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Advantage of a salt lamp

Heard many about advantage of salt lamps, but all the same these devices did not become popular yet and are perceived by many people as a wonder. Actually salt lamp is only partly the illuminant, its main objective – to clear air and to bring benefit to health of the person.

Principle of work of a salt lamp

Salt lamps are plafonds which were created by the mother nature. They are made of rock crystal salt which lies deeply underground. This salt was formed when the hot climate came and dried up salty water, crystallizing it. Under the influence of natural cataclysms and tectonic movements, salt was pressed in layers. And with centuries it was covered by numerous deposits of rocks.

Today salt for lamps is extracted only in several places on the planet, in special mines in Pakistan and Ukraine. Plafonds are processed only manually. Thus, integrity of structure of salt remains. Besides, only processing hands it is possible to give it the individual freakish form therefore each lamp can be considered exclusive.

Supervision pushed to creation of a lamp that, being at the sea and breathing salty air, the person feels better if has pulmonary diseases, for example, of asthma. The lamp has the same principle of action, as all salt cave or sea air.

In a salt plafond there is a lamp, it both lights, and heats, and thanks to heat, salt evaporates and allocates negative and positive ions. And air in which there are negative ions, becomes curative and pure. These particles connect to dust and neutralize its influence. Besides the unique structure of a crystal allows to block influence of the electromagnetic radiation arising during the work of equipment.

Pluses and minuses of a salt lamp

The salt lamp allocates a large amount of negatively charged particles, and they can neutralize everything that is loaded positively, and these are viruses, fungi, bacteria and even a tobacco smoke. If to use it it is constant, it increases resilience to diseases, leads to norm a metabolism in an organism and does not allow electric devices to influence negatively the field the person.

With a salt lamp it is well slept, passes fatigue including chronic, depressions, composure is restored. It is best of all to put a lamp in bedrooms of adults and nurseries, and also in places where there is a lot of equipment, for example, at office near the computer.

First of all, it is useful to breathe the air loaded with salt for those who has pulmonary diseases: bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and others. In the second turn, who has problems with nerves: irritability, adynamy, depression. Also the lamp and to allergic persons, and suffering from rheumatism will help. It is useful to put this device in laboratories or during the work with chemicals and in dusty rooms.

To the salt lamp subject to neutralize a mold in rooms with the increased humidity.

Contraindications to application of a salt lamp were not found yet, the only shortcoming – it is afraid of big humidity and can get out of in these cases a shape and useful properties. So in a bathroom or near artificial reservoirs it is not recommended to put it.

Sometimes gradual accustoming to a lamp is required. It is necessary to include it for a short time, gradually increasing sessions.

Choice of a salt lamp

Getting to shop where sell salt lamps, it is possible at once and to become puzzled. And it is not sophisticated: the choice is very great. Lamps happen in the form of a piece of salt, and can have a freakish form of a figure. Appearance does not influence its useful functions at all. Therefore it is possible to choose freely that illuminant which will successfully fit into your room.

If the lamp form does not influence its functionality, here weight in any way - an indicator of its efficiency. Usually standard lamp weighs about 3 kg and can process the room no more than 12 sq.m. If the room is more than these sizes, and a lamp respectively, it is necessary to select heavier, from three kilograms. And it is possible to buy a special salt chandelier on which there are some useful plafonds.

When choose the lamp, first of all look that on a surface of a plafond there were no cracks or any other damages. To ensure safety, it is also necessary to examine both a font, and that place where the lamp is attached to the basis. Pay attention that the cord was not too short because differently the radius of its movement will be limited, and the lamp will be dependent on a socket site. And the form of the lamp can be chosen any.

Very much color of a salt product influences a human body:

  1. The lamp of white color and all light tones is directed on clarification, treatment and disinfection.
  2. Yellow color of salt will stimulate work of a liver, to treat a pancreas and a gall bladder.
  3. Mirsovetov recommends to get the lamp of orange color who has problems because of nerves, it will eliminate psychological injuries, will bring out of a state of shock, will instill confidence in tomorrow.
  4. Red color will strengthen bio-energetics, and also will have positive impact on functionality of a cardiac muscle, normalizes blood circulation.
  5. The lamp of pink color will help with love affairs, it will help her owner to become more emotional.
  6. And the brown lamp will help to reach with all affairs of harmony.

The instruction to application of a lamp

It is possible to put a lamp in the house in any place where there is no big humidity therefore bathrooms and pools are a taboo, it is also best of all to avoid kitchens. Near humidifiers and fountains to have these illuminants are not advised too. It is not necessary to twist the glow lamp of bigger power in a plafond, than it is recommended in the instruction. And at all it is better not to use energy saving lamps because they give only light, but not warmly, and it is the main thing for receiving from a lamp of useful properties, and as a result, the device will become simply beautiful, but useless element of a decor.

Operating time of the salt lamp depends on what aim pursues the person. The lamp can be held constantly included for prevention of diseases, such as an allergy, flu or seasonal catarrhal diseases. If you need to correct a condition of airways, the lamp needs to be held included some hours in day. And here if the person is sick with chronic diseases or asthma, it is necessary to accustom the organism to the ionized air gradually, since 20 minutes daily, on a minute increasing session duration.

Care of a salt lamp consists in clarification of the lamp a soft dry rag or by means of the vacuum cleaner. Before it it is necessary to disconnect it from a network. Sometimes write to instructions that it is necessary to dry a lamp in the included state therefore attentively read recommendations of the producer.

The salt lamp not only gives to a body health, it also brings a part of the nature and harmony to the house. Therefore such illuminant will always become an unusual and interesting gift by a holiday.

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