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The reasons of rough nails on hands

The manicure will never become ideal if your marigold is ill and look modestly. The rough nail plate on nails of hands – widespread defect which does not bring pain, but in no time spoils to great ladies mood.

The sea worries – time!

As a rule, waves appear on all nails at once. Especially well they are distinguishable if to look at a nail in "profile". Having estimated a type of your marigold sideways, you will be able to see, depressions in the ground on a plate of each of them are how deep. The "wavy" picture strikes with the variety: sometimes it is some parallel grooves which settle down along a nail plate at identical distance from each other, and happens that the nail is "decorated" by only one or two cross depressions in the ground which are not growing in process of its growth. Waves can be hardly distinguishable or well noticeable. The effect of combs and grooves on nails strengthens a bright varnish without nacre. Agree, it seems, anything deadly, but a look at manicure on rough nails "any such".

Grooves and crests – not the only option of deformation of a nail plate. Here is how this "trouble" still can look:

  • the nail becomes similar to a spoon when on its surface there is a small hollow;
  • on each side a nail plate slightly raised rollers are formed, and the central part of a nail extends and thickened. Such nails look excessively big;
  • nails exfoliate and easily break, their surface is noted by white impregnations or ischernenny spots.

Why nails are ill

The problem can be considered especially cosmetic if not to conform to the elementary rules of care of nails in house conditions. When you, doing manicure, every time carelessly cut off a cuticle, be ready that your marigold "will shortly become agitated". The dense leathery roller protects a rostkovy zone of a nail from harmful infections and bacteria. Rough removal of a cuticle injures growth zone at the basis of a nail plate, as a result the nail grows rough and weakened. The manicure assumes the sparing care of nails: the cuticle needs to be removed to the nail basis a wooden stick or to cover it with special solutions which soften and dissolve a dense strip of skin at the nail basis.

If you are sure that all knowledge of the correct manicure know backwards, by all means try to find out the true reasons of deformation of nails – by no means it is impossible to underestimate such problem.

In medicine there is an official term for this phenomenon. Not fungal defeat of a plate, bed and the roller of a nail is called an onikhodistrofiya. Pathology is the accompanying complication of infectious diseases, diseases of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, dysfunction of cardiovascular and endocrine systems, psychological frustration.

Let's list some not harmless factors which cause destructive processes in the thickness of a nail plate, ugly bending it.

  1. In most cases as the reason of a curvature of nails on hands consider mycoses – fungal diseases. Infection occurs in the contact way: in beauty shop, at handshake of the sick person etc.
  2. Strong bruises and jammings which injure not a nail, but a nail bed.
  3. Chronic pulmonary diseases, "thyroid glands", hearts and joints. In this case treatment of nails will be useless: that they were not ill, it is necessary to eliminate the main disease.
  4. Of skin illness in the form of eczema, psoriasis, red flat depriving.
  5. Aggressive influence on nails of chemicals, acids, alkalis and other synthetic things.

Treatment of "wavy" nails

Typically female approach to a problem – to hide the disfigured rough nails under several layers of a bright varnish – it is considered in a root wrong. The varnish, undoubtedly, will hide defect, but at the same time will even more aggravate a condition of a nail – it will block intake of oxygen to a nail plate and will break her general to a traffic (food).

His overestimated self-conceit and free access practically to any information became one more big problem of the modern person. So, some, having got a false idea that know more doctors, start treating independently nails, believing that the fungus became responsible for their deformation. Without laboratory analyses even the skilled doctor will not risk to make the diagnosis, whether it is worth saying, what we and even less so cannot be fond of self-treatment?

To return to the marigold former smoothness, first of all it is necessary to consult with the competent expert who on the basis of microscopic research will appoint the correct and effective treatment.

Mirsovetov reminds that rough nails – only a symptom by means of which the organism reacts to the main disease. Complex therapy on recovery of health of nails has to take place in parallel with treatment of the illness which became the reason for which your manicure cannot be ideal yet.

Treatment of a disease is directed on renewal full traffic of nails and fabric which surround them. Apply the drugs normalizing microblood circulation and strengthening walls of vessels to improvement of nails. As auxiliary therapy use physical therapy and massage.

The special attention in rehabilitation of nails is paid to vitamin and mineral complexes which act as building material for a nail plate. For health of nails preparations of Retinolum, iron, a glitserofosfat, phytin, and also ascorbic and nicotinic acids, tiamin and cyanocobalamine are especially significant.

Besides preparations which action is directed on correction of a condition of nails, to patients appoint the means all-strengthening and stimulating immunity, sedative drugs.

At treatment of an onikhodistrofiya the good effect is observed after local procedures are hot trays (to 45o C) where add essential oils and sea salt, coniferous extract or sodium a hydrocarbonate. It is the real gift for sore nails – curative liquid stimulates inflow of blood to a rostkovy zone of a nail, restoring food of fabrics round a nail plate.

Applications on the basis of warm natural wax, paraffin, ozokerite, therapeutic muds are recognized as the following not less important procedure. That application brought the greatest benefit, a remedy plentifully impose on the nail roller, a cuticle and skin round a nail.

The physical therapy for treatment of nails assumes use of an ionoforez, diathermy, fonoforez with use of vitamins A and E. Treatment takes place courses on 10 – 15 procedures with a break for 5 – 8 weeks.

Strongly stratified nails with thickenings on a nail plate rescue a special keratolitichesky plaster by means of which the become horny sites of a nail are softened that is very convenient for their painless removal. The plaster is pasted after a soap and soda tray.

Treatment of a "wavy" marigold long therefore you should not expect instant result. The more regularly you will do all medical procedures appointed by the doctor, the new smooth nails will grow quicker!

And finally …

As if you wanted to brag somewhat quicker to girlfriends of effective manicure, remember that during treatment it is necessary to handle the nails with special care and love. By no means it is impossible:

  • to hide rough nail plates under artificial nails. At first sight procedure of nail extension seems the real rescue when heavy to brag of a native marigold. However the increased nails pose the real threat to the present: not only that droplets do not treat, so also the chemical burn from procedure can finally "finish" the damaged nail plates;
  • inaccurately to cut off a dry cuticle. Ask the skilled master to share with you elements and rules of safe care of nails in house conditions. Each woman has to be able to do the sparing not cut manicure;
  • to polish sore nails with nail files with high degree of abrasivity. Of course, waves on nail plates will disappear for some time, but subsequently will be shown with a new force! It is possible to polish with soft nail files nails not less than 1 time a month.

Until the reason of a curvature of nail plates is established, it is better to minimize all cosmetic procedures for nails in the form of a podstriganiye and a careful podpilivaniye. It is a little patience and persistence will surely return to your marigold smoothness and gloss!

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