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How to get off bad mind

There is in the world nothing more interesting, than our consciousness, or rather its unconscious part. At times answers to difficult questions are born in our head absolutely unexpectedly, and the most interesting ideas arise out of the blue inexplicably!

But there are moments when invisible "prompter" in our head is tired, and then to replace a positive spirit, sharpness and creativity uneasiness, suspiciousness and bad thoughts come. It can occur even while the person, apparently, is absolutely happy and happy with the life. Let's try find out, whether it is possible to prevent bad thoughts to interfere in our daily occurrence and to return itself former good mood.

For a start remember with what treatment of somatic (corporal) diseases begins? It is correct before writing out medicine, the doctor establishes factors because of which there was an illness. Any expert will confirm that elimination of the reason of an illness is pledge of its successful outcome of its treatment. Also business and with problems of mental character is: to get rid of concern and suspiciousness, try to find out, what preceded emergence of these disturbing feelings?

Reasons of emergence of bad thoughts

Rescue of the drowning – its personal record. Today this statement is fair in relation to each of us. Perhaps, you do not notice that we sink … in a storming stream of an information field which became the strong base for modern society long ago. The human brain can be compared to a big porous sponge which with an identical speed absorbs, both pure, and dirty water.

Every day we pass through ourselves information "liters", without suspecting that it strongly settles on walls of unconscious part of ours "I". Having Let's say faced the neigbour at an entrance, you complained that tariffs for utilities again grew, then gathered the next portion of sensational news from the TV, and before going to bed completely plunged into delightful embraces of the Internet. Reflect only, what improbable mix of information during the day attacks your unfortunate head! It is necessary to pay for gas now more – badly, the volcanic eruption left without house thousands of people – awfully, and the favourite social network dazzles with reposts that the child was gone … It seems to you that you do not focus attention on a negative, and information parasites already located meanwhile in your consciousness.

Here we also groped a thread, having pulled which, it is possible to start untangling a big ball of nightmares, sleeplessnesses, fear of uncertainty and bad thoughts which do our head "heavy" in the mornings.

Now well think and honestly answer yourself a question, but whether internal contradictions or sense of guilt for something oppress you? For example, you made the important decision, and now doubt correctness of the act, arrived definitely in relation to other person, and now blame yourself for such behavior. Emergence of bad thoughts is covered in the so-called intra personal conflict when, solving a problem, we sate it with such deep personal meaning that then still long time we cannot distract from it, without speaking about at all to get rid it.

Why it is necessary to drive from himself negative thoughts

The bad mood and disturbing bad thoughts which it generates, cannot be considered hazardous to health of the person. So we are arranged: today are ready to share with all the positive, and tomorrow already we indulge in melancholy and we long without cause. And, perhaps, each of us knew a state what it feels like when the fingers are all thumbs and something to do there are neither forces, nor desire. Such "roller coaster" absolutely normal phenomenon in our life: the bad mood is a signal of an organism that he was tired and needs rest or change of a kind of activity.

Another matter when bad thoughts overcome you long time. There is an occasion to reflect on moral burning out – a state which brings in our life apathy, indifference disturbing feeling that just about there will be a misfortune. The long negative spirit is dangerous by the consequences. On its soil there are various unreasonable phobias, depressive frustration and even the notions of compulsion about a suicide. When cannot bring you round the shopping adored earlier, a favourite hobby, collect the remains of forces in a fist, start and start acting resolutely!

How to banish bad thoughts tried to collect for you the most complete list of methods of fight against negative thoughts. Apply each of the offered options, and you will surely pick up a key to the good mood!

  1. Minimize a flow of information which usually pass through yourself every day. Stop watching TV and to hang on social networks. If do not represent without these occupations of the life, allocate for viewing of news telecasts and various pages on the Internet 1–2 personal times daily. Avoid insignificant talks how "everything is bad" and how everything got.
  2. Line a writing-book leaf on two columns. In the first of them write that you are afraid that disturbs you that you do not love. In the second, the same, only with positive value. For example, you the annual report which needs to be handed over precisely in time forces to be nervous. In the second column place the statement that you always cope in time with objectives. If are afraid to oversleep for work, neutralize this fear the statement that easily and quickly wake up on an alarm clock. Your purpose – to force to think of itself in the positive direction.
  3. To get off bad mind, according to some, it is simple to burn them enough. Transfer your fears and fears for which is not present to Saviour even at night to a sheet of paper. In all details paint of what exactly are afraid. Concentrate on written, and then set fire to a leaf. Present as tongues of flame "eat" all bad that so long tormented you. Procedure it is possible to repeat unlimited number of times until you do not learn to concentrate on a problem then to release it.
  4. Let's do an elephant of a fly now. Ability to laugh over itself – the most useful quality for personal improvement. Think that disturbs you, in a manner, not absolutely usual for you: be not terrified, thinking of consequences, and try … to laugh over a problem. Mentally add it with such quantity of details which will make it simply absurd and ridiculous! Are afraid to be late for work not to draw to the own harm anger of the management? Present as the face of your chief as he is inflated for rage as if the sphere, and from his ears brings down steam flushes as at the animation hero. From the real delay training, of course, will not insure, but mood to you will lighten precisely.

  5. The main antagonist of suspiciousness and concern – self-confidence and the opportunities. You need to feel the owner of the life by all means. For this purpose daily set before yourself short-term objectives and simple tasks. Surely praise yourself for their performance. When you feel that you have all under control, the fear not to cope with something will recede.
  6. Learn to have a rest correctly. Rest is not an aimless clicking the panel from the TV, and opportunity to relax to give to the organism the chance to accumulate positive energy. Master technology of meditation or more often go there where to you it is easily breathed and thought – in the wood, to park, to sports club. Never endow invaluable hours of a dream for the sake of the interesting movie or business which do not manage to execute. Only fully the holidaymaker and the slept person is capable to generate positive emotions and good thoughts.
  7. Our consciousness is weaved from the most various thoughts: iridescent and melancholic, negative and happy. What bowl of these scales will move, will come to your life. For a long time it is noticed if any thought strongly sat down at the head, the person subconsciously concentrates and adjusts all the internal resources on its realization. In other words, the Universe gives us that we ask from it! Surround yourself with pleasant people, after communication with which there is no wish to remove pink glasses, read good books with by all means happy end, watch favourite movies. Scooping a positive from the outside, you learn to make it in the head soon!
  8. Devote all free time to children (not important – or others). Be not surprised, but at these strange creations is to that to learn. They will show you as it is pleasant to be careless, inspired, curious, spiritualized, inventive and will prompt how quickly to forget all bad.

We sincerely hope that our councils will help you to overcome melancholy and forever to be fenced off from persuasive bad thoughts. Progress to you!

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