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Repair of the computer: where it is better to address?

Any computer breaks, sellers as if did not convince of the return. So it turned out that by the nature of service I just also am engaged in repair of computers and accessories. Therefore I can judge this system from within. The personal computer can have malfunctions two types: software and hardware. Now let's understand as similar malfunctions are eliminated.
Ремонт компьютера Our government defined the computer as the slozhnotekhnichesky device and even entered personal computers and all peripherals in the special register of goods. More it, of course, is connected with regulation of the relations between the seller and the buyer. But also it concerns also those people who make repair of the personal computer. I also want to tell about it.
So it turned out that by the nature of service I just also am engaged in repair of computers and accessories. Therefore I can judge this system from within.
So, sooner or later any computer breaks, sellers as if did not convince of the return. However, at "good" sellers and collectors it breaks in two three years, and at "bad" happens and in a month. But now not about it. We about repair. The personal computer can have malfunctions two types: software and hardware. Now let's understand as similar malfunctions are eliminated.

Restoration ON

Если у вас случились проблемы с программным обеспечением, то в этом ничего страшного нет, и подобная неприятность решается за час-два прямо у вас дома If you had problems to the software, in it anything terrible is not present, and similar trouble is solved for an hour - two directly at your place. The expert comes (how to choose him a little later), inserts a disk, a flash card – and off it went. It would seem, everything simply and, it seems, and there is no place to deceive. But it is worth being careful all the same. Now we will try to consider those situations in which you easily will be able to fall a victim of deception at recovery of the software at you at home.

1. If at you on the hard drive necessary files which need to be kept were stored, under this business at you can and, most likely, will take additional money. And it is normal, if any "but". Can declare to you that to arrival of the expert all data already disappeared and them it is necessary to restore and pay for such repair couple of thousands (especially it actually if data are for you very important). And many pay.
But here it is important to understand two things – where you stored information. If on a disk C (where Windows is established), the masters given to arrival could fly really. But if on D or on even some additional disk, all of them remain on a place, and money from you will take for air. In similar cases of advises not to state to the programmer the concern on files, and it is simple to ask not to format a disk D. If he after all declared removal and expensive restoration, refuse services of this person better.

2. Quite recently there was an interesting situation. To me the client with the hard drive came to a workshop. Also told that on the carrier there are a lot of viruses, and these viruses destroyed all documents and 1C accounts department. I was skeptical at once about it, but after all looked. Documents all were on a place, 1C really was not started, but bases were whole.
When the client came to take away the computer, I took an interest from what she took that all documents were gone. And she told history as to it the programmer according to the announcement came from the newspaper. Established an antivirus, cleaned the computer. Did not begin to reinstall the program (it seems as forgot a flash card), and told that viruses destroyed all and everything, and it is necessary to be engaged in restoration. For such restoration requested five thousand rubles. Agreed about a meeting and left. The woman got a fright and she obviously had no such sum therefore came to me. Affairs was all on half an hour. Viruses were not any more, it was necessary to reinstall simply ten aaplets and to restore 1C (that is to establish the new copy and to bring in it a database). I estimated this work at 500 rubles. Therefore my council: if you see the person for the first time, not too trust him, and be better reinsured and at least consult in other firm.

Ремонт компьютера3. One more type of fraud (in a different way I cannot call it) is an installation of allegedly licensed software. One unfortunate programmer flashed at one time. He established an antivirus of DrWeb and took only for an antivirus on three thousand rubles, motivating it with that an antivirus allegedly license, the key never comes to an end, and updatings take place normally.
And once brought me the system unit with this antivirus. There everything was simple – the piracy key like never was used (infinite) and the antivirus never "came to an end". Also there was an additional program for updating (updating happened not from the official server, and with some left). You can tell: "Why is also not present if everything works?". But it is possible to take at most 400 rubles for such antivirus, but not three thousand, and thus to claim that it is the license.
The same situation can be with any program. Therefore in such cases demand a disk, check keys, stickers, holograms. If there is an Internet, activate the program.

4. One more type of fraud is a statement of the programmer that at you it is not the software, and in hardware. In that case I can advise: demand repair at the presence. There are such quirky people who see and KNOW that at you the operating system flied, but aloud speak about malfunctions in the motherboard. Allegedly repair it, take more than one thousand for repair, still something for installation of an operating system. And actually the computer is not even opened. Therefore be attentive.

The master's call on the house

Now some words about a choice of the computer master in work with the software. Here it is possible to face a so-called two-edged sword. In many firms you will be asked to bring simply the system unit. The master on the house can be found according to the newspaper. And here – attention! People who go on houses for repair of computers, share on three main categories: hungry students, experts and swindlers.
Ремонт компьютера - вызов мастера на дом About hungry students it is not necessary to speak much. They have, as a rule, three-four disks, go either in the morning, or in the evening. The announcement in the newspaper small – couple of lines. To address to such or not – to solve to you. If spare cash is, of course, it is better to call the qualified master.
Now about experts. They have, as a rule, expensive, big and beautiful advertizing. At swindlers, by the way, too. But, fortunately, there are some differences.
  1. If you by phone at least take an interest in existence of the certificate, the expert will at once give you the necessary information. And the swindler at least for some seconds, but will tarry, and, most likely, will not come to you any more.
  2. Before doing a call, take two newspapers: I skin also year prescription. Will be to address to that person better, whose advertizing will be present at both newspapers. On the swindler in that case you will not get – they, as a rule, work incidentally once again not to draw attention.
Also it is worth learning to distinguish at least approximately the malfunctions connected with the software and with the hardware. It is not difficult. If you on the monitor have at least white symbols on a black background – that it for 90% a problem with the software. If the operating system fails is already 99% the software. If the operating system is not installed – that is 90% the hard drive and a binding (loops, for example). And here if on the screen anything is not present, the monitor or a sistemnik does not turn on or peeps, etc., here with confidence it is possible to state malfunction of hardware.

Repair of "iron" part of the computer

Ремонт «железной» части компьютера Now time came in more detail to talk to gland. Here to call the master for repair of your computer on the house it is useless. At most that it will be able it is exact to define the reason or to replace any block. You will tell: "Why is also not present?"
I will give a simple example. At one of my present regular customers the computer somehow broke. The hard drive was not defined. It found the computer repair specialist through the newspaper. That arrived, experimented crossing points. Then told that the hard drive is guilty of everything. Went to shop, bought. He put. Everything earned. Old, naturally, took away on the spare part. Passed two days. Same problem. The same expert comes and says that to crown it all also the power unit. Changed. Old also left on the spare part. This time passed only some hours. The master decided that matter in the IDE socket on the motherboard. Changed a materinka. Old – also on the spare part. Passed day – the same history. As a result it became clear that it was simply necessary to change a loop.
Therefore it is better to address to the normal major company which is engaged in repair. There you anything superfluous will not be forced to buy. Only before carrying the computer, recommends or is independent, or by means of any other person understanding computers copy all serial numbers from accessories, and after repair verify. And then at once everything will become clear. Because there are such experts who, it seems, and do normally but if at you, say, the motherboard burned down, they will tell that also the power unit. Will change to you only the motherboard, and even will not begin to touch the power unit. But money will take for everything. And also after repair ask faulty accessories back. And surely verify according to serial numbers – yours to you was returned or not.
I, of course, understand that all people should be trusted. But it is worth being reinsured. Once is enough to check the person and if it works normally, it is possible to address further to it, and not to think any more, will deceive or not.
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