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Rest in Koktebel

Koktebel is considered one of optimum places in the Crimea for family rest. Here it is not so noisy and it is populous as in Yalta, Alushta and other big cities, but there are enough opportunities for rest and entertainments.

This settlement was chosen by us as a place for summer holiday. Magnificent views of nearby mountains, pure and well-groomed beaches, the low prices – here that, for what his guests and readers of love Koktebel.


It is possible to reach to Koktebel from Simferopol or from Feodosiya. The second option is more preferable – from Feodosiya to the settlement of only 20 kilometers and it is possible to reach on a minibus for $2 or for a taxi for $10-15. However much more transport from other cities of Ukraine and Russia therefore more often guests of the Crimea should start exactly from here goes to Simferopol.

From the capital of the Crimean peninsula to Koktebel it is possible to reach by private bus approximately for $8-10. But it is also possible to reach by the regular bus which costs $5. They go quite often to learn the schedule, it is necessary to approach cash desks of bus station which are to the left of the railway station Simferopol. The road to Koktebel will take about 1,5-2 hours. If you see big turn at cash desks – you should not despair, cashiers work very quickly, it is not necessary to wait long.


In Koktebel a wide choice of places for accommodation of vacationers. Guests of the settlement can stop in the private sector which is located at distance of 300-500 meters from beaches. The prices begin from $8 with the person here in days. It is also possible to make for himself a reservation in one of local hotels – from 15 dollars from the person with a shower, the TV, the refrigerator in number, Wi-Fi and a secured parking in hotel. We also chose the second option.

However, if you are going to go to Koktebel in the middle of summer – from July to August, we advise in advance to reserve places not to overpay on a place.


All beaches in Koktebel are filled with small pebble. All free and thus the very pure. Practically all beaches of the settlement are rented by business owners who watch purity. From paid services on beaches of Koktebel – a trestle bed for $2,5 a day, the trestle bed under a canopy will cost about $4 a day.

A big variety of traditional beach entertainments – driving on banana for $6 is right there offered, to double "tablet" for $11 or on the water bike for $30. Among features of Koktebel – opportunity to go down on a hang-glider from one of the hills surrounding the settlement, approximately for $35. There is one of the centers of hand gliding, and the settlement was called as Planerskoye earlier.

For fans to lie down on the sandy coast in Koktebel there is an opportunity to leave in the Silent bay which is approximately in 10 kilometers from the settlement. The taxi will cost about $7 there. The silent bay is known that there are excellent silent sandy beaches, here it is possible to reach and on foot along the sea.


On a choice of guests some options – food directly in the room of the hotel at the price from $15 for a lunch are offered. Besides, in Koktebel there are about ten diners with self-service. Here it is possible to have dinner nourishingly at the price from $5 for a lunch with a meat dish. It is also possible to have a bite in one of small restaurants, where the cost of dishes the quite accepted.


Obligatory point for all guests of Koktebel is visit of excursion on the mountain Kara-Dag. This majestic extinct volcano, whose age exceeds 100 million years, conceals in itself a set of secrets and beautiful places. Only at excursion on Kara-Dag it is possible to see the well-known Golden Gate and even to float through them on the boat.

The cost of pedestrian excursion on Kara-Dag will make $12 from the person – pedestrian and $20 - sea. Thus it is necessary to be prepared for excursion well – to put on convenient footwear and a headdress, and also to take with itself a water bottle – after all walk lasts nearly four hours.

One more sight of the settlement is the Koktebel winery. The cost of excursion makes $4, plus of $3 more for tasting. For this money will show you capacities of plant, and also cellars and barrels in which wine is stored. During tasting you will be able to try 8 types of the wine made at plant.

By the way, in firm factory shops of Koktebel it is possible to get wine of local production at the price from $4 for liter. In total such outlets in the settlement around five.

One more remarkable pastime in Koktebel – driving on horses. At the price of $20 it is possible to sweep within an hour on a horse on neighboring mountain paths, and local farmers horse breeders can provide good discounts.


In spite of the fact that Koktebel – rather small settlement, is also night life here. On a choice of tourists about ten night clubs with the price for an entrance from 0 to $5 is represented. Here at the height of a resort season thematic parties are held and night life boils. In clubs of the price approximately same, as well as at local small restaurants.

Excellent vacation spot

Koktebel became for us one of favourite vacation spots. Here such factors as the warm sea, pure beaches, magnificent surrounding views are combined. Excellent rest in Koktebel and on the velvet season – the sea still warm, the sun allows to get warm on a beach, and it is already a little people. Great pleasure to walk on the embankment of Koktebel, to take pleasure in a look Kara-Dag and the cape Chameleon, to listen to live music and to sit on the seashore.

Koktebel will be pleasant also to those who simply likes to lie on a beach, enjoying rest, and that who loves active recreation.

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