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How to choose the robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner – the device intended for maintenance of purity in the house by means of cleaning (damp, dry) a floor covering. The main advantage of such unit – the automated cleaning process, including in the absence of the person. For an objective choice of model of the robot vacuum cleaner it is necessary to examine their main types.
Как выбрать робот-пылесос Be surprised to nothing – such is the motto of the person living in the 21st century. Passed only slightly more than one and a half eyelids from the invention of the mechanical vacuum cleaner, and on halls of shopping centers and exhibitions dissect tiny robots vacuum cleaners.
The desire of the population to get such assistant to the house grows every year, after all nobody wants to lag behind a civilization. However, statistically, sales of robots concede to the predecessors, ordinary vacuum cleaners. And it everything at the excellent marketing company. In what the reason? A lack of information and a large number of a low-quality product in the market. How to separate grains from a ryegrass, whether it is worth making a choice for new technologies, we also will try to deal with it.
It is a little theory for the best understanding of a question. The robot vacuum cleaner – the device intended for maintenance of purity in the house by means of cleaning (damp, dry) a floor covering. The main advantage of such unit – the automated cleaning process, including in the absence of the person. For an objective choice of model of the robot it is necessary to examine their main types:
  • for dry cleaning;
  • for damp cleaning;
  • dry and damp cleaning;
  • the robot vacuum cleaner with the increased container for collecting down and hair of pets.

Robots, but not the person stick!

The robot vacuum cleaner with possibility of dry cleaning – the first and already proved type of robots, first of all, simple management, a wide model range, and also the acceptable price. The exception is made by premium class models. By sight the vacuum cleaner reminds a washer with a diameter no more than 40 cm, is intended for cleaning of dust, dirt, wool, hair from hard floor coatings: laminate, tile, parquet, linoleum. The majority of models cope and with pile of carpets provided that pile height no more than 1 cm. Expensive models are capable of purification of pile 2 cm high. Upon purchase it is necessary to be attentive to a complete set. At the general set of obligatory components the structure of the subjects which are included in the package can differ. It is caused as the price, and, therefore, by a set of functions, and variety of producers.
Surely have to be a part of the robot:
  1. Accumulator and charger.
  2. Dust sensor.
  3. The container for collecting garbage and dust.
  4. Turboshchetka.
  5. Lateral brushes.
  6. Filters of thin purification of air.
  7. Infrared sensor.
  8. Ultra-violet lamp for antibacterial protection.
Как выбрать робот-пылесос
The main brush (turboshchetka) sends garbage and dust to a dust collector, and lateral brushes increase the area of the processed surface due to collecting garbage at walls. One of features of the advanced robots vacuum cleaners is existence of base – the device to which after implementation of the program the robot comes back itself. Further there is an accumulator charge. For finding of dock the infrared sensor is used.
Quality of cleaning directly depends on quality of material of brushes. Usually it is silicone, and by production of lateral brushes use nylon.
"the virtual wall" can be an additional option of electronic "neatniks". The essence is simple. The device capable to distinguish sites on the planes which are in advance programmed by you as forbidden is built in the case of the robot. It can be ladders, steps, the whole rooms. Device options of "a virtual wall" are various. On sale it is possible to meet also "surprising" copies with the magnetized tape in a set. The tape is pasted on perimeter of a site which you want to protect from cleaning, and the vacuum cleaner at collision with it changes the direction. Whether to get such miracle, to solve to you.
Operating time of robots-pylesov to a full discharge of the accumulator makes of 30 minutes till 3 o'clock.
Vacuum cleaners with possibility of damp cleaning are similar to the "dry brothers" on structure. Difference only that before installing the program for work, it is necessary to conduct dry cleaning independently. By the way, container volume for water and a dust collector on average varies from 0,25 to 1 liter. Upon purchase I recommend to readers of to pay attention to a way of implementation of damp cleaning. In some cheap options all pleasure is limited to rubbing of a floor covering damp microfibre fabric.
One more version – the robots vacuum cleaners recommended for cleaning in rooms with pets. In an arsenal there are two containers, one of which for collecting wool and down, or the vacuum cleaner with one container, but increased in a size.
On the case of all types of robots there is a control panel by means of which it is possible to establish various trajectories of the movement of the vacuum cleaner. Below the most widespread:
Как выбрать робот-пылесос
  • the rectilinear;
  • the loop-shaped;
  • spiral;
  • the movement along walls;
  • small spiral;
  • rectilinear with repeated pass on a signal of the sensor of detection of garbage.

Myths and facts

Как выбрать робот-пылесос Marketing specialists very well acquired: sales are provided to the innovative product possessing a large number of functions and wide popularity. Positive responses of happy owners, at least, half consist of responses of sellers. How to understand, where the truth, and where lie? As usual, somewhere in the middle.
  1. "Robots vacuum cleaners will relieve you of everyday cleaning". Really, the robot vacuum cleaner makes cleaning of floor coverings independently. But irrespective of the chosen mode (trajectory) any device will never clean remote corners from dust. The most compact models are not able to make the way under cases and beds, if distance to a floor less than 10 cm. If you need simple everyday cleaning of floors, the robot to you in the help. But here not to do without general independent cleaning.
  2. "The robot ideally copes with hair of animals". Not all models are capable to sustain turning of long hair and wool on a brush. As it was written above: the brush consisting of silicone fibers (in inexpensive models) most often leaves and building because of winding of hair on it. Moreover, cleaning needs to be made every week.
  3. "The more functions, the better". The most universal vacuum cleaner is the combined model with possibility of damp and dry cleaning. But also there are minuses. Remember multipurpose household appliances, whether everything functions always adequately work? Usually so: the mixer and the meat grinder in one packing does not shake up ideally and grinds too indifferently.
It is important to pay attention to material of production of the vacuum cleaner. Most often it is the ABS plastic possessing shock-resistant characteristics and preventing furniture from damages. And here the case is unfortunately subject to scratches.
At acquisition of the robot you for certain will face a choice of the producer. At the moment 80% of the models presented in the market are made in China. Whether it is worth acquiring the Chinese goods? Negative reaction to producers from Asia is not always justified. Recently workmanship and assemblies of vacuum cleaners grew. And still, before carrying out purchase, make sure available the warranty card, the authorized service and spare parts on a breakage case. Surely ask the seller to test goods, using all modes. Also do not forget to specify before a campaign in shop, what area of your floor. Range of the models suitable you depends on this parameter.
It is necessary for extension of service life of the vacuum cleaner:
  • regularly to clear brushes from collected dust and a hair;
  • not to make independent replacement of the accumulator and other repair;
  • before use to clear a floor surface of the subjects interfering cleaning;
  • to follow the instruction.
To possess innovative electronics and to keep up to date – natural desire of the modern person. As well as to be guided by common sense at acquisition of the last novelties. Before purchase of the robot vacuum cleaner ask yourself a question: whether you are guided by the requirements or marketing specialists again professionally made the business.
Successful purchases!
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