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Review of the Russian airlines

In our country some tens airlines providing various tariffs for their services, both to individuals, and corporate and to people of a VIP-class are engaged in air transportation. We will provide to your attention the list of the most popular airlines which take the leading positions in a rating for the 2007th year.
Все российские авиакомпании, российские авиалинии In our country some tens airlines providing various tariffs for their services, both to individuals, and corporate and to people of a VIP-class are engaged in air transportation.
We will provide to your attention the list of the most popular airlines which take the leading positions in a rating (for the 2007th year): to the first there is "Aeroflot", behind it "Transaero" and "Pulkovo" which was a part of Russia airline. Airlines with 4th on the 10th place settled down in such order: "VIM Airlines", "S7 – "Siberia", "KrasAir", "Domodedovo Airlines", "Utair", "Dalavia", "Samara".
The small, but important remark from if airlines also stand on the first lines is does not mean automatically excellent job with clients, in any of them the human factor which is not possible for predicting inevitably works. Therefore, being going to use services of this or that airline, always be on the alert and surely find out all moments interesting you from her employees.

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines airline

Авиакомпания «Аэрофлот – российские авиалинии» "Aeroflot-Russian Airlines" (SU code) is the largest and oldest airline in the history of the Russian air fleet. It began work in 1923, and at the moment 11% of internal Russian and 39% of the international flights fall to its share, covering Europe, the CIS countries, the USA, Canada and to Cuba, Africa, the Middle East, Asia. Plane fleet includes Airbus A319 (11 pieces, on 116 places), A320 (15 pieces, on 140 places), A321 (10 pieces, on 170 places), An 24/26, Boeing 767 (11 pieces, on 350 places), Boeing 737 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (cargo), Il-96, Tu-154 (29 pieces on 180 places).
Novelties of service of Aeroflot airline are considered individual video DigEplayer, with a set to 30 feature films and audioprograms calculated both for children and for adults. This service is provided in salons of the high-class Airbus 319/320/321 planes which are carrying out flights to Europe. There were new business classes "President", "Prime minister", and in standard classes – the "Kommersant" in which services extended, since convenient chairs and finishing with entertainment programs.

Discounts and bonuses
Программа лояльности «Аэрофлот Бонус» The loyalty program "Aeroflot the Bonus" allows regular customers to summarize "miles" with the subsequent exchange on:
  • the air ticket, including on the air ticket of the airlines entering into alliance Sky Team (Russian "Aeroflot", French "Air France", American "Delta Air Lines", Dutch "KLM", Italian "Alitalia" and so forth);
  • increase of a class of service;
  • accommodation in a double room (on 1 or 2 people) in hotels of Russia and Berlin;
  • policy of assurance.
Авиалайнер Аэрофлота And also bonus miles according to the Aeroflot Bonus program can be exchanged for some goods and accessories which list it is possible to study on www
By phone +7 800 333 55 55 you can inquire about flights and reserve to yourself air tickets, also it can be made on the site
In respect of safety of flights statistics of accidents of "Aeroflot" such is that, since 1953, 127 accidents were endured. The last from them happened in 1994 in Siberia when because of negligence of the pilot who took in head to put for a steering wheel of the teenage son, the Airbus A310 plane lost control and failed on the earth. From now on the airline began to trace safety of the flights very carefully.
    Reviews of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines airline
    1. Repeatedly flied to Europe – no claims are present. There were no delay with a departure and an arrival, convenience level good, the planes accepted, is pure, accurate everywhere, good food. However, across Russia their planes pleasant to go not really, as they older. In my opinion, only in this company it is possible to receive tickets free of charge on special system of bonuses and the price optimum, corresponds to quality. I recommend!
    2. As we were fed, it was pleasant to me, stewardesses friendly, however, a little scattered – a little table forgot to clean... Everything, of course, healthy, except for an interior of the Tu-154 plane – very shabby. Now I prefer the same Siberia (S7), their planes are newer also more modern.
Hereinafter tried to choose the most indicative reviews of airline. But also here not the last role is played by a human factor at such level: service of the same airline more than suits someone, someone – on the contrary. And the situation in the market of rendering aviaservices will inevitably change eventually, here it is necessary to re-read not one ten responses to receive any significant idea of this or that airline. Therefore we recommend to look at responses how on life experience of other passengers generally, but not in a rigid binding to separately taken airline – from here you learn, on what level of service it is possible to count, and what problems most often face at air flights.

