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How to satisfy the man

Probably, with this question many women – irrespective of age, the social status and religion are anxious. That it is necessary to make that the husband or for the present your young man felt near you favourite, happy and satisfied.

Sex, of course, very important aspect in the relations of the man and woman, but one physiological contact, as they say, will not be full therefore besides intimate life the man needs to be able to be satisfied also in other ways. And Mirsovetov will prompt as to make it with the smallest losses for female pride.

Relations between the man and woman

If you love the person, try to make to him pleasant just like that, irrespective of all the rest. When "gratefulness" are followed by some mercenary motives, so it is necessary to reconsider the relations between young people – they obviously reached a deadlock. To satisfy the partner in all indicators is a norm in the relations for which it is necessary to strive. Only when in all spheres of life between the man and the woman harmony will be reached, the union will be doomed to long and happy life.

Thus It should be noted that it is very important to satisfy not simply the partner, and to achieve that he reciprocated – that is to start receiving from him the same. Altruistic egoism in the relations of two loving people is unacceptable! In order that in a family there was a respect and harmony, it is necessary not only to satisfy the spouse, but also to achieve from him reciprocity. And how it can be made best of all if not to show own example?


Remember a banal ancient proverb – "the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach". Not without reason it was noticed by the observation people several centuries ago. After all it is possible to be sated with tasty food that is called from a paunch.

Lovely women, remember that the hungry man will never be tender and gentle. But it is simple to feed is it is too banal. Of course, the spouse will be full but to satisfy him, learn to prepare various dishes, perhaps, exotic or refined.

Surprise blessed as often as possible – in that case it will definitely not want to sit up with friends or at work, after all he will know that his house are waited not by(with) fried eggs and macaroni, and any shrimps in creamy sauce or a khinkali.

Remember that the man by the nature a predator and if you chew all day long a cabbage leaf, you should not go on such diet of the darling – one never knows, it will skip away to other woman who serves meat and pies on a table.

And do not forget yet that many seasonings and ingredients as a part of other dishes act as excellent aphrodisiac.


We will be frank – the man to whom the wife refuses intimate proximity, will never feel satisfied, and to consider the marriage happy. Unfortunately, often women refuse blessed on various pretexts – "being protected" from sex by a headache, fatigue, problems, children, parents etc.

Be defined, in what actually a problem? Perhaps, you actually were tired and badly feel, and, maybe, all the matter is that the husband does everything too quickly and you do not derive pleasure from a coition?

Remember that in a bed both partners had satisfaction, it is necessary … to talk. Explain to the spouse what exactly you would like that he made and as. It is not excluded, as you have some erotic imagination, perhaps, came to embody time it in reality? Do not forget to ask the man how he would like to diversify your intimate life? Perhaps, some caress is not pleasant to it, and some, on the contrary, excite to a limit.

Try something new together. Even if this experience also is negative, but it can also pull together you – is not excluded that you will simply laugh then over yourself.

If you never practiced oral caress, not late to start surprising the partner – enter them into the sexual life, and you right there will notice that your man began to treat you in a different way.

Try different poses, use different places for a coition is perfectly will help to diversify sexual life. By the way, change of a method of contraception can also become "fresh air" in intimate relations. Especially, if earlier you practiced the interrupted sexual intercourse or condoms, and then passed, for example, to oral contraceptives. And, of course, do not forget about new beautiful underwear.

When absolutely there is no time for a prelude, learn to practice "fast sex" - it is pleasant to men. But you should not apply it too often, differently your blessed will try to be limited to "fast sex" and in the evening. Hint the spouse that you wish to make everything "quickly" if in the evening he repays together with percent to you a debt.

Learn to talk not simply in a bed, and to share the most intimate with each other – let the conjugal duty will be not banal "debt", but the real proximity of two souls and bodies.

Understanding and trust

Men need admiration, respect and understanding though they aloud practically do not speak about it. The confidential relations between spouses, especially when the wife appreciates the husband is a pledge of that your darling will not seek to himself a fan club elsewhere.

Statistically from misunderstanding in a family of the man run far away from home walls – there where will accept it and will estimate. Thus it is not obligatory at all that he will escape to the mistress (though she should not be thrown off from accounts). The man can find an outlet in the company of friends or even drinking companions.

It is not excluded that your elect the person in itself closed and cannot share that disturbs him. But after all the woman has to be able to find approach even to the most whimsical child, without speaking about the beloved spouse. Do not try to act with impudence – do not stick if the husband is angry or he was very tired. Remember, how in the old Russian fairy tale: "Tomorrow is a new day". Talk to the spouse later. Besides you should not forget one more popular wisdom: at first "dobra of the good fellow it is necessary to feed, then in a bath to steam", and then to stick with inquiries.

Teach the spouse to share about the sore: let to it know that together you will be able to solve any problems and difficulties. Say that you understand its state and quite give the report on the arisen difficulties, but despite everything, you appreciate the husband and admire it, after all it at you the best. Sincerely help to deal with "trouble" and try to find a way out together.

Believe, after a while the husband himself will look for your society to tell that gnaws it, or it is simple to cry in a vest. And it will put your councils above all others.


Each person is an individual personality who has interests. And, quite often the hobby arises in the childhood and remains throughout all life. And, therefore, there is it long before a meeting with future spouse or the spouse. After marriage many men throw the hobbies, and many continue by them to be engaged, but face quite often misunderstanding at the second half. Really, if the husband the football fan, the fisherman, the hunter or the frequenter of bowling club, many wives do not hurry to be reconciled with it. Most often the ultimatum sounds: "or – or". Certainly, what men generally choose a family, but whether really it is worth it?

Perhaps, you have the hobby – you knit, cross stitch, paint pictures or part window plants? Think, whether it is easy for you to refuse the hobby in which you are engaged not the first year. Why then to deprive of small pleasure of the darling?

If you are jealous him of the free time, try to find the general hobby for both of you or to unite the already available. For example, you can draw a landscape while your husband fishes or to knit near it sitting on a sofa while he watches a football match.

And finally

The satisfied man is a pledge of a cosiness and comfort in your house. But try not to go too far, differently otherwise the husband will begin to take for granted all your attempts to humour him. Force the spouse to reciprocate – where caress, where incidentally dropped word, and where and the phrase told directly. Be cleverer, do not allow to notice to the husband that you try very much that to him it was good, let he will understand it unexpectedly. And, believe after he understands everything, any man will feel the happiest! And unless there can be glad with the happy man an unfortunate woman?

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