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Choice of a set of satellite television

The satellite antenna is a choice of those who wishes to enjoy viewing of various thematic channels in excellent quality. Within this material will try to tell that represents satellite television, what equipment is necessary for viewing of channels, and also will open some aspects of use of this type of service.
Спутниковое телевидение – это выбор тех, кто желает наслаждаться просмотром различных тематических каналов в отличном качестве изображения и звука The satellite antenna is a choice of those who wishes to enjoy viewing of various thematic channels in excellent quality of the image and a sound. Prospects which open satellite television systems, are wide, channels with the most various subject are offered consumers: news, sports, film, scientific, comic and many others. Practically all modern satellite television has a progressive digital format of a broadcasting that provides to it excellent quality of the image and a wide choice of the most various channels for viewing (the analog television at the moment can be considered obsolete). Thanks to it satellite antennas enjoy popularity and in big cities, and in small villages. By the way, in many small settlements because of problems with reception of television signals installation of plates is, perhaps, the only way to enjoy viewing of television in high quality.
Within this material will try to tell that represents satellite television, what equipment is necessary for viewing of channels, and also will open some aspects of use of this type of service.

Of what the basic set of satellite TV consists?

Комплект спутникового телевидения The basic set of satellite television consists of the satellite antenna (plate) on which there is a convector – the device accepting a signal from the satellite. The convector connects by means of a cable to a receiver – the receiver of a signal which is at you near the TV, it represents something similar to the DVD player. With the help of the panel you change channels on a receiver which in turn gives a signal on your TV, and you enjoy viewing of this or that channel.
The channels provided for viewing by this or that satellite television are united in thematic packages. Having installed the equipment of satellite TV, you will be able to watch so-called FTA channels (free, they are available practically for all TV companies). For their viewing you should not pay a monthly fee, and also to activate special cards, besides, of rather mostly cheapest receiver of FTA. But besides open channels on each satellite is and coded, for their viewing it is necessary to get cards of access or the receiver capable to open these codings, to pay subscription cost, and in certain cases to make subscriber payments.
But before it will be necessary to register (to activate) a receiver. It is possible to make it on the Internet, having visited the corresponding website of the supplier of service, directly at office of the company or by support service phone. Key parameter which is required for registration is identification number of a receiver (ID). As a rule, it is printed on a packing box or it is possible to look at it in settings of a receiver (section "Status"). This number will need to be entered at the request of system or to tell it to the operator of the company. After registration of a receiver, as a rule, it is required to include it, to carry out search of channels, to wait for their emergence and after that it is necessary to leave a receiver included for days.
Then it will be possible to pass to activation of cards. For this purpose it is possible to call in a support service of the supplier of service and to use their recommendations or to activate the card independently, for example, through the site of the company, having filled fields of a form of registration and having entered a confidential code of the card (it is on the card under a protective layer which needs to be erased).
By the way, if you paid one package of channels at installation, and subsequently decided to pass from one package to another in the same TV company, it is not required to replace the card of access, it is enough to call in a support service of subscribers (or to contact it by means of the Internet) and to report about the intention. For purchase of an additional package you will also need to contact the supplier of service and to transfer the payment corresponding to the cost of a subscription to this package into his personal account.

