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As it is correct to have a shave

We have to thank progress for such remarkable invention as the shaving machine. Smooth, close shave without irritation of skin, burning, cuts is of what each man dreams. But why it is so difficult to make, apparently, such simple thing!?
Как правильно бриться, бритье To what we were led by evolution? The answer to this question is difficult and many-sided. Even, perhaps, answer not one. Though, a postoyta, to what such questions? - the reader will be surprised. Everything is very simple: we have to thank progress for such remarkable invention as the shaving machine. After all we differ from primitive people at least in quantity of vegetation on a body and a face. However, towards a joke! Let's talk seriously. After all it is correct to have a shave is some kind of art in which it is possible and even it is necessary to achieve perfection. Just about it this article.
Smooth, close shave without irritation of skin, burning, cuts is of what each man dreams. But why it is so difficult to make, apparently, such simple thing!? At all not because we understand that we should have a shave throughout all life, the truth after all!? And still, why? Why it is so difficult to achieve perfection in simple actions? The answer is very simple, and let it to you will not seem to the ridiculous. All the matter is that smooth shaving ceased to be considered as art. And what earlier the sacrament surrounded this knowledge – it passed from father to son, from the father to the son!
But today open razors replaced disposable machines. Of course, it let is also impractical, but it is much more convenient. That, you see, facilitates life in the mornings when we, having not up to the end woken up, we can shave that is called "on the machine gun", without risking to cut off thus to ourselves an ear. But! The approach realized to it will just be the first step to achievement of skill in this hard business! To hell laziness and drowsiness! Art demands attention (not the victims!).

So, passes directly to practice.
For a start it is necessary to decide on the machine. It can be and the shaving machine with replaceable edges, the disposable machine, or the electrorazor. Everything depends on type of your skin and its sensitivity.
Shaving by the electrorazor, at our modest look, does not demand any management. First, because it already hardly fits into concept of art. And secondly, not everyone will suit the electromachine. Not all electrorazors will take a rigid bristle and absolutely it is simply impossible to shave the grown hairs the machine. Therefore this manual is intended for those who uses ordinary machines.

As it is correct to have a shave. First step.

It is a lot of hot water. Carefully wash before shaving. It will prepare skin for contact with an edge, will soften a bristle. Besides, it is possible to use special creams.

Для более комфортного бритья можно использовать специальные кремы

Take a small towel, wet it in hot water, squeeze out and apply to the person for half-minute. It will also help to soften and weaken hair and skin.

Возьмите небольшое полотенце, промочите его в горячей воде, выжмите и приложите к лицу на полминуты

As it is correct to have a shave. Step of the second.

Foam and gel. Squeeze out gel or shaving foam on a palm and apply evenly on a chin, cheeks and a neck with smooth roundabouts is will provide uniform coverage of all sites which you are going to shave. It is possible to use a brush that will allow to feel to some extent the artist.

Выдавите гель или пену для бритья на ладонь и нанесите равномерно на подбородок

Be surely convinced of that an edge of the shaving machine the sharp! Have not a shave with the blunted machine is nine times out of ten will lead to strong irritation of skin and cuts at all. Especially it is worth paying attention to this moment at whom sensitive skin. In case you use disposable machines, change them as often as possible. Two-three shavings – a limit for disposable machines. Therefore at this stage it is necessary or to take the new machine, or to replace an edge.

As it is correct to have a shave. Step the third.

First stroke. It is necessary to begin shaving with cheeks – we bring the razor to the person and it is carried out by the machine from the beginning of a bristle to the line of a chin, from top to down. In principle, it is rather simple, - the main thing not to be overzealous, - here hair obedient and are cut off by any machine very easily.

Начинать бритье следует с щек  – подносим бритву к лицу и проводим станком от начала щетины к линии подбородка, сверху вниз

The main thing governed. It is necessary to have a shave on growth of a hair, at all not against, is it is necessary to learn as twice - two. Some, however, go on small cunning: not to irritate skin, but thus to have a shave extremely purely, work with the machine not on growth of hair, and slightly obliquely, at a small angle. Try also you, maybe, such way too will suit someone, as the most acceptable.
It is possible to help itself a free hand, slightly pulling face skin for more effective shaving. So skin becomes more elastic. In particular, it will help you with fight against hair which sometimes grow at right angle.

Можно помогать себе свободной рукой, чуть натягивая кожу лица для более эффективного бритья

Strongly it is not necessary to press on the machine. Enough smooth confident movements. Everyone counts force attached to these movements when shaving for himself.
Under a chin it is necessary to carry out the machine in the direction from a neck to a chin. On a neck such problem as "the grown hair" most often meets. But it is very simple to solve it: rather accurately to pick up the sterilized tweezers which the best half of mankind uses at plucking out of eyebrows, and accurately to shave a hair. After shaving this site needs to pay special attention – to wash out any cosmetic soap, like "srub", and not to feel sorry for cream or special oil for care of skin.

