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Review of the movie Race

The adrenalinic sports drama based on real events. The movie "Race" from the director of hits "Frost Against Nixon", "Beautiful Mind" and "Knock-down" Ron Howard will dip us into events of one of the brightest seasons in the history of the races Formula One – a season of the 1976th year. In it talented James Hunt and the defending champion Niki Lauda among themselves competed.

    Name: "Race" ("Rush")

    Genre: drama, sport, biography

    Slogan: "Do that has to, and come what may"

    Duration: 123 min.

    Country: USA, Germany, Great Britain

    Year: 2013

    Director: Ron Howard

    In roles: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Aleksandra Maria Lara, Pierfrancesco Favino

    Screenwriter: Peter Morgan

    Operator: Anthony Dod Mentl

    Composer: Hans Zimmer

    Producer: Andrew Eaton, Eric Fellner, Brian Greyzer


Before us 70th years of the last century. Races of Formula One at all such as today. In those hot and a little "freaky" times of a heat of sexual revolution, the "royal" formula was the most real flirtation with death. "From twenty five pilots starting in a season of Formula One, two do not live up to its end", - Niki Lauda speaks at the beginning of the movie, adjusting the viewer on a serious harmony from first minutes. Through all movie there is a line that pilots of Formula One, coming for start, intends take the risk own health and life.

Opposition of two antagonists is represented to the viewer. These are two poles of races, two absolute antitheses which compete with each other, creating unique color of the movie. On the one hand a barrier – the cool Austrian Niki Lauda – the descendant of a family of large Austrian businessmen who came to Formula One to make good money money and it is simple to do that he is able, won the nickname "Live Computer" for the thrift.

On the other hand – the hot British James Hunt – the desperate guy without obligations living for today. Round it always a lot of girls, binges, music and short-lived friends. For it Formula One – opportunity to drive by the best cars in the world and to win the world glory. He marries and gets divorced from ease, finds and loses girls, and everything treats with ease.

And here they meet in fight near which the death soars. It is the real ball of a Satan at which is both champagne with oysters and drugs, and terrible accidents in which only lucky survive. The viewer should plunge into all this orgy.

For the first time on big screens "Queen of Motorsport"

It is possible to claim with confidence that such movie was not yet. Never before directors decided to get so deeply into the world of Formula One though plots in this world closed for foreign eyes will be enough not for one ten scenarios. That Schumacher and Senna's last oppositions, Hilla cost only, Villeneuve, and the intrigues accompanying them and emotions.

Ron Howard became the first who decided to shoot really full-fledged film founded on real events which took place in Formula One. To restore royal races of forty-year prescription it was business very difficult – the film crew had to rush in search of the necessary routes worldwide, to create scenery, improbable by the sizes, for a reconstruction of starting straight lines, to resort to the help of hundreds of experts who recreated race cars of those times.

    To recreate race cars of Formula One, founders of the movie hired some of them at owners. Others were created anew. They were bought from the British companies specializing on a reconstruction of historical cars and managed to a film crew in a round sum – more than one million dollars was spent for cars.

Despite couple of tens of "mistakes" which meticulous fans of history of Formula One after all found in the movie "Race", the general atmosphere of a picture bewitches. To see such emotions, speeds and passion on the big screen moreover and under magnificent music of the maestro Hans Zimmer – big costs.

Torahs against the hero of nazis

Perhaps, at a choice of actors for leading roles, Howard was based, first of all, on their similarity to prototypes. Won the world glory for a role of the Scandinavian god the Torah, Australian Chris Hemsworth as the brother is similar to James Hunt, and the Spaniard with the German roots of Danielle Brul who played the nazi hero in "Inglourious Basterds", in turn was very similar to Niki Lauda though here make-up artists had to lay a hand.

    Daniel Brühl even had to carry the special adaptation which helped it to imitate a bite as at Niki Lauda. And Hemsworth for the sake of thin Hunt's role dumped 14 kg of weight which it gained for a role the Torah.

Somehow very harmoniously these two rivals got used to the roles. On the course of the movie there was an impression that these children and in real life would act on the different parties of barricades. The solar Australian Hemsworth – the complete antithesis to the cold Aryan Bryul.

The standing cinema recommends viewing of the picture "Race" by that who loves bright, extremely topical and unpredictable cinema. Cinema about the human relations, about will power and strength of mind. It is very high-quality director's work capable to carry away themselves practically any viewer who let at all is not knowing that such Formula One. Not without reason some critics call "Race" by one of ready applicants for some awards "Oscar".

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