Transaero airline

Авиакомпания «Трансаэро» "Transaero" (UN code) is the first private airline, begun the existence in 1991 and in time to gain popularity in recent years. The airline performs internal flights by new planes, service conducts by the international rules, in flights uses, generally the Boeing 737-500 planes (7 pieces, on 114 places), Boeing 747-200 (6 pieces on 468 places), Boeing 767-300 (5 pieces on 230 places), Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737 - 400, Boeing 767-200, Tu-214. But at the end of 2008 the park will be filled up with the Russian planes of a new sample of the Sukhoi SuperJet-100, and also the new Airbus A330 liners that promises the increased comfort for passengers.
Smart chairs in Boeing 737 which price reaches to several thousand dollars by the piece are considered as novelties of service.
You can receive all necessary information on flight by phone 8 800 200 23 76. On their official site of you have an opportunity to learn in detail about the flight interesting you, to book the ticket (not only usual, but also electronic).

Discounts and bonuses
Карты программы «Трансаэро Привилегия» The airline provides for clients, often using its services, the special program "Transaero Privilege" which consists in accumulation of points for flights with opportunity to exchange them on:
  • flights "in one party" and "there and back";
  • increase in a service class;
  • additional services at registration (priority registration on the rack corresponding to a booking class, or registration on a business class rack; the invitation to the business hall irrespective of a booking class for owners of the Privilege of Silver and Privilege of Gold cards, and also plus 10 and 15 kg to norm of free conveyance respectively; and for the cards "Privilege of Gold" there is a separate advantage – the place in salon under a condition is guaranteed booking of the ticket no later than two days prior to a departure);
  • priority on a waiting list;
  • regular receiving news of "Transaero".
    For participation in this program it is necessary to be more senior than 14 years and to make within two last months flight on any regular flight.
Other program – corporate, is useful for the companies which employees often fly to business trips, business trips – constantly using services of Transaero airline, they can save up points for the organization and in the subsequent to exchange them on: Boeing авиакомпании «Трансаэро»
  • free flight;
  • free increase in a service class;
  • additional services at registration (priority registration on the rack corresponding to a booking class, or registration on a business class rack);
  • priority on a waiting list;
  • opportunity regularly to receive news of "Transaero". would like to pay your attention that the Transaero airline for all the existence got the status of the safest – did not occur uniform accident which would become a cause of death of passengers.
    Reviews of Transaero airline:
    1. I express big gratitude of "Transaero" for the provided comfort in flights the Moscow Charm and Charm Moscow. Any delays, everything accurately and in time. Professionalism of pilots, warmth and responsiveness of styuardess pleased.
    2. We got the good plane to that we were inexpressibly glad. Polite service and food was pleasant. The long way (10 h) passed imperceptibly.

Pulkovo airline

Авиакомпания «Пулково» The Pulkovo airline (FV code) makes regular and charter transportations to many cities of Russia, the CIS country, Europe. The company uses mainly domestic Tu-154Б planes (10 pieces on 169 places), by Tu-154М (15 pieces on 140 places), Tu-134 (10 pieces on 84 places), Il-86 (7 pieces on 320 places), but also replenishment is planned by the new.
The Pulkovo airline together with "Russia" expands number of various services, constantly working on increase of their quality. On the site it is possible to receive necessary information on tickets and flights, to carry out booking, to learn about special offers and if urgent permission of questions is required, can use phone (495) 995-20-25.

