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Russian breeds of dog

Our country is rich and unique. Its history and the settled traditions have the mass of admirers and supporters. The word "Russian" means a certain level and specifics. Long since at us were engaged in cultivation of dogs. As a result today the domestic cynology has more than ten own breeds of dog, thus many of them are recognized by the International film logical federation.

Russian dogs

Breeds which are brought to territories of the former USSR, are automatically assigned to the Russian Federation. For example, the South Russian sheep-dog is brought to Tavriya's territories (modern Kherson area of Ukraine), and the Caucasian sheep-dog – in Urartu (territory of modern Georgia), but according to the decision of the Russian film logical Federation all of them treat the domestic breeds recognized as RKF and can take part in the highly specialized competition "Pride of Russia".

Today our cynologists can provide with dogs of most different "consumer". We have both office, and hunting, and decorative breeds. All of them quite various also differ from each other not only mission, but also the size, character, a wool cover etc. Among domestic breeds there are very ancient, for example, hounds – they were known in the XI century when they got divorced on imperial kennels for hunting. And is absolutely new which today so far are pedigree groups is the Russian kashtanka or the mermaid (the Russian saloon dog).

Mirsovetov will tell in more detail about all achievements and failures of the Russian cynology.

Unsuccessful experiments

1900-1980 for the Russian cynology an hour of triumph. At this time there were majority of breeds of dog known today. But there were also others – unsuccessful attempts of selectors to remove domestic breeds. Among them the most known to a wide range of fans of dogs still has the Moscow diver, the Moscow mastiff and the Moscow boxer. But there were also such dogs who are known only to a narrow circle of cynologists: Crimean corgi, ostrogothic valgund, Russian lop-eared spitz-dog etc.

All this experimental breeds which did not gain recognition not only the International film logical organizations, but also the Soviet Union as to fix eksteryerny and pedigree data simply was not obtained.

As it is clear from the name, already existing popular breeds of dog were taken as a basis. Domestic cynologists tried to improve them (in own way, certainly). Emphasis was placed first of all on ability well to work in the conditions of local climate (a heat, cold, a rain, snow). Also the rage, courage and good learning ability to dog knowledge was not superfluous.

For example, to receive "the Moscow diver" cynologists crossed the Newfoundland dog to a German shepherd, and then added blood of the Caucasian sheep-dog. As a result dogs powerful and hardy, a rough constitution turned out. Unfortunately, they could not work at water as possessed ferocity and could even attack the sinking person.

And here to receive breed "the Moscow mastiff" of the German mastiffs crossed to the East European sheep-dogs. As a result cynologists received a large and hardy dog – such to themselves a mastiff with the facilitated (ovcharochy) muzzle, capable it is good to feel on a hard frost and to jump even over three-meter obstacles. Unfortunately, the huge dog choleric person (and the German mastiffs differ in phlegmatic character) did not get army of admirers. Gradually cultivation of pedigree group came to naught.

Pride of domestic cynology

Today the International film logical organization officially recognized 10 breeds of dog which conditionally (in a place of the birth) are considered as Russians.

  1. Office breeds: South Russian sheep-dog, Russian black terrier, Central Asian sheep-dog, Caucasian sheep-dog.
  2. Hunting breeds: Russian-European laika, east Siberian laika, West Siberian laika, Russian canine borzoi.
  3. Riding porody:samoyed.
  4. Room and decorative breeds: Russian toy terrier.

But the International film logical federation did not recognize even more domestic breeds yet.

  1. Office breeds: the East European sheep-dog, Moscow sentry, drill - the Mongolian wolfhound.
  2. Hunting breeds: Russian hound, Russian skewbald hound, Russian hunting spaniel, horty borzoi (hort, Hart), southern Russian (steppe) borzoi.
  3. Riding breeds: Yakut laika, the Chukchi riding
  4. Shepherd's breeds: Nenets olenegonny laika (spitz-dog).
  5. Room and decorative breeds: Russian color lap dog, Moscow dragon, Petersburg orchid, Russian kashtanka, mermaid (Russian saloon dog).

Top-5 Russian breeds of dog

  1. East European sheep-dog. The dog is brought in 1930-1960. Externally VEO are very similar to German shepherds (basic breed), but there is also a number of characteristic differences. "Vostochnika" is larger than "Germans" – growth in withers from 62 to 76 cm, they have absolutely other proportions of a body and there is no sloping croup. A color black, cheprachny, black and subdead (burn marks from white-yellow, to brown-orange). The East European sheep-dogs are universal dogs: they are clever, hardy, perfectly give in to training that allows to use animals in different structures: both in police, and in army, both at customs, and on border, as guides for blind and as participant of sports office meets. One more advantage of breed – will cope with VEO even the beginner in dog breeding.

  2. The Russian black terrier (the secret name "Stalin's dog" as by order of Iosif Vissarionovich cynologists worked on new breed). The dog is brought in the XX century (the second half). Appearance of RChT is unique, but kids and teenagers can be confused with riesenschnauzers (basic breed). The black terrier a dog large – 68-76 cm in withers, possesses dense wool of a black color which on a muzzle forms characteristic moustaches and a beard. The Russian black terriers – strong, brave and clever dogs. They not only unsurpassed stars of show exhibitions, but also excellent watchmen and bodyguards.

  3. Russian canine borzoi. The dog is brought in the XVII century (the standard accepted only at the beginning of the XIX century). These animals from 68 to 86 cm, at these borzois have growth dense beautiful wool and various colors. RPB very beautiful and graceful dogs. Nobility and aristocratism and appears not only in appearance of the Russian canine borzois, but also in manners and behavior of dogs. With RPB hunt on hares, foxes, wolves, but recently use them as partners. Domestic fleet frequenters of exhibitions on whom they, most often, win only the first places.

  4. Likes. Likes call group of hunting dogs who are used for hunting for a game (a black grouse, a wood-grouse), and also on fur animals (a squirrel, a marten), large animals (bear), koptyny (wild boars). The most ancient breed from domestic layek – East Siberian. This breed was known in the middle of the XIX century. The East Siberian laika larger and powerful dog – her height is 53-63 cm. Color white, red, brown, black, gray, black and skewbald. At the beginning of the XX century there is a smallest of layek – West Siberian – its height of 45-54 cm, it has drier constitution, and the color happens brown, red, white, spotty and skewbald. At the beginning of the XX century also there is also the Russian-European laika – a strong dog of the average size. Its growth in withers from 50 to 58 cm. A color at REL exclusively black-and-white or white-black.

  5. Mermaid (Russian saloon dog). The youngest pedigree group – started being engaged in its cultivation only in 2000. A prototype of mermaids are small fluffy doggies which were favourites of women of quality of imperial Russia. Saloon doggies resemble a Yorkshire terrier (basic breed) superficially. The mermaid – a small dog, his growth hesitates from 18 to 28 cm, it has long dense wool and clever expression of an attractive face. Color: various red shades, it is red - white, skewbald, white, two-color and marble. Representatives of this breed beautiful partners who not only adore sitting on hands at the owner, but also are ready to accompany him though on the world's ends.

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