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Installation of a water supply system the hands

Repair of housing can fairly undermine the family budget. No wonder that in this question address to experts very reluctantly and only at emergency. Do not hurry, try to think over your actions. This article will help you to choose type of a water supply system and will teach how to execute distributing of pipes in the house or the apartment is independent.
Repair of housing can fairly undermine the family budget. No wonder that in this question address to experts very reluctantly and only at emergency. This article will help you to choose type of a water supply system and will teach how to execute distributing of pipes in the house or the apartment is independent.

Steel water supply system?

Монтаж водопровода своими руками The veteran with a centenary experience is the steel water supply system. It is reliable, strong and durable... But nevertheless it is gradually forced out by competitors and the reasons of it are very powerful.
First, the steel water supply system is extremely difficult in installation. Even the skilled mechanic with all necessary tool will need not less than two days for assembly of a steel water supply system in the usual apartment. If not to use welding, you should cut a carving that is far not so simple on pipes as it seems. Assembly of a site with three turns, for example, under a sink in kitchen, often is represented an impracticable task.
Secondly, assembly errors – the running joint or the piece, wrong by the size, – for the correction demand dismantling of considerable part of a water supply system that complicates already difficult work.
Thirdly, alteration of a design is impossible without welding application or nearly of full dismantling. This shortcoming can seem insignificant, however when you at the following repair decide to transfer the mixer in a bathroom or to add the filter to system, you will think of it absolutely in a different way.
Besides it is necessary to consider such important factor as esthetics, especially if pipes are in the public eye. The pipe of cold water will stay painted no more than two years. More hotly – not less than three, but will only emphasize with it flakes of the exfoliating paint and rusty begin to flow on the neigbour.
I do not recommend strongly to readers to be engaged Mirsovetov in installation of a steel water supply system independently. Besides all the shortcomings of this idea given above there can be also much more sad consequences – from an uncertain tightening of repair to the broken-off introduction gate and flooding of the apartment.

Copper water supply system

Монтаж водопровода своими руками The copper water supply system is slightly more modern and is not less reliable. It is more esthetic, and additives of silver provide it with bactericidal properties. Today this type of a water supply system is most widespread in the USA, whose quality standards are one of the most rigid in the world.
Installation of a copper water supply system is rather simple – details are accustomed to drinking by tin-copper solder by means of a gas torch. The soldering of one connection takes no more than five minutes and does not demand special skills or physical force.
Actually copper water supply system is the most qualitative and durable option, however there is essential minus – the price. The meter of a copper pipe can cost to four hundred rubles and as much can cost a fitting – this word call water supply system details with which pipes, that is corners, tees, connecting couplings and so forth connect. If to speak more in detail, materials to replace standard distributing in the apartment a copper pipe can cost to you five-six thousand.
For installation of a copper water supply system it will be required to you truborez, a zenkovshchik, soldering paste, solder, a gas spray with a torch, a cleanup sponge and a brush for cleaning of a fitting.

Metalplastic water supply system

Монтаж водопровода своими руками The metalplastic water supply system appeared relatively recently. This type of a water supply system is simple in installation and is quite reliable. Because of that relative novelty of practical data on its durability is not present, however it is precisely possible to claim that not less than ten years of life for it – norm.
The metalplastic pipe represents the aluminum pipe covered with plastic from within and outside. Such combination of materials allowed to receive a number of advantages – durability, corrosion firmness, esthetics, flexibility, small weight and simplicity of processing.
Installation of such water supply system is carried out by means of pressure testing of pipes on the fitting connecting them – in spite of the fact that it sounds quite frighteningly, in practice it will be required to put two clamps only.
Besides all above-mentioned advantages of metalplasticity is much cheaper than copper – materials on replacement of a water supply system in the apartment will cost two-three thousand rubles.
For installation of a metalplastic water supply system you will need two wrenches for an inhaling of a fitting (as a rule, on 24 but also other sizes are possible) and a hacksaw.