Discounts and bonuses
Will describe bonus offers of Pulkovo airline of only in brief (consider, offers do not concern group and advertizing tariffs): Компания «Пулково» использует преимущественно отечественные самолеты
  • The sixth ticket – it is free, you can receive if within a year five times under the full or excursion ticket abroad in economy class or five times within a year under the same tickets in a business class flied this airline. And if you have a special tariff which you bought five times in the current year, you have an opportunity on the sixth ticket to pay half less.
  • If you managed to make within a year ten flights on a full special tariff abroad in economy class, you have a privilege not to be spent for acquisition of the eleventh ticket.

Besides, on internal flights along a route Moscow - St. Petersburg you can use the free eleventh ticket provided that you bought ten tickets within a year on a tariff of Y classes (full normal, excursion, full special) in economy class, and also on full normal or excursion tariffs in a business class.
In the history of Pulkovo airline has the plane crashes which led of people to death. In 2002 the Il-86 plane with 16 crew members in attempt to fly up crashed, only two stewardesses survived. In 2006 the Tu-154М plane failed in Ukraine owing to a pilot error – 160 passengers and 10 crew members were lost.
    Reviews of Pulkovo airline:
    1. Excellent airline! Flew 3 times and it was always happy with service and food, by the way, food for economy class does not concede to food of a business class in foreign airlines. Planes though not new, but very pleasant, did not notice any defects.
    2. Constantly them flew, delays few, however, there was one – about an hour. And so the plane normal, it is not visible that it will collapse, stewardesses polite and are correct in communication. Food good. On the future I will always choose this airline!


Авиакомпания «ВИМ-АВИА» "VIM AIRLINES" (NN code) – the large charter airline, officially began work since the end 2003, for today carries out the good volume of transportations to various regions. Yak-42 (2 pieces on 120 places), Tu-154 owns the Boeing 757-200 planes (16 pieces on 228 places) (2 pieces on 164 places). You can receive all data by phone +7 495 783 00 88, and on the site www will easily book to yourself the ticket not only in usual the house-keeper and business classes, but also in economy class of the improved comfort.

Discounts and bonuses
The VIM AIRLINES airline also has own bonus programs are a free tenth flight and the sixth flight at a rate of a half from the cost of the main ticket on internal flights.
Boeing 757-200 компании «ВИМ-АВИА» According to, attractive, and, above all, quite original discount is provided for married couples: for flying together on a wedding anniversary the gift – the half cost of the ticket for all regular flights if they make flight within a month from anniversary of their marriage is presented. Similarly this discount is allowed by that who married recently or married, they can use it within 90 days after marriage registration.
If you get the ticket with the date of a departure coinciding with your day of birth to you will surely give a discount in 50%!
Incidents with a lethal outcome in this airline were not.
    Reviews of VIM AIRLINES airline:
    1. In my opinion, and / to "VIM AIRLINES" – the best, often flew by their planes, excellent service, smiling stewardesses. It was pleasant that at the beginning of flight the pilot supplied us with very entertaining information on a place where were going to fly. In general, it is VERY HAPPY!
    2. Our flight to Cyprus detained for eight hours and did not even find time to explain and apologize plainly, and the boorish relation of the representative of the company simply enraged us. Generally, holiday is spoiled for a long time.

Siberia airline

Авиакомпания «Сибирь» The Siberia airline (S7 code) develops dynamically and improved in recent years, it is considered the leader of internal flights, carries out also the international flights (to the CIS, Europe and the countries of the Pacific Rim). Provides the Airbus A310-200 planes (5 pieces on 205-255 places), Airbus A310-300, Airbus A319-100 (17 pieces on 128 places), Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-500, Il-86 (9 pieces on 316-350 places), Tu-154М (27 pieces on 148-180 places).
On the site of this airline to you will suggest to get not only usual, but also electronic tickets, and also to receive all necessary information on favorable ways of their purchase.
Phone +7 800 200 000 7 will give the chance to contact help service for the fast solution of the arisen questions. highlights that since February 18 of the 2008th year on the site of airline there was a possibility of acquisition of the monthly card for flight with changes – this service for many can appear the extremely useful.