Equipment and its opportunities

Ресивер спутникового телевидения Is included in the price of one set of satellite television: a satellite plate, the converter, a receiver recognizing the corresponding coding, a cable up to 10 m long, and also installation and control of system.
Receivers. There are various models of receivers, their choice depends on what you want to watch. There are receivers capable to open only one coding Viaccess (in it broadcasts NTV Plus), there are receivers opening some codings. Also there are receivers with so-called SOM port, in them you will be able to establish the additional device – the module that will allow you to open additional codings (to five codings depending on modification of the module). There are receivers with the built-in module, and also with the hard drive.
The cost of receivers fluctuates from 100 to 450 dollars. Than it is more at a receiver of additional opportunities (than it can open more codings), that high price, well and of course, it also depends on a brand of the producer.
Satellite antenna. Diameter of satellite plates can fluctuate from 0,6 m to 3 m. The more diameter, the more opportunities are given you by this antenna (the best image, bigger number of available channels, possibility of reception with one antenna of a signal from two and more satellites). However it does not mean at all that it is necessary to choose the greatest diameter anyway. Why to overpay? For viewing of NTV Plus the minimum diameter of the antenna – 60 cm, for the Tricolour of TV and Orion the Express (Viva TV) – 90 cm suffices. Plates with a diameter of 1,2 m and more usually establish in so-called zones of a bad covering, that is in those regions where there are problems with reception of signals.
Антенна спутникового телевидения
    In the USSR the first communication satellite "Lightning" was put to orbit in the spring of 1965. It was a serious historical event with which mass use of satellites in a television broadcasting began. On April 23, 1965 transfer of a television signal from the capital to Vladivostok was for the first time carried out. Within the next two years after that events in the Soviet Union the television satellite network consisting of 20 land stations was constructed.
The satellite antenna has to be directed on the South therefore if windows of your apartment come to South side, the plate, most likely, will be better to be established on a building facade near a window so that the space before it was not closed by foliage of trees or the neighboring buildings. Otherwise installation should be done on the rooftop. In individual cottages it is more expedient to carry out installation on a roof, and in case of a plate of the big size – on a suitable ground.
Installation of the antenna at certain skills can be conducted and independently, the guide to this question was already offered on in the article "How to Establish and Adjust the Satellite Antenna" earlier.

Television of HD

Логотип Телевидение HD At the moment already there is an equipment allowing to enjoy satellite television of a high definition (HD format). First of all, of course, the HD TV (the size of its diagonal does not matter), and besides it the receiver accepting a HD signal and a set of a digital cable for this purpose is required.
Packages of TV channels in the HD format in Russia are offered by such TV companies, as, for example, to NTV Plus of HD, the HD Platform.


Карта оплаты спутникового телевидения Activation of receivers, purchase of cards of access, and also introduction of a monthly fee for use of satellite television can be made in points of acceptances of payments of mobile communication (for example, in points "Euroset") or on the Internet. The monthly fee can also be brought by means of a bank transfer (or via ATMs), through virtual payment systems (for example, Webmoney). Owners of the Visa cards (except for Visa Electron) or MasterCard (except for Cirrus Maestro) can issue service of payment for use of satellite television, in this case transfer of a monthly fee will be drawn from a card automatically at the end of every month.

Systems of satellite television

Further we provide the description of several systems of satellite TV popular now.
НТВ плюсNTV Plus – the first satellite television with which we had opportunity to get acquainted. Its popularity is also until now indisputable in spite of the fact that for viewing of channels of this system it is necessary to bring a monthly monthly fee.
For connection you will need a satellite plate (usually enough diameter of 60 cm, exceptions make only districts in zones of a bad covering), a receiver with the kartopriyemnik recognizing the coding Viaccess or with Common Interface slot for connection of the module of conditional access Viaccess, the card of access of NTV Plus. NTV Plus offers a set of various packages, for use with which it is necessary to make subscriber payments.
Триколор ТВTV tricolor. In comparison with other satellite systems Trikolov TV has pleasant distinctive feature – it completely has no monthly fee. The main consumers of this television – inhabitants of small settlements in whom there are problems with reception of a usual television signal. Having installed the equipment TV Tricolour, you will be able to watch free of charge such channels, as "First", "Russia", "NTV", "Culture", "TNT", "Sport", "Star", "Vesti", "Fifth", "DTV", "TB3", "TV Center", "Muz TV", "Ren-TV" and channels of "STS" and "House" in a test broadcasting. Besides, there are also additional packages ("Optimum", "Cinema hall", "Night"), for their viewing it is necessary to pay an annual subscription (its average cost makes 500-600 rubles a year now). For installation of system TV Tricolour is required to you the satellite antenna, the receiver recognizing the coding DRE Crypt and the card of a basic package TV Tricolour.
Орион ЭкспрессOrion Express. This system offers 15 free channels for viewing and about 40 coded among which is both with a monthly fee, and without it.
For installation of this system you need the antenna with a diameter not less than 90 cm, the converter, a cable, a digital receiver with the built-in kartopriyemnik recognizing the coding Irdeto, or a receiver with the slot of CI under modules conditional access and the Irdeto module, and also the card of access. The models of receivers recommended by the company: ARION AF3030 IR, ARION AF-3300E, Topfield TF6400IR, Topfield TF5000CI + module Irdeto, Golden Interstar GI-S790IR.
Hotbird Satellite Television System. The system very popular nowadays, its satellites broadcast the state channels of many countries of Europe and Asia. You will be able to watch various TV schedules of Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, and also Turkey, China and other countries. In total more than 500 channels without monthly fee. Are available as well paid channels. For installation you need the satellite antenna of 0,9-1,2 m, the converter with linear polarization, the cable, a digital satellite receiver recognizing the coding Viaccess, for possibility of reception of paid channels it has to be with a kartopriyemnik or the CI slot (for example, Golden Interstar DSR-8001 Premium).
SES AstraSES Astra. Satellites of this system allow to accept some tens channels in German without monthly fee, and also paid packages: Premiere (Germany), Taquilla (Spain) and C + Blau (Holland). The satellite antenna with a diameter of 1,20 m, the converter with linear polarization is necessary for control of reception of a signal from the Astra satellite, a cable, a digital satellite receiver – for viewing of the coded channels it has to have a kartoprimenik or the CI slot. At the Astra satellite channels are coded in different codings, among them the main – Seca, Irdeto, BetaCrypt. The receiver recognizing these codings is necessary for reception of channels from this satellite. The recommended model – Golden Interstar DSR-8001 Premium.
Платформа HDHD platform. This system gives opportunity of viewing of channels only in the HD format. Viewing of programs of various genre in the most accurate image and in the presence of a qualitative sound is offered to owners of the plasma and liquid crystal panels working in this format. All channels provided by the HD Platform are coded in system of access of DRE Crypt. For connection it is necessary to get the satellite antenna with a diameter of 90 cm with the universal converter, a cable, a satellite receiver (the company recommended the Humax HDCI 2000 or General Satellite HD-9300 models), and also the access module recognizing the coding DRE Crypt with an access smart card, and a package payment card the HD Platform. The module and the card of access need to be registered on the operator's site.