Polypropylene water supply system

Монтаж водопровода своими руками Polypropylene pipes are the cheapest, but it is necessary to buy attentively as there are some types.
The usual polypropylene pipe, is marked as PN10. It is calculated only on cold water!
The universal pipe, is marked as PN20. It is calculated both on cold, and on hot water.
The reinforced pipes, are marked as PN25. Possess the increased durability and durability at the expense of a three-layer design of a look polypropylene – aluminum or fiber glass – polypropylene. In principle, two of these subspecies of a pipe are equivalent, however at installation of the pipe reinforced by aluminum it is required to smooth out the ends of pipes the special tool which and is called – cleaning.
The difference in the price between types of pipes is small – about thirty rubles, however if you start repair on Sunday and will forget to buy cleaning for the pipes reinforced by aluminum, its long search is necessary, and will mount pipes under hot water from the pipe PN10 simply local accident.
According to statements of producers, service life of polypropylene pipes makes more than fifty years, however it is not possible to check it. In practice by the reason of failure of the polypropylene pipeline violation of the mode of water supply as municipal services or its freezing serves.
The price of polypropylene pipes and fitting incredibly low – less than fifty rubles for meter of a pipe and around ten for a fitting (except metallic details), that is on standard distributing will be required to you something about one thousand rubles.
For installation of a polypropylene water supply system you will need scissors for pipes or a hacksaw, the special welding machine and if you decided to use the pipes reinforced by aluminum, cleaning for pipes.

With what to begin?

It is necessary to begin, of course, with planning. Sit down at a table, take a sheet of paper and outline the scheme of your water supply system. Then pass with it across those rooms where he will resemble and look that you could miss. Make the list of a fitting and pieces of a pipe.
Pipes fasten on a wall by means of the special fastenings which are on sale in sanitary shops. Estimate, how many such fastenings will be required to you and enter slightly more.
Do not forget about adapters on a half-inch carving which will be required to you for accession of a water supply system to introduction gates and connection of mixers and a tank of a toilet bowl. For kitchen and a tank buy connecting hoses – and try not to mix connection types.
It is desirable to put the additional cranes blocking the mixer in kitchen and a toilet bowl, it in the future will strongly facilitate to you life at a rupture of a flexible eyeliner.
If you are sure that all of you considered, make the list and buy material.


The most important – to be convinced of dismantle that water in your dwelling is reliably blocked. On input there have to be spherical cranes if they are not present there or they not up to the end block water – call the mechanic and put high-quality cranes. It can cost to you one and a half-two thousand.
If you were convinced that water is reliably blocked, it is possible to start. Block cranes and cut the Bulgarian your old water supply system without any pity. But having well thought not to do excess work.
After are sharp you still have to have slices of an old pipe not less than ten centimeters long which are sticking out of introduction cranes. Accurately, holding cranes, unscrew these scraps and twist instead of them adapters on type of your future water supply system.
Consider that before assembly of a threaded connection you need to reel up sanitary flax or a sealing tape on a carving, differently you will not achieve tightness.

General recommendations about installation

Before work be convinced that you have all necessary materials and tools.
Measuring pipe pieces, consider that a fitting will extend them on 3-5 centimeters. Measure, how many the fitting will add lengths and when cutting respectively truncate pipes.
Do not hurry, try to think over your actions. I recommend to readers of Mirsovetov to make as much as possible connections "on a table" and to collect already ready details in a water supply system in a place – so it will be more convenient to you and assembly will be more qualitative.
It is worth beginning with the most remote point, usually it is the mixer in a bathroom. The piece of a water supply system greatest possible for convenient installation gathers, is put on the place and from it the following piece pretends to be. Before fitting of the next piece try to fix already ready that it did not "leave" from an initial position.
The two first a piece connect, then estimate the third piece and so to the introduction crane. For convenience it is worth making a place of connection of your new pipeline demountable. If you mount metalplastic, it is enough to put a usual adapter, for the copper or poplipropilenovy pipeline it is more convenient to put "Americans" – quick disconnect couplings.

Installation of the copper pipeline

Монтаж водопровода своими руками Tools and materials for installation of it like a water supply system there is enough road, however you should not try to replace them with make-shifts. Only at application of the technology given below reliability and tightness is reached.
Joints connect by means of the soldering naked flame therefore be careful! Work in gloves, putting aside a torch, watch that it did not fall, and better at once extinguish a flame. Remember, the torch cools down not at once, put it so that incidentally not to touch.
Measure a piece of a pipe of the necessary length and cut off its truborezy. I will highlight – not a hacksaw, namely truborezy! The cut has to be equal, without agnails and a round form. It is obligatory to process an end face of a pipe a zenkovshchik, it has to be chamfered both outside and from within.
Before the soldering of a detail it is necessary to smooth out from an oxidic film. For this purpose the tip of a pipe is processed a cleanup sponge or a small skin, and the seat of a fitting is cleared a special brush from within. The smoothed-out surface becomes brighter, it has to be evenly brilliant if there are spots of pollution or the crude sites – process once again. Avoid hit of water to the place of the soldering.
Apply with a brush soldering paste on the smoothed-out surfaces. The layer has to be thin, uniform and completely covering a soldering place. Insert a pipe into a fitting (if surplus of paste them was squeezed out it is worth erasing a rag) and warm up a torch. To solder details, carry out a solder bar on joint perimeter. Temperature of details has to be about two hundred fifty degrees, in practice it is visible on behavior of solder – at the correct heating it easily spreads on a gap between details as if being tightened in it.
Before installation of the following knot let's cool down to a soldering place. Do not cool it water or a wet rag at all!
In principle at accurate assembly of mistakes should not be, however nobody is ideal. If you find the proceeding joint, do not try to correct simply having poured more solder even if you will tighten a leakage, there will be no guarantee that it will not appear again, for example, when you will not be at home.
Heat a defective joint and separate. If there is an opportunity – take other fitting. If such opportunity is not present, heat old and easily knock with it about a floor to bring down solder. Then repeat cleaning and the soldering.

