, and left support the head. The movements have to be circular, gradually move on all head.
  5. Slightly bend four fingers of a hand and tips shift hair parting skin forward and back, fingers of your hands should not slide on hair, densely press them to head skin.
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