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To whom to entrust repair of the mobile phone

There is a set of offers on repair of mobile phones, but it is possible to divide them, in fact, into two parts: official offices which have the license for warranty repair and an aftersales service. And the second option semi-legal workshops with which national handymen for much smaller money are ready to help with repair.
Кому доверить ремонт мобильного телефона Any equipment can break is a law of the nature, from it not to get to anywhere. Even more terribly – when the mobile phone breaks. In our 21st century this small feature became the subject merging you with a civilization. To remain without so habitual household item for you it is equivalent to mini-disaster. You feel as the person who is cut off from the world without communication, without communication … decided to help with the matter and to share councils about, where to address to solve a problem of breakage of phone.
There is a set of offers on repair, but it is possible to divide them, in fact, into two parts: official offices which have the license for warranty repair and an aftersales service of tubes. And the second option semi-legal workshops with which national handymen for much smaller money are ready to help you with repair.

Conditions for repair of the mobile phone

But if it is not visible – to pay why differences more? Many answer this question quite so, without representing that the difference after all is. Workshops like "cellar of the uncle Vanya" differ from the authorized centers for repair. Not always, of course. Informal workshops can sometimes offer quality not worse. And your purse will lose slightly in weight. But how to find good masters, from what will finally finish your device?
Кому доверить ремонт мобильного телефона Let's reflect a little bit together with … What it is necessary for us successfully to finish repair of the mobile phone? The equipment by means of which necessary operations will be made is natural. In the authorized service centers there is a firm equipment conforming to all requirements and standards, and this state is constantly supported. That is a state the equipment, its completeness are constantly checked, documentation is constantly updated.
At new "lefthanders", unfortunately, affairs with it are much worse. They cheap, often in general collected on particles, after all opportunity to spend for something qualitative at them have no equipment. Unless if the office known at you in the city, popular, but for any reasons not wishing to buy the license – too can possess the quite good equipment. Though very much often such offices take cards for repair from the piracy sites, and there you never know can lay out.
It is worth thinking of conditions in which will repair your precious mobile also. You well taught the physicist at school? Well, at least are, maybe, familiar with such concept how "electrostatics"? You can experience action of this phenomenon in life when, touching people, taking off clothes you "beat current". If for you it is the small ukolchik which is not allowing you to relax, phone can receive a mortal blow. And than phone – the more dangerous to it such here "ukolchik" is more modern.
To secure your phone against static electricity, repair firms should fork up for a round sum. After all safety requirements speak about need of carrying out a package of measures against dust: daily cleaning, special replaceable footwear and working dressing gowns, gloves and many other things.
Also the room and a workplace of the master have to be equipped in a special way that, God forbid, the crazy charge did not kill your tube in the end. Requirements to storage and carrying of your mobile phone are in the same way high. And in order that all this needs to be provided not only the equipment, but also the whole staff – and all this will cost not couple of kopeks.
It is unlikely "national" handymen will be able to give such guarantees. And it is not necessary for them, after all anybody does not control them (except you, of course), and the license to open repair shop, is not necessary.
Even if also mobile phones are exposed to blow of static electricity only in one case from hundred, all the same nobody gives a guarantee that in this one percent there will be no your phone (and 1% - not such and small chance). What will such master do if to your phone to happen to face death from a crazy spark? You will be told: "Unfortunately, such malfunction which is not subject to repair is found in your phone". It is natural that if you address to other master, about the killed phone he will not tell anything else to you. And it will be difficult to prove something, and suddenly it really is not subject to repair?

Skill level and spare parts

Кому доверить ремонт мобильного телефона People to whom you trust repair of the phone, are doctors-surgeons for your device, after all life of your mobile phone depends on them. The manufacturing companies control and train the partners. It is natural that all experts are the diplomaed radio engineers. And training does not stop. There are new models. Techniques are improved, there are ways of elimination of shortcomings. Specialists of the authorized centers perfectly understand all these innovations and are able to realize technical practices. Behind it very accurate control.
In informal offices if experts work with the diploma, unfortunately, they have no such updated theoretical base. Retraining if happens, more likely on hearings (information on the Internet on the sites and forums is equated to them). After all training in the firm center will cost about 1000 euro who will want to pay such money if to pay them, in fact, and not necessarily.
About spare parts which are not the latest part of repair, it is possible to tell, that details from manufacturers which are the most suitable come to the authorized centers. And here the origin of those spare parts which will insert into your phone in an informal workshop is not known. It is not necessary to say that these details it is always better or is always worse. But there is a probability of that they will only do much harm to phone. So it is worth reflecting.

I told horrors about informal offices much. Unfortunately, not always affairs are so well at official repairmen. All people, all want to save on something. Of course, the risk is always. To solve to you, dear readers. recommends to you to look narrowly at concrete office better. And then a set of experiences will disappear by itself. But we will wish you not to come up against such situation in general.
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