Discounts and bonuses
Авиакомпания «Сибирь» в последние годы динамично развивается и совершенствуется, считается лидером внутренних рейсов, осуществляет и международные рейсы It is possible to distinguish the favorable offer from the actions which are carried out by Siberia airline for those who flies on rest to Sochi, to get the ticket from 10% a discount if they live in the Sochi 4 Hotel Park hotel *.
The special BIG AIR program which includes 11 cities is developed for fans of ice slopes, 26 ski resorts and opportunity to take are free the equipment no more than 20 kg much.
The favorable conditions guaranteeing economy on flights, the right of priority confirmation of places on the flights S7 Airlines and others are developed for the companies and the organizations for the special program.
Accidents at Siberia airline was a little:
  • in 2001 the educational rocket hit Tu-154М over the Black Sea therefore 78 people were lost;
  • in 2004 thanks to terrorists Tu-154Б2 in the Rostov region crashed, 51 persons were lost;
  • in 2006 A-310 in Irkutsk, according to different versions crash-landed, was lost from 125 people.
    Reviews of Siberia airline:
    1. Flew this airline all family along a route Samara - Moscow - Norilsk and back. Remained are happy with high service, however, on the way back the plane was late because of bad weather in Norilsk because of what were not in time on the Samara flight. But, despite it, we were brought to fine Moscow hotel, supplied with hot meals and provided delivery to the necessary flight.
    2. Food was not pleasant to me, the dog forage and that will be more tasty, than what to us was offered in salon of the plane of S7 airline.

KrasAir airline

Авиакомпания «Красноярские авиалинии» "KrasAir" or "Kraseyr" (code 7B) Boeing 767-200ER, Il-86, Il-96-300, Tu-154М (15 pieces is considered the safest on implementation of transportations of passengers to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia, its Boeing 737-300 planes (6 pieces on 279 places), on 140 places), Tu-204, Tu-214 conform to the international standards.
The Kraseyr airline constantly carries out special actions and sales of tickets which wide choice can be seen on the site, their booking is carried out in the same place. By phone 8 800 3333 800 you receive exhaustive data on flights not only this airline, but also others ("Domodedovo Airlines", "Samara").

Discounts and bonuses
Авиакомпанией предлагается программа лояльности AiRUnion PREMIUM, которая действует у ряда авиакомпаний-партнеров AiRUnion The airline offers loyalty program of AiRUnion PREMIUM which works at a number of AiRUnion partner airlines (JSC Domodedovo Airlines Airline, JSC Omskavia Airline, JSC Samara Airline, JSC Sibaviatrans Airline). It includes three levels: the main, silver and gold – each of them has the advantages which extend upon transition to the following level. There is an accumulation of points for perfect flights therefore it is possible to receive various awards: bonus flight, increase of a class of service, preferential use of the business hall.
It is interesting that for students of the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS living far from the place of training the discount program "AcademStar premium" which gives the chance to use it all special offers of this company, and also to accumulate discounts from 3 to 100% with each bought ticket at them works. When study comes to an end, to them give the certificate on the free ticket home or on rest.
«Красноярские авиалинии» или «КрасЭйр» считается самой безопасной по осуществлению перевозок пассажиров в страны СНГ, Европы и Азии For the organizations the "Corporate program" giving wide privileges works: extensive geography of flights, possibility of a choice of convenient flight of any partner airline, the right of priority service in cash desks, preliminary booking of tickets, possibility of deduction of the made reservation directly to a departure, convenient terms of payment, discounts, additional service and others.
Statistically the Kraseyr airline admits safe in respect of flights, not having cases of crash of the planes and death of people.
    Reviews of KrasAir airline:
    1. Began flight with delay on an hour and a half from Domodedovo, but in general it went off with a bang. The SILT-96 plane, the new, pure, friendly service personnel, excellent food (there even gave chicken :-)) Good company!
    2. Flied this airline – there was a feeling that I will treat by air out of salon: old plane, tumble-down house real. I will not use their services any more.

Domodedovo Airlines airline

Авиакомпания «Домодедовские авиалинии» "Domodedovo Airlines" (E3 code) is among large air carriers, performs regular and charter flights across the Russian Federation, the CIS and foreign countries, and under the contract with travel agencies carries out charter flights to Spain, Indonesia, to the Seychelles, Thailand, India, Malaysia. Operates generally domestic Il-62 planes (14 pieces on 186 places), Il-96-300 (3 pieces on 295 places), Tu-154М, Yak-42. Phone for reference is similar to phone of Kraseyr airline, on the site it is possible to book tickets for the necessary directions.