Installation of the metalplastic pipeline

Монтаж водопровода своими руками This type of the pipeline is simplest in installation, but demands more careful premeditation of the actions as far not everywhere it is possible to approach with two big keys.
Fitting of a metalplastic water supply system consists of the detail with unions, the pressuring-up rings and nuts. For connection of details you have to put on at first a pipe a nut, then a ring and against the stop to insert the detail union into a pipe. After that you should shift a ring on a pipe to a carving of a fitting and to tighten a nut on this carving. At twisting of a carving the nut squeezes a ring and the pipe is densely pressed to the union.
Though it and is not obligatory, but for simplification of assembly it is possible to chamfer from the inside of a pipe by means of a knife.
Thanks to a razjemnost of connections, to a full tightening of nuts it is possible to rotate freely details therefore you can simply acquire all joints and before a final broach to expose corners more precisely.
The metalplastic pipe well bends – from it it is possible to curve a circle with a diameter about 20 centimeters. When distributing this property will help to save to you couple of corners. Also thanks to it it is possible to try to connect a toilet bowl tank to water without use of a hose, having attached it through an adapter on a half-inch carving.
The most convenient property metalplasticity – unambiguity of installation if it is so possible to be expressed, that is the knot either is built or is not built, the latent defects cannot be. If you find the proceeding joint – simply tighten a nut.

Installation of the polypropylene pipeline

Монтаж водопровода своими руками For installation of it like a water supply system you will need the special device for welding of plastic pipes. It can be hired, however for one thousand rubles it is possible to buy a set for installation – a small suitcase with the welding machine, nozzles for it and scissors for pipes.
Buying material, consider that welding of details is irreversible, that is at an assembly error the fitting should be cut out and thrown out, and to increase a pipe. Therefore bathe details with a stock. Even if connecting couplings are not required for you, buy 5-6 pieces better, their price is small, and without them it will not be possible to correct welding marriage.
The welding machine is the flat electric heater on which nozzles under different types of pipes are established. The nozzle consists of two parts, one copies a pipe of the corresponding diameter, another face part of the coupling. Nozzles fasten to the device a bolt which through a through opening in the heater pulls together them with each other.
Before installation the device has to heat up. On the handle there is a scale for control of working temperature, the toggle-switch of inclusion and two indicators. One indicator lights up at inclusion in a network, the second burns while the device heats up to the necessary temperature – if it went out, it is possible to work.
Put on a pipe and a fitting the corresponding nozzles. They have to slowly and with effort to reach against the stop. After that wait for seconds 10-20 and remove from the detail device.
Insert details each other, the heated place of a pipe has to be drowned completely in a fitting. If you collect turn, be convinced that it is correctly focused, you have about 5 seconds that to turn it.
If you collect a joint incorrectly or not hermetically, it should be cut out entirely. If it turned out so that the remained length of pipes is not enough, you should extend them by means of couplings.
Putting the coupling on a pipe, consider that she adds length about a centimeter. It will not affect durability, but without this centimeter you, most likely, will collect not a right angle that very much is evident.

And in summary

So, you made a water supply system the hands and can test lawful pride.
However, at least within a week it is worth watching it. Check all connections in an hour after filling, if everything is all right, every other day, in three days and in a week. Do not forget to block water, leaving the house.
If slightly, the droplet in half an hour, leaks a threaded connection with the introduction crane, do not hurry to remake, the leak, most likely, will withdraw in couple of days.
As practice if your water supply system staid 7 days shows, it will not leak any more and can consider the work executed perfectly well.
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