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All pros and cons of purchase of the copy of hours of a known brand

Many experts of marketing claim that if the XX century was considered as time of originals, the XXI century is time of copies. If to assess situations in all spheres of life including in marketing, it becomes clear, how many the truth it is covered in this expression.

Фото магазина копий часов

Photo of shop of copies of hours of SwissTimeClub.

Earlier the original, branded things which are surely made at legal plant or factory of the company were very much highly appreciated. Now very few people are necessary "authenticity" of things, look at an essence of goods more and more, preferring to originals of the copy in a type of their bigger availability and the smaller price. Just the same situation and in the sphere of hour production. Now high-quality copies of hours of known Swiss and other brands, than originals are in much bigger demand.

It is possible even to tell that copies gradually oppress originals. They are sold by a huge number of the companies. The matter is that classical expensive watch of world famous brands in view of the high price and quite limited circulation in which they are issued, is available only to "elite" while each efficient person can buy the beautiful copy of the same hours. In such copies there is nothing bad, after all they, of course, also are not so good as originals, but too have the advantages. And modern technologies allow to make copies of hours so thin and detailed today that from the real models them will be able to distinguish unless the professional with a long-term experience or the real fanatic of certain hour brands.

By the way, it is very important not to confuse fakes to copies of hours. And those, and other goods are most often made in China, but they cardinally differ on quality, after all, as we know, in China both the cheapest low-standard things, and expensive elite qualitative products, for example, iPhone known around the world, the magnificent Nine West Steve Madden footwear and many other things are made. And so fakes are also those stereotypic cheap goods with a logotipchik of "made in China" while copies of hours are considered as good qualitative production.

Weighty arguments in favor of purchase of copies of hours

Annually more and more buyers, especially in the territory of our country, give preference to copies of hours of the Swiss and other world famous brands, and it there are some of very good reasons. It is possible to adduce many arguments in favor of acquisition of copies of hours:

  • unlike original expensive watch of known brands, copies have reasonable price;
  • appearance of copies of hours (if, of course, it is about high-quality copies) usually does not differ from expensive originals at all;
  • it is much easier to get the copy of favourite model of hours, than the original, after all many well-known sentries of the company often release the chronometers the series which are strictly limited on number of copies;
  • good copies usually differ from originals only in their cases and spare parts, and mechanisms at them same though exceptions meet are made of what materials.

The main fears concerning purchase of copies of hours

Many people accustomed by bitter experiment to an assessment of all goods on a formula "brend=kachestvo" initially extremely negatively are adjusted to copies of hours. Actually, the element of truth in it is, after all acquisition of such models has also the minuses to which you should not close eyes:

  • quality and durability of such hours nevertheless is lower, than originals from which they are copied;
  • as well as any goods, copies of hours can be good and bad, and having incidentally got on a cheap low-standard fake, it, most likely, it is necessary to throw out simply literally in some weeks;
  • copies of hours most often have no warranty period of service, especially at what are bought privately, in transitions, in the markets or in little-known online stores.

Secrets of competent purchase of the copy of hours of known Swiss and other brands

That who attentively defined all Pros and cons and nevertheless decided for himself that purchase of the copy of darlings expensive will become hours the correct step, it is important to know how it is correct to choose such hours that "to hit the bull's eye".

For a start it is necessary to specify that, buying the copy, it is impossible to choose it over the manufacturing country. It is worth remembering that practically all copies of hours are made in China, and even those copies which are positioned by sellers as goods from Austria or Belgium, too actually from China. And here at once it becomes clear that if the shop lies about the country, so this shop should not be trusted and its production, most likely, is simple cheap stuff.

Secondly, you should not be trusted blindly copies from online stores, after all it is equivalent to purchase of a pig in a poke and it is never not known what hours of quality as a result will come to the address. Therefore if already there is a wish to order the copy of favourite expensive watch on the Internet, it is worth taking only in those shops which give the chance to make payment of goods at its delivery or support system of return of not pleasant goods during certain time after their purchase. It gives a guarantee of safety of the transaction. At once when obtaining the order it is worth studying attentively it, first of all, regarding, whether hours are accurately made and whether there corresponds their look to the image on the site of shop.

Thirdly, before deciding on purchase of the copy of known hours in usual or online store, it is best of all to find responses of the previous clients of this shop in advance. Often the companies write a set of beautiful words on the main pages only for inducement of clients, and actually trade in simply cheap fakes. Only opinions of real former buyers are capable to let know, whether it is possible to trust concrete shop and whether really its copies of hours justify the cost.

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