Discounts and bonuses
«Домодедовские авиалинии» входит в число крупных авиаперевозчиков, выполняет регулярные и чартерные рейсы по РФ, СНГ и дальнему зарубежью, а по договору с туристическими компаниями осуществляет чартерные полеты в Испанию, Индонезию, на Сейшельские острова, Таиланд, Индию, Малайзию For often flying passengers the AiRUnion PREMIUM program described above works.
In this company it is not registered major accidents with death of passengers onboard.
    Reviews of Domodedovo Airlines airline:
    Strikes service of service of this airline: even a lunch we did not get an ineradicable smell of the toilet soaring in salon of the plane, huge turns to it, eternal shortage of sugar candies (we sat almost at the end). Back flied the same company – we were zakusat simply by the flies attracted with a fertile smell of a toilet.

UTair airline

Авиакомпания «ЮТэйр» The UTair airline (UT code) has an old story, since 1934 and up to now the company could get the status of the large international operator of aviation equipment, planes it carry to a class luxury (comfort, mini-offices, convenient sofas and chairs, bars, video salons, food of high level). Is the leader in helicopter transportations so you can order not only the plane, but also the helicopter, in case of need. Since 2003 the Utair airline offers services of a business class for business people. Plane fleet contains Boeing 737-300, An-2 (43 pieces on 12 places), An-24 (15 pieces till 42-52 of places), Tu-134А (34 pieces till 76-86 of places), Tu-154М (21 pieces on 140 places), Yak-40 (13 pieces on 27, 30, 32, 36 places), ATR-42. Helicopters: Mi-26 (21 pieces), Mi-8T (115 pieces), Mi-8 of MTB (31 pieces), Mi-171, Mi-10K, AS355N.
Phone 8 800 100 08 08 gives the chance to receive the operational reference on the questions of flights which arose at you, on the site detailed information on flights, on special actions which, by the way, there is a lot of is provided to you.

Discounts and bonuses
Авиакомпания «ЮТэйр» имеет давнюю историю, с 1934 года и до наших дней компания смогла приобрести статус крупного международного оператора авиатехники The UTair airline offers a bonus to those who frequent by their services – the Status program which essence consists in a set of a certain number of points and their exchange for free tickets or for other awards (the free ticket or increase of a class of service). It is calculated, both for one ordinary passenger, and for the family – "The Status the Family", and for businessmen – "The Status Business".
Fresh accident in this company was in 2007 when Tu-134 crashed at unsuccessful decrease into a flight strip in Samara, 7 people so were lost.
    Reviews of UTair airline:
    1. I fly not the first time this airline – it is very happy. Service very qualitative, though planes not new, delays of a departure was not, and once even arrived for 45 minutes earlier!
    2. We got aboard the plane Tu-134, quite old, it is necessary to tell, but we were surprised by its internal purity and accuracy. And service pleasantly pleased, food did not disappoint, and stewardesses simply super!

