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How to recolour old furniture

In the majority of apartments the furniture makes the most powerful part of an interior. And, perhaps, the most expensive. It is not so simple to replace it, as the bothered curtains or the lamp which got out of fashion. What to do if the soul asks something fresh and original, and are not provided in the closest plans of expenditure for new furniture? And let's try recolour the old!
In the majority of apartments the furniture makes the most powerful part of an interior. And, perhaps, the most expensive. It is not so simple to replace it, as the bothered curtains or the lamp which got out of fashion. Fans of changes are not lazy from time to time to arrange "great resettlement of the people" and to move from one corner in another bookcases and buffets in hope to give to the room novelty and originality. But, as we know, from change of the places composed the sum not really also changes. What to do if the soul asks something fresh and original, and are not provided in the closest plans of expenditure for new furniture? And let's try recolour the old!
Only it is not necessary to smile and wave skeptically mistrustfully a hand. When I came to this idea, did not possess neither skills, nor knowledge in this question. But motto of my life "It cannot be that hard!" helped me and this time. Therefore having reconsidered a huge number of the sites, having re-read the mass of any special literature and having brought to a subconscious state the inquiries of sellers, I got down to business, being grounded completely. And everything turned out. And now I want to share the experience with readers of and is sure that it will help those who trusts: "Eyes are afraid – hands do".

Thorough training of surfaces

The old curbstone for footwear asked on a garbage can long ago. Internal designs are broken out, the surface is scratched – without tears and will not look. From sad death it was rescued by only impressive weight. There was no wish to drag to the yard on itself such weight to anybody. So in case of failure I was not threatened by criticism of the house. "It will not turn out – there will be an occasion to throw out!", – I told and started business.
About what I want to see "new" furniture, I approximately represented. It had to be something average between "chairs from the palace" and style of art Nouveau rolled into one. Therefore a curbstone it was decided to paint in two colors – an ivory and turquoise – and to add a little finishing of color of the grown dull gold. But before it was still far...
Перед покраской необходимо подготовить поверхность мебели
So, the first that we have to make – to prepare a furniture surface under painting. For this purpose it is best of all to dismantle the object chosen for experiment as much as possible: to remove doors, handles, to untwist if it is possible, the main design, boxes, etc. The drobny, the better.
I carried out all further works on a balcony.
After dismantle from tools the little was required:
  • two types of an emery cloth (rough is also thinner);
  • flat wide brush-fleyts;
  • couple of rags.
Инструменты для подготовки мебели под покраску
Our task – to eliminate all obstacles which will not allow new paint to lay down accurately on a furniture surface. Means, we have to remove a thin varnish coat, fat, wax, well, everything that prevents to reach a tree. We take a rough skin and the broad wide movements we pass each detail along fibers from all directions. Only, please, without fanaticism, and that it is possible to manage a thin interline interval to wipe through. And then it is necessary to patch holes – to putty and nurse the put wounds, and it is already not so interesting.
After the surface is processed by a rough skin, we will carefully sweep off it a wide brush. Why not a rag? I explain. We will most quicker hammer with a rag part of dust back, and it is not necessary for us at all.
Now by a small nazhdachka it is brought to standard hard-to-reach spots where the skin with large grain badly got. Then it is again brushed carefully away all with a brush.
After surfaces are prepared, we tide up rooms where worked. We start coloring, and therefore it is very important that no motes motes sat down on our freshly painted surfaces. Now we will take carefully wrung out wet rag and we will achieve almost surgical purity from our details. Then we will wipe everything dry.
Now it is possible to make a break for about 10-15 minutes and to drink to tea.

We choose paint

Choosing a type of paint, I gave preference of the acrylic. Its advantages in my opinion before others were the following: she has no smell, at solidification gets divorced water, it is easy to work with it, mixing a kolor, and the most important – it if necessary can be washed away! I expect a question from readers of why to paint furniture with easily washing away paint? I answer. The paint charm on a water basis that so far it did not dry, in our hands remains opportunity to redo unsuccessful work. By the way, this property fine helped out me later when I was engaged in case repaint (but about it next time). And so, the essence of water-soluble paints is that the more water is evaporated, the paint becomes stronger. And though acrylic paint quickly enough dries, at first with the painted surfaces it is necessary to be more delicate. But before we will start experimenting paint, it is necessary to put soil, naturally, too the acrylic.

Brushes or rollers?

