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Saltless diet

Salt is irreplaceable ingredient in preparation of any dish. But its surplus can become a source of a problem of excess weight with which many women continued deal. After all salt has ability to detain in an organism liquid that in turn stops a metabolism.

Pluses and minuses

Thanks to a saltless diet in our organism the water-salt balance is restored and all unnecessary (excess) liquid is removed. Therefore the person can lose in weight to 3-4 kg in a week.

It should be noted that the saltless diet does not urge to refuse completely salt at all, and it is simple to limit its consumption. After all it contains the sodium necessary for all which is responsible for a calcium conclusion from an organism.

It is known that microcells and substances, in the same way, as well as salt, in the acceptable doses bring us only benefit. But, unfortunately, many of us do not adhere to these principles. As showed researches, the person exceeds daily norm of salt on average on 15 g, using thus chips, various canned food, bread, sausages, salty nutlets and other junk food.

Some nutritionists unanimously declare that this diet not that is not effective, and even is harmful to the person. Also explain it to that weight leaves only thanks to that the organism is left by excess liquid, but not because the person uses the products which are not containing salt. Researches proved that people who told no salts, are ill more often usual, and serious cardiovascular diseases. Therefore if you decided to grow thin thus, try to do it without fanaticism not to do much harm to themselves.

Rules of a diet

To receive desirable result there are some rules to which it is necessary to adhere during a saltless diet. For example, at preparation of any dish it is recommended to salt food not in process and after it is ready.

It is also desirable to eat in the small portions and from 3 to 6 times a day. Believe, fractional food to anybody did not do much harm yet, and even on the contrary.

For giving of taste instead of salt it is possible to add onions, garlic to dishes or herbs at will.

As practice shows, at the people keeping to this diet new flavoring preferences are developed over time. That is for them the food without salt becomes rather fragrant and tasty.

That it is impossible

As well as in many other diets, in a saltless diet the use of such products as chips and nutlets, fish (fried, marinated, dried and dried), a various pickles, broths (fish and meat), in any kind mutton, pork, and also confectionery and others is unacceptable. As for fat and very high-calorie food (all fried and smoked), it too is contraindicated.

That is possible

It would seem, after the above-mentioned, absolutely it is necessary to eat nothing. And at all not! Actually there are a lot of products which diversify your menu. For example, it is recommended to eat wheat or rye, but only yesterday's, bread. Fish and meat it is possible to buy low-fat grades, then to boil or steam. Fruit (except grapes and bananas) and vegetables can be eaten any, as in crude, so in a stewed and boiled look. Fermented milk products – curdled milk, skim cheese, and also kefir and yogurt are welcomed. Milk is possible, but it is desirable fat-free and in moderate quantities. It is possible to drink anything (compote, coffee, tea, kissel), except carbonated drinks. Watch that they were with the minimum quantity of sugar. For this purpose do not forget to read a label.

Menu per day

Not to eat chaotically, and to be able correctly to combine products during weight loss, offers you for an example one day from life of a saltless diet.

So, for breakfast it is possible to drink tea without sugar with milk, to eat 100-150 g of skim cheese with a slice of unleavened bread.

For the second breakfast or as it still call a lunch, it is recommended 1-2 small baked apple.

For lunch it is possible to cook mushroom soup, to make salad from tomato, and for a dessert to bake a charlotte with apples. But it does not mean at all that at one go it is necessary to eat all pie. Everything is good that moderately.

The mid-morning snack has to be a lung therefore it is possible to drink broth from a freshly brewed dogrose and to eat a slice of unleavened bread with a thin layer of favourite jam.

For dinner boil potatoes, without addition of oil and salt, fill with yogurt vegetable salad and have a snack all fruit or curds.

It is worth noticing that it is possible to adhere to a saltless diet rather long time (at least – 4 days, at most – 15 days), but it is obligatory to control every day amount of the received salt.


If you regularly play sports or your work is connected with continuous physical activities, it is better to refuse a saltless diet. Also experts recommend strongly not to keep to this diet in the summer. After all during a heat and at loadings salt has ability to be left an organism, we in turn have to meet lacks of missing microcells. And such diet we on the contrary, will aggravate a situation. Therefore if it is so necessary to dump a two-three of kilograms, it is better to resort to other methods.

    On a note: adhering to a diet, try "to listen" to the health. For example, if you speeded up headaches, there were dizzinesses, weakness in an organism or nausea, try to return a little salt to the diet. If the situation to become aggravated, address to the doctor better.

Tasty recipes

Today there are many recipes of tasty dishes which can be prepared if you decided to go on a saltless diet. Here a little from them.

Cold soup. For this purpose it is required: the fat-free kefir, 200 g of a garden radish, on two stalks of a celery, a cucumber, a zubk of garlic, 4 tomatoes and greens to taste. A garden radish, a celery and cucumbers to wash, dry, slice the small. To obdat tomatoes boiled water, to husk and crush the blender. To add vegetables, the kefir passed through a press garlic and the crushed greens to the received weight. Before giving to cool.

Light salad. Such products are necessary: on 300 g of cabbage and apricots, 100 g of cheese, are better the Adygei, 1 red bulb, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, on 1 tablespoon of honey and apple cider vinegar. To chop, lay out cabbage in a deep salad bowl. Then to add the crushed onions, cubes the sliced cheese and small apricots. In a separate bowl to mix honey, olive oil and vinegar. At the end to fill with the received mix salad and accurately to mix everything.

Chicken fritters. Ingredients: 200 g of chicken fillet, on 2 bulbs, potatoes, carrots, yogurt, greens, lemon juice to taste. To cut chicken fillet in small cubes, to add the crushed onions and for 30 min. to set aside. Then in forcemeat to lay out potatoes and carrots grated on a small grater. At the end to add lemon juice and small cut greens. On the baking sheet laid by parchment a spoon to lay out fritters and to bake in the oven which is previously warmed to 180 °C before formation of a golden crust. To give with yogurt.

Fish home-style. 250 g of fillet of fish, 100 g of a flour, 100 g of the cleared crushed walnuts, 2 eggs, 1 lemon, 50 g of breadcrumbs. Fillet to wash, dry, slice small, to water with juice of one lemon and to allow to be drawn within 15-20 minutes. Then to roll in each slice in a flour, in the shaken-up eggs and crackers (previously to add the crushed lemon dried peel and nuts to them). Fish to bake in the oven warmed to 200 °C to readiness.

For pregnant women

Pregnant women very often suffer from swellings and hypostases that results from a salt surplus in an organism which collects and late over time. That to get rid of it, not obligatory to go on a rigid diet, after all not all doctors recommend it to girls in situation for health reasons. Well to feel, rather simply to limit itself in number of the consumed salt.

So, the approximate menu for future mothers looks approximately so:

  1. Breakfast – green tea, a small portion of cream of wheat.
  2. Lunch – favourite fruit (no more than three).
  3. Lunch – stewed veal or chicken with vegetables or the baked potatoes.
  4. Mid-morning snack – a fresh roll with kefir or milk.
  5. Fish cutlets with potatoes.

To adhere to rules of a saltless diet or not to solve only to you. And how many will leave kilograms, also depends on you, your consciousness and, of course, features of an organism. The main thing, remember, what experts insistently recommend to leave a diet very accurately. Though, perhaps, you will get used to such diet, and you will not want to change the way of life at all!

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