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How to connect and adjust the satellite Internet

Today will tell you how to save on installation of the satellite Internet and to adjust it most. In this article it is described not only control of a DVB receiver, but also setting up the GlobaX program which promotes increase of speed of data transmission and thus cuts expenses for use of a global network.
In this article will tell you how to save on installation of the satellite Internet and to adjust it most. As the Eutelsat W6 (21.5) satellite is the most widespread among users of the satellite Internet, control will be considered on its example. In control of the satellite Internet it will be described not only control of a DVB receiver, but also setting up the GlobaX program which promotes increase of speed of data transmission and thus cuts expenses for use of a global network.

Advantages of the satellite Internet

The satellite Internet every day everything becomes more popular and more popular. The reasons of increase of its popularity consist in several things.
The first advantage of the satellite Internet is the its speed which reaches 400-450 KB / page. The second is possibility of connection in any point of a covering of the satellite where telephone and cable providers refuse to conduct the network. The third advantage is the price which makes about 2 cents for 1 Mb. It is quite possible to play online games on the satellite Internet and even it is comfortable. The delay does not play any role 300 ms, even world famous World of Warcraft quite normally works and at a delay in 1200-1500 ms.
But the satellite Internet has also the shortcomings, one of the first and the most important is attachment to the land line. As the plate can only accept a signal, but not transfer. As a result it is necessary to use the land channel (as a rule, use the land GPRS channel)., of course, cannot disregarding those cases when on the satellite antenna the priyemo-transfer converter is installed, but it will significantly increase equipment cost. The second lack of the satellite Internet is an unstable work in bad weather conditions. At heavy rain and the sky tightened by clouds the signal can fall is will affect Internet speed.

Equipment for the satellite Internet

  1. Plate a diagonal 90sm – 1.20m.
  2. Cable
  3. Converter
  4. Arm
  5. DVB card
  6. F-ki, anchor, thermoshrinkage
DVB ресивер In more detail to get acquainted with the list of the equipment, its connection and control you can in the article "How to Establish and Adjust the Satellite Antenna". Here we will consider the range of DVB cards, we will pick up the best, and also we will deal with an issue of its program control.
The choice of DVB cards is not so great, and than good cards and that it is less. The largest brand in the market of DVB receivers for the satellite Internet is the TecniSat brand. This brand releases three PCI devices is SkyStar1, SkyStar2, SkyStar3.
SkyStar1 - quite underfulfilled and expensive receiver, but has many advantages which will hardly be necessary for the ordinary user (in more detail about advantages you can learn from the seller of the equipment or on the official site). SkyStar2 is a firmly standing DVB card which well proved as a reliable receiver of high quality. But here would like to make one important remark: as this card "won" the name "national", was on sale and on sale in very bigger quantity, on it all in large numbers began to appear fakes. It is impossible to distinguish a fake. The only difference that the fake will work at most minutes 15 and will be warmed to 60 – 70 degrees. In such cases the card should be carried immediately to the seller. The SkyStar3 DVB card did not deserve a due place in the market because of its price and a large number of defects.

Control of a DVB receiver

The first that is necessary for us for control of the satellite Internet is to adjust the land channel. DialUp, GPRS or other connection. How to adjust the land line, you will be able to learn from the provider or the mobile operator.
The second stage of control of the satellite Internet is an installation and setup of the DVB card. It needs to be established in any free slot of PCI, recommends to establish it far away from the TV tuner (if there is that) in order to avoid hindrances. Then we will need a disk which goes complete with the DVB card, and to install from it the driver. The DVB card is defined as the network device.
After installation of the driver in a tray (in the right bottom corner of the monitor, near hours) there has to be a badge of red color. We click a badge with the right button of a mouse and in an open tab we will choose the line Setup4PC.
Кликаем по значку правой кнопкой мыши и в открытой вкладке выберем строку Setup4PC
In the opened window we choose the Add button, we enter a name of the Eutelsat W6 satellite, we leave the rest without changes, we confirm with pressing of the OK button.
В открывшемся окне выбираем кнопку Add, вписываем имя спутника «Eutelsat W6», остальное оставляем без изменений, подтверждаем нажатием кнопки OK
Then we click on the Transponder Management button and in the opened window we press "Add".
Затем кликаем на кнопку Transponder Management и в открывшемся окне нажимаем Add
We bring the new transponder (for the Eutelsat W6 (21.5) satellite it is 11345, the speed 28782, polarization of "H" (Horizontal)). After that if the satellite antenna is adjusted correctly, there has to be a strip of level of a signal (Signal Quality). On it setup of the transponder is finished, we press OK, and then the Close button.
Вносим новый транспондер
Further we need to adjust proxy connection, for this purpose in the Setup4PC window we will choose the Data Services button.
In the opened window we will choose a name of provider (provider name) – we press "Add" and we enter a name (in our case it is SpaceGate).
Настройка прокси-подключения
On the right in the Transponder window we will choose the Add button and in the appeared window we choose that transponder in which you drove in frequencies. In an example of it is Eutelsat W6. We enter one more name for display in a tray, we press OK.
Добавляем транспондер
Now we will enter PID List, we enter 1024 and we press the Insert button. Then we press "OK" and "Close".
Вписываем PID List
Now we need to adjust network connection. For this purpose we will come into "Start-up" - "Control" - "Network connections". With the right button it is clicked on network connection and we come into "Properties". In the General tab we choose the TCP/IP protocol and we press the Properties button. Further we "drive in" the IP address which has to be on a leaf of personal settings which goes complete with the DVB card. The mask of a subnet has to be After you entered IP, we press the OK button.
Настройка сетевого подключения

Setting up GlobaX program

The GlobaX program needs to be downloaded from the Internet, about it you can ask the seller of the satellite equipment.
We come into a directory where GlobaX is established and we look for the file with the name globax.conf. We open it a usual notebook and we enter such settings.

port = 2001
log = client.log
name = globax
server = (at each subscriber the individual has to go complete with the DVB card)
login = (at each subscriber the individual has to go complete with the DVB card)
passwd = (at each subscriber the individual has to go complete with the DVB card)
speed_in = 100000
speed_out = 4096
mtu = 1500
mru = 1500
remote = globax
port =
service_int = 0
remote = globax
port =
service_int = 2

We keep and close the text document. Now it is necessary to adjust the Browser, in our case it will be Internet Eplorer. Bulk of other browsers, including Opera, "pick up" settings automatically.
We open IE, we press "Service", then "Internet Options", further we will choose the Connections tab and we will see our land connection (DialUp, GPRS). We allocate it and we press the Control button. Now you need to enter the address and port (the address, port 3178). We press "Ok".

Connection to the Internet

Now we are connected to the Internet. After loading of the computer it is necessary to pay attention to a badge in a system tray: the badge of the driver has to be green, it means that there is a good level of a signal. Only then it is possible to connect the land line.
When the land line is connected, it is necessary to come into a directory where the GlobaX program is installed, and, having started it, to press the Start button.

On it connection and control of the satellite Internet can be considered complete. It is possible to open the browser and to use resources of the global Internet.
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