I tried both options, and came to a conclusion that my tool – a brush. I feel it better, I work more accurately and the result is pleasant to me more, than during the work as the roller. Though I assume that it is a question very individual. But at any option and rollers and brushes have to be intended for acrylic paint. In shop where I bought them, and it was written on labels. Here I want to stop on the price. Do not buy, please, cheap goods. Brushes have to be qualitative. Then from them pile will not climb, and paint will lay down exactly and beautifully. I used brushes of different width for different sites. Sometimes in hard-to-reach spots it is more convenient to that to approach that to a pouzha.
Of course, it will be necessary to look after brushes constantly. It is not so difficult. Deliver near yourself to bank with water and stopping work even for short term, surely put brushes in water. Are not lazy them to wash. You will not save paint very much, and do not restore the brushes here ruined. All these rules concern also rollers. Do not give them not only to dry up, but also to dry up. Otherwise it is necessary to throw out.


We already agreed that a primer at us, as well as paint, acrylic. No cunnings in its use are present but to be up to the end quiet, we read all necessary information on bank. We need two parameters – the area of the covered surface and time for drying. A primer, even to fans to paint with a brush, is quite admissible to put with the roller. We apply a thin film on all surfaces, we note time and with feeling of the fulfilled duty we go on kitchen to have dinner.

Paint just for decoration – we select necessary tone

From the very beginning I solved: monophonic furniture it is boring. Therefore chose two colors. One, color of an ivory, found in sale. And here with the second it did not develop in any way. I well imagined it, and therefore decided to add paint itself. For this purpose took ordinary white acrylic paint and some shades of green tone in small packings. To mix paints, achieving the conceived – fascinating occupation. Here everyone will already look for a favourite shade in compliance with own taste. That I can advise readers of here. Make some mixes differing on intensity of tone in small capacities. Then on any unnecessary wooden surface make dabs and let's them dry up. You receive representation how more or less saturated color can look and make a final choice.

Painting in two colors

Here we also approached the most responsible stage – coloring. Paints, brushes of different width, couple of rolls of an adhesive tape (is wider also to a pouzha), the easy (!) room – that's all that now will be required to us. First stage rather simple. We paint all details of our furniture of that from two paints prepared by us which is lighter.
    I pay attention of readers of that paint should not be dried up and thickened at all. If so it happened, it needs to be parted a little with water and carefully to stir a stick. It is possible directly in bank. If you want that under paint the structure of a tree was guessed and the furniture looked so as if it is brought from where from Provence where stood in the house nearby by the sea, it is possible to be limited to one paint coat, maybe, even slightly to part. If in your plans to give it more "factory" look, it is quite probable that details should be painted few times. Here already, as they say, matter of taste. It is only important to have patience and not to start drawing the 2-3rd paint coat before full drying previous. That paint has to lay down in one direction, I will not speak is and it is so clear.
After primary color is caused and details dried, we start preparation of surfaces for coloring in the second color. Remember, we took couple of rolls of an adhesive paper tape? Now their turn came. The work which is coming us now – scrupulous and very responsible. To us it is necessary to paste over very precisely and accurately on a contour sites which we will cover in the second color. It is necessary in order that we when causing dark color did not hook incidentally on surface which have to remain light. Carefully pasted over? Ground in paper better? Means, it is possible to paint.
Как покрасить мебель своими руками

Whether the varnish is necessary?

I know that there is a wish to see quicker result and to collect furniture, but do not hurry, let's our details dry out properly. The opaque acrylic varnish we is put with a porolonovy sponge. Put on a thin rubber glove and pour out part of a varnish from banks in small capacity. Now safely dip a sponge in a varnish, slightly wring out and confident movements walk on all surfaces. It is quite good to carry out this procedure still few times. Naturally, after drying of each new layer.

Finishing by gold paint

Well here, all details are painted, prolakirovana and are dried. Now it is possible to fasten, everything that was turned off and to screw everything that was unscrewed. It is pleasant to you? Very much? But something is not enough? Correctly – the last stroke! The effective look will be given to our furniture by gold very thin strip. We specially left it under the end and we will put after a varnish. The matter is that gold paint very whimsical also behaves is unpredictable – can badly lay down, begin to flow and if it incidentally to hook on a light surface, and then to try to erase, simply will give a dirty indistinct spot. The varnish with which we covered our furniture, will rescue us from all these misunderstanding.
For work with gold paint take a thin brush from a set for drawing. If you have a firm hand and a straight eye, it is possible not to undertake any precautionary measures. If you not absolutely are sure of yourself, it is possible to vykleit again by means of an adhesive tape necessary sites. Remained a little. We gild wooden handles of our curbstone and we paste them on a former place.
Как покрасить мебель своими руками
Now it is possible to call native, close, acquaintances and neighbors – let will admire and will moan, looking at beauty which left from under your hands. And it is possible... attentively to look round around and to choose the next object, worthy to become the following candidate for new life. I it will have a case. We not only will recolour it, but also we will change by means of a decoupage. So to a meeting, fans to make the hands!
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