Frequently asked questions

Антенны спутникового телевиденияOne antenna, two TVs. Often consumers are interested in a question, whether it is possible, having established one set of satellite TV, to make distributing on all house (that on different TVs it was possible to watch various channels). Unfortunately, has to tell that it is impossible as one receiver is established on one TV. In the presence of one set of the equipment you will be able to watch only the same channel on different TVs.
However to equip two television points, autonomous from each other, it is optional to buy the second complete set of the equipment. In a double copy you should get only a receiver, and also the double length of a cable (20 m) is required. Plates there will be enough one, and the converter has to have two exits.
Viewing of channels from several satellites. Using one antenna with a diameter of 1,2 m and more, it is possible to catch channels from two and more satellites. For example, it is at the same time possible to be adjusted on satellites: Astra and Hot Bird, Hot Bird and NTV Plus; Tricolour of TV and NTV Plus; Astra and NTV Plus; Hot Bird, Astra and NTV Plus. For option with viewing of channels of the specified satellites by means of installation of one antenna it is in addition necessary to get: the converter (has to fall on each satellite on the converter), multifid and the DiSEq-switch (disek). Multifid is a special device by means of which on one plate it is possible to fix some converters, and the DiSEq-switch unites signals from several converters and gives them on one receiver. For simultaneous reception of other pairs of satellites in most cases it is necessary to install the additional antenna with the converter, the disek-switch uniting signals from satellites, thus the receiver has to recognize codings of each of satellites which you want to include in a set.
Other option of viewing of channels from several satellites consists in installation of the rotary (rotating) antenna. She is dearer in comparison with the stationary (azimutny) antenna, but gives the chance to catch a signal from two and more satellites. However, there is one nuance – the rotary antenna needs time to turn on other satellite therefore switching of the channels located on different satellites goes with some delay. However possibilities of the rotary antenna completely compensate this small shortcoming. For example, in Moscow by installation of the rotary antenna it is possible to accept signals from nearly two tens various satellites. Besides the antenna of this type in addition it is necessary to get the rotary mechanism – the actuator and the device operating it – a positioner (there are receivers with already built-in positioners). There are disek-positioners which automatically turn a plate when switching television channels and manual when it is necessary to operate the provision of a plate independently, by means of the panel.

In Europe the paid television is available in 90% of families. In recent years paid attention to investment appeal of satellite television and in our country. If to add to this fact certainly the growing possibilities of this resource, it is logical to assume that its relevance in the next years will only increase.
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