Dalavia airline

Авиакомпания «Дальавиа» "Dalavia" (H8 code) is the largest airline of the Far East region which carries out all types of transport internal flights up to Okhi, Shakhtersk, Zone, Blagoveshchensk, Sovetskaya Gavan and the international flights to Japan, South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Israel. If to compare to other companies, the Dalavia airline has not enough special offers on flights today. Planes, generally domestic with standard service: An-24РВ (6 pieces till 42-52 places), An-26, Il-62М (7 pieces on 186 places), Tu-154Б, Tu-154B-2, Tu-154М, Tu-214 (4 pieces on 214 places). By 2009 purchase of new airliners of foreign production, and, respectively, and service improvement of quality is planned.
If you have questions, it is possible to solve them by phone +7 4212 392 434. On the site the order of the ticket in various directions is offered but if to estimate it in general: not all interesting information can be received, as many sections incomplete.
According to flights of the main accidents connected with crash of the liner and death of passengers in this airline was not.
«Дальавиа» (код H8) является самой крупной авиакомпанией Дальневосточного региона, которая осуществляет все виды перевозок внутренними рейсами вплоть до Охи, Шахтерска, Зонального, Благовещенска, Советской Гавани и международными рейсами в Японию, Южную Корею, КНР, Израиль
    Reviews of Dalavia airline:
    1. Real collective farm: filthy planes, careless stewardesses, even the site representing this airline looks, to put it mildly, not better. Very much I regret that addressed to this company – for such service laid out the solid sum. And for what, is asked?
    2. Gave an assessment of this airline the firm two! In the Tu-154 plane constantly something rumbles, jingles and falls off. Continuous delays of flights. Indifferent stewardesses – an excess glass of water you will not be interrogated!

Samara airline

Авиакомпания «Самара» The Samara airline (E5 code) is the largest carrier among the Volga Federal District, carries out regular flights across the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, Europe, and also charter flights to the countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa. In flights most often uses planes of domestic type: Tu-134А (6 pieces on 72 places), Tu-154Б, Tu-154B-2, Tu-154М (6 pieces on 140 places), Yak-40, Yak-42, Yak-42D and Boeing 737-300 (4 pieces on 279 places), except existing traditional, is planned to add and the highest class. For today the Samara airline provides standard service, on some flights works on increase of its level are already conducted.
By phone +7 8462 790 909 it is possible to learn answers to your questions, booking through the site is available.

Discounts and bonuses
Авиакомпания «Самара» (код E5) является крупнейшим перевозчиком среди Приволжского федерального округа, осуществляет регулярные полеты по РФ, странам СНГ, Европе, а также чартерные рейсы в страны Ближнего Востока, Юго-Восточной Азии, Северной Африки The Samara Prestige program which grants them the right of accumulation of points for flights and to receive discounts at partners of AiRUnion PREMIUM club is developed for often flying passengers. They can receive:
  • bonus flight;
  • increase of a class of service;
  • to transfer the bonus ticket to relatives;
  • priority when booking;
  • plastic card of the participant;
  • to take free of charge additional baggage.
The special cases connected with plane crashes and death of passengers in this company were not.
    Reviews of airline:
    The fine airline, works accurately and harmoniously, stewardesses quickly respond to requests, tasty food – generally, flight took place at height!


Все российские авиакомпании, российские авиалинии If to analyse the existing responses on the listed above Russian airlines, it is possible to allocate the general for all of them the moments. On airlines "Aeroflot", "Transaero", "Pulkovo", "Samara" respond generally positively, passengers liked accurate time of a departure without delays, convenience in salons and pleasant service. On other air carriers approximately equal quantity of both positive, and negative estimates will be gathered, and, the discontent with delays of flights at some o'clock comes out on top. On the second place – roughness of the serving aviapersonnel in relation to passengers. On the third – the low level of comfort (most often in domestic planes of an old sample) reaching before that its internal elements create a threat to security for travelers.
    The response of one tourist is a striking example, it flied UTair airline on AH-24 and during which landing in salon the plafond of lighting did not keep on fastening and fell down.
Are most dissatisfied with the Dalavia companies (old planes, incomplete service onboard).
As for discounts, a bonus according to the special programs turns still here for what moment: if the free ticket, for example, in exchange for a certain quantity of bonuses is offered, it does not mean that you pay nothing at all. As a rule, you are exempted from payment on a tariff, but airport and other collecting thus remains (in more detail about the cost of flight read in the article "Air Flights P.1, (Air Tickets)").
If to generalize situations on plane crashes, they are connected by the most part with old planes, especially Tu-154, Tu-134, Il-76, An-24 and others a domestic production which because of not always satisfactory technical condition can fail, subjecting to threat life of passengers.
We came to an end of the survey part of a cycle of articles devoted to air flights and there is a wish to hope that the received information will help you to avoid mistakes at a choice of airline and by that, to preserve the nerves and a purse.
Successful flight!
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