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Registration of the sanitary book

Every third resident of our country needs to have the document testifying to a state of his health or the sanitary book. Otherwise to work it is possible to forget about the admission. Sanknizhka is considered the official document in which terms of delivery of analyses and their results are specified, and to receive it quite simply.

Sanknizhk needs to have to all people who work in services industries of the population. Without it to get a job in kindergarten, school or even cafe it will be impossible. Results of medical examinations of the worker are entered in the book: a state of his health and confirmation of that it will not do harm to health of the people surrounding it.

In what branches the sanitary book is necessary

The personal sanitary book testifies to a state of health of the worker who in view of the functions serves the population.

It is necessary to process the medical document if workers are involved in such branches:

  • at trade enterprises;
  • at catering establishments: cafe, dining rooms, restaurants;
  • at the enterprises of the food industry: milk plants, confectioneries, meat-processing plants and so forth;
  • at the enterprises which are connected with a water filtration;
  • by production, transportation, storage and realization of medical preparations;
  • in preschool institutions, schools and other teaching and educational establishments (private kindergartens, houses of creativity, colleges, technical schools and institutes);
  • in the sphere of consumer and public service of the population;
  • in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments (policlinics, hospitals, sanatoria and so forth);
  • when rendering cosmetic and medical services, and in branches where obligatory carrying out medical examinations is provided.

For what the book is necessary

When the person gets a job in such establishments where it is necessary to provide the medical book, this document will play an important role in employment. Even if you have a high qualification and good recommendations, without sanitary book any serious organization will not be able to employ you. In the book results of all analyses which are necessary for the admission to work, and also inspections and surveys of specialists doctors are displayed.

How to issue

To process primary medical document it is necessary to prepare:

  1. The document proving the identity (the passport, the military ID or driving license).
  2. Statement.
  3. One photo (the size three is at four).
  4. The certificate of fluorographic inspection (if you did a flyuroogramma of bodies of a thorax long ago, to you will suggest to pass inspection).
  5. The card of inoculations or extract about inoculations, and also recent laboratory inspections (if those are available) and data on the postponed infectious diseases.

Besides it is necessary to pay the bill for hygienic training, to bring payment for the manual, the hologram and the form of the medical book.

After you prepare all necessary papers, recommends to make photocopies of the following documents:

  • passports (military ID or driver's license);
  • certificates of fluorographic inspection;
  • cards of inoculations.

If you do not know with what to begin registration of the sanitary book, address to any medical institution in a residence. Also you should remember that the medical center, the state or private clinics have to answer a number of requirements.

Requirements to medical institutions are as follows:

  • presence of qualified specialists;
  • to have the license;
  • the medical institution has to be equipped with the necessary equipment for implementation of all analyses;
  • to have official forms of sanitary books which correspond to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Will issue you the sanitary book and the special form, results of inspection will be brought in it. Some medical institutions suggest to pass paid laboratory researches.

Features of registration

After the brought payment for registration of a sanknizhka, you will be directed to pass medical examination. Usually procedure of reception of experts is not tightened for a long time. In one-two hours you will visit at all narrow experts, and results of laboratory inspections will be ready for the second or fifth day.

The standard scheme of inspection provides:

  • survey at the dermatologist;
  • survey at the venereologist;
  • survey at the therapist;
  • blood test fence (can appoint a little: "on sugar", "general", "on a formula");
  • fence of a bakposev on intestinal infections;
  • the analysis on enterobioz and availability of helminths;
  • thorax fluorography (if you did it long ago);
  • carrying out seasonal vaccination (for example, from flu);
  • certification for a sanitary minimum.

After passing of inspections to you will fix time when it is possible to come and take away the sanitary book. In case after inspection deviations are found in you, to you will appoint a course of preparations. After treatment it will be possible to pass again inspection and to receive the sanitary document.

If infectious diseases are found, the mark is not entered in the book and the person is not allowed to work. Only after an absolute recovery it is possible to pass anew inspection.

If you need to receive urgently the book, it is possible to address to the specialized medical institutions authorized by Rospotrebnadzor which are engaged in registration of the relevant documents. There will offer you the accelerated delivery. To worry that the document illegal it will not be necessary because each medical book is entered in the special register of the issued medical documents.

Besides, there are specialized centers which provide training in rules of professional hygiene.

Why lectures are necessary?

Vocational hygienic training consists of two aspects:

  1. Carrying out lecture.
  2. Carrying out certification of the gained knowledge.

Persons who passed professional survey are allowed to training. Results are brought in the sanitary book. Payment for certification of the workers is also brought by the employer.

Book cost

Depending on in what sphere you will work, also document cost varies. So, in services industry of the population (food group) the cost of the medical book will be higher, and the document for work in the industry – will be a little cheaper. The cost of the document depends on number of inspections, and also on in what organization it was issued.

According to rules of registration of the sanitary book, the employer has to pay expenses, he also has to provide the subordinates with medical books. recommends strongly not to get the medical document in doubtful firms.

Protection by holography

After passing of medical examination and filling of the document, the medical book has to be examined in bodies of the Center of epidemiology and hygiene of the Russian Federation.

The book is considered issued if after result of certification and delivery of testing on the 27th page of the document there is a stamp certified by the hologram (put directly on a photo). Then the document is registered and number is assigned to it.

How to distinguish a fake

The "lime" sanknizhka is ordered in online store or by phone. The price of such service makes from 500 to 2000 rubles. The document is made all in a couple of hours, it is natural for any authentic analyses of the speech cannot go. But in this case you should not rejoice because the expert without problems will distinguish a fake from the present document.

Do not forget that the sanitary book is a document which will help the employer to learn about a state of your health. Do not neglect fakes and address to specialized medical institutions.

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