Под подбородком следует проводить станком в направлении от шеи к подбородку

In order to avoid cuts after everyone (or everyone two) pass of the razor on a bristle it is necessary to wash out a machine edge under a stream of hot water or it is possible to fill a sink half in advance.
The truth and here is the subtleties. If at you not a hard hair grows, and it is rather easy for you to steam out hair, the edge of the razor can be moistened in ice water, - it will easier shave. However in case you have a rigid bristle, any cold water during shaving!

В случае, если у вас жесткая щетина, никакой холодной воды во время бритья

So, you shaved cheeks and a neck. Now – a chin and moustaches. Here the most rigid bristle and to avoid undesirable consequences, such as: irritation and cuts, - it is necessary to soften hair. How to make it?
First, recommends these sites to shave best of all with the last – by this time means for shaving manages to moisten enough skin and to soften hairs.
If it is necessary, wash out them hot water. After that again evenly apply foam/gel.
It is necessary to shave off hair over a lip with this site of skin pressed to foreteeth. To direct the machine at a small angle – so hair are cut off easier and more carefully, that is it is less than movements by the razor, and respectively, and less irritations.

Сбривать волосы над губой необходимо с прижатым к передним зубам этим участком кожи

As it is correct to have a shave. Step the fourth.

Hard-to-reach spots. Wash away the remains of foam or gel and check the face for existence of the sites missed by attention. In case somewhere there were hairs, it is possible not to apply again foam or gel - to wet an edge hot water enough and to walk on them "on dry".

В случае, если где-то остались волоски, можно не наносить снова пену или гель - достаточно намочить лезвие горячей водой и пройтись по ним на сухую

What to do with hard-to-reach spots?
Often there are difficulties with shaving of sites on cheeks closer to a nose, the line of a chin from ears and a neck. If after performance of the main actions described above you find not pro-shaven sites which are not shaved off on growth of hair, make the following: try to approach each of them individually, selecting different corners under which the remained hair can be shaved. It is not excluded that here it will be necessary to walk against growth of hair. The main thing not to abuse, differently your person of it will not forgive you.

As it is correct to have a shave. Step the fifth.

Wash cool water. Too cold is not necessary because a time can be closed and small cuts it will be difficult to process lotion.

Умываться слишком холодной не стоит, потому как поры могут закрыться и маленькие порезы трудно будет обработать лосьоном

Try not to use cologne – in it there are no special oils which soften skin and too much alcohol which dries it.
Besides lotion, it is possible to apply usual cream after a while. It will calm and will moisten skin.
Of course, romanticism of shaving by an open razor to us, modern people, is inaccessible to understanding. And why to complicate to itself life, even if in such trifles if evolution directed us on a way of its simplification!? But nevertheless, you should not forget that it is not simple any mechanical making, some kind of "work", or can be, the compelled habit. First of all is an expression of love to the body, it is how grandiloquent sounded. And therefore approach to the process considered by us has to be serious. After all it is possible to derive pleasure and from such not palatable things as shaving if correctly to do it.

Useful tips from

Самое благоприятное время для бритья – утро The most favorable time for shaving – morning. In a night skin has a rest therefore since morning best of all to have a shave. It, of course, does not mean at all that it is necessary to run at once to a sink and to be enough the machine. On the contrary, it is worth waiting ten-fifteen minutes when "swelling" of the person falls down, - it too needs to depart from a dream.
No creams right after shaving can be applied on skin by no means, differently on a face unpleasant spots fatty tumors will act! It, of course, not fatally, but, as they say, is better to warn an illness, than to treat it. At first wash cool water, then apply lotion (aftershave). As a last resort, cologne. And only some minutes later it is possible to moisten skin with cream.
Hot water moderately. It is not necessary to wash boiled water during shaving! You should not go into extremes. Water has to be moderate temperature, - that is, rather hot, but at the same time not burning.
Every day it is not necessary to have a shave! It is known that the more often you have a shave, the hair grow more often and the they become more rigid. Once in three days – according to, the most optimum. But also you should not start too if, of course, you do not intend to release a beard.
Choice of the razor or machine – have individual character. Everyone chooses that to it to liking. The only general rule which it is necessary to remember always – to change them as often as possible.
Foam or gel? It is best of all to choose the shaving gel which is not containing soap. Besides, in a case with foam we do not see sites which we shave. Therefore means which do not foam, - the best choice for comfortable and fast shaving.
After shaving it is not necessary to rub the person a towel. It is rather simple to put it to the person.
Happens that skin never gets used to shaving. What to do in such cases? Here only cosmetic approach will help. Find for the type of skin special creams, oils, lotions without content of alcohol. Eat more vitamins of group B.
And never forget that shaving has to bring pleasure, but not irritation!
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