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How to get rid of pigeons on a balcony

There are many fans of such birds as pigeons who specially grow up and part these feathery, who for appearance, who on meat. But when this "a bird of the World" becomes the unexpected guest and itself lodges on balconies of high-rise buildings, to her are already not so glad.

Scaring away of a bird

Why people so strive to get rid of pigeons on a balcony? All because these birds too noisy and if still it is possible to get used to their cooing somehow, here with a dung at windows and on all balcony it is very difficult to reconcile. If not to take away birds, they will start twisting nests and forever will become your neighbors. Besides acid which is capable to damage a balcony peak, its handrail and furniture is a part of a bird's dung. Except acid it contains pathogenic bacteria and fungi which bear to themselves health hazard of the person.

The biggest mistake of owners of apartments, whose balcony chose feathery, it to feed animals on a window sill or a handrail. If there was a desire to feed birds, it is necessary to do it far away from the house. If you already created such mistake and accustomed pigeons to yourself on a balcony, Mirsovetov recommends to begin fight against them with scaring away. There are some methods to frighten birds:

  1. It is possible to struggle with birds by means of a foil, for this purpose it is necessary to cut it thin strips and to bind on different sites of a balcony. Pigeons not really love patches of light and rustling, it them frighten off.
  2. If you in the house still had spoiled SD-disks, that, just came to apply time them. They can be attached on all perimeter of a balcony then it will be interesting to look it from far away, and the solar patches of light which are reflected in disks will frighten off uninvited guests.
  3. It is possible to try to frighten off birds not only bright light, but also a loud sound. Turn on the loud music, the main thing that neighbors did not complain. Also special sound otpugivatel are on sale in shops also. But this method can help for the short period because over time birds get used to new sounds.
  4. Is in the nature at pigeons the worst enemy is crows. If to put its effigy on a balcony, pigeons will fly about it the party.
  5. Remarkably water from a hose with a good pressure frightens off birds. But in order that birds forever left from familiar spots, it is necessary to water them constantly.

Creation of discomfort

Pigeons – birds not silly and if to show that are not glad to them here, they will not arrive to your house. Watch that on a balcony never there was any food even if it in your opinion not suitable for food, hungry pigeons can eat even cutlets or a forage for animals. In places where birds like to sit, as a rule, it is a handrail, place boards or plywood with not completely hammered nails. Birds will not sit down on it, but can shortly find other town therefore behind it it is necessary to watch and drive birds from familiar spots constantly. Are on sale and in shops special studded tapes which will frighten off birds. And over a window sill stretch a scaffold or a strong thread, approximately at the height of 5 cm, thus, birds will not be able to sit down on it, and there is at all a radical way – to pull a grid on a balcony, then already precisely any bird will not fly. But not to all owners such grid will be on temper. Therefore it is possible to get a cat, he will remarkably frighten off all birds one presence.

It is possible to try to process seats sticky substances. They are on sale in household shops and are intended for scaring away of wreckers. The bird to them will not be able to stick, but here it will be unpleasant to it to sit and she will depart.

There is one more method of disposal of pigeons on a balcony – to strew places where birds, pepper or mustard, for creation of discomfort like to sit, pigeons very much do not love spice and will depart, the main thing - not to stint and strew plentifully, especially in damp weather.

Radical measures

If birds, despite all efforts of you, do not wish to leave from a favourite balcony, it is necessary to take more radical measures. Look where they build nests and clear away these places. As a rule, it is old cases, bedside tables, boxes. Clean all this from a balcony, the less will be such places, the it is less than opportunities for arrangement of nests, so, here they will not be late. If you have no opportunity to take out all from a balcony then cover all with a polyethylene tape. Or to fight in even more effective way: as soon as they start twisting a nest, you need to take away it or to destroy. So to repeat until birds do not depart to look for other place.

One more way which is considered more humane in relation to birds, but also very long on implementation time. You need to wait when couple builds a nest, lays eggs, to take away these eggs, having changed for a model. Without having waited for baby birds, birds depart and to this place never come back.

It is possible to consider option of control of birth rate of birds also. In a year one couple pigeons can bring posterity in 12 baby birds. An exit one – to sterilize birds, then as a result of extinction of old individuals, the livestock will be reduced. For this control method of birth rate agitate also various groups on protection of animals, as for the most humane way of a solution.

Shooting of birds or catching by a drag-net can become the most inhumane, but the most effective. Before it it is necessary to ask permission of local authorities and societies on protection of animals. It is only necessary to remember that this method though is effective, but has short-term action, these birds very quickly breed and quickly restore the livestock. And here it is not necessary to poison birds at all because it is not known where this bird will fall then, whether the cat will eat her and whether there will be she an infection source.

Domestication of birds

Some people think that birds are silly, but it not so, pigeons are considered quite clever feathery which possess improbable thirst for the house if to catch this bird at night and to let out for some honeycombs of kilometers from the house, it all the same will find a way home. Not for nothing removed even breed of "carrier pigeons". The only thing that can force to locate birds in other place is a creation of the best conditions, than were earlier. Therefore if you not against these birds, but on a balcony they nevertheless disturb you, think, can construct to you hen house in the yard, equip it with a feeding trough, nests, perches, to create all conditions for life of birds. Lure pigeons on a new place, agree with neighbors, for certain there will be among them too fans of these birds, and feed them in turn.

Meat of these birds can be taken in food. Till the 20th century baby birds of pigeons were nearly main meat food for many people. Pigeons were grown up specially and therefore them divorced very much. Over time some birds departed, owners let out others from farms. Pigeons taste like chicken meat, better to prepare the matured birds, but yet not old.

If you cannot cope with a problem in any way, address to special service which are practically in each big city who struggle with wreckers, rodents and birds.

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