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How to clean wrinkles on a forehead

Wrinkles on a forehead, perhaps, the earliest signs of aging on a face. They can already appear in youth, and it is connected with a habit to wrinkle a forehead, to reflect over problems. But even if to accustom itself to wrinkle less a forehead, wrinkles will not disappear already anywhere. To make them less noticeable, it is necessary to give to this part of the face a little of time. We will open before you secrets how to clean wrinkles on a forehead.

What it is possible to make?

For a start let's deal with the concept of that is necessary to us in work with wrinkles on a forehead. As well as to everything, it is best of all to treat this problem in a complex. Modern opportunities are actually not limited and include absolutely different types of impact on mimic wrinkles.

It is possible to begin with gymnastics for the person – as it it is surprising, but facial muscles too demand physical exercises! The whole gymnastics about which we will talk below is developed and we will consider each exercise is detailed.

Masks can become the following step in fight against mimic wrinkles on a forehead. The mankind thought up tens various masochek and today "lotions" which will suit you and your skin.

Well it is also impossible to bypass by modern cosmetology. After all cosmetologists of the 21st eyelid offer the whole range of cosmetic procedures which will return to your forehead former smoothness. Let's deal with each of the options offered by the present serially.


There are two main types of gymnastics for mimic wrinkles on a forehead - for vertical and for horizontal wrinkles. Performance of exercise requires a mirror, a quiet situation and some minutes of your time. So, we will start exercises for horizontal wrinkles:

  1. Put fingers on the forehead area adjoining on hair and softly raise skin up. Watch that under small pillows of fingers on skin it was not created new folds. Now in 5 movements lower fingers, sliding down a forehead and closing eyes. In such situation stay, having counted to three. Then accurately release skin. Do three times.
  2. Open eyes on the maximum width and it is very high, on how many it turns out, raise eyebrows. It is necessary to execute exercise not less than 10 times.
  3. Place fingers on a forehead and along with it raise eyebrows up and lower skin down. This very effective exercise. It is necessary to carry out it regularly not less than 6 times.

Now let's consider exercises for vertical mimic wrinkles on a forehead:

  1. Put fingers on the head so that phalanxes of thumbs were on a nape, and index on a forehead. Try to shift forehead skin to the middle, only watch that new folds were not formed. Now with effort raise eyebrows up and count to six.
  2. Now arrange fingers so that averages appeared in the center, between eyebrows. Move apart skin in the parties, thus trying to frown. Stop in such situation until count to six. Now do on the contrary.
  3. Using anonymous and average fingers, delay external corners of eyes to ears. Resist this action, straining facial muscles.

As you can see, exercises are very simple and do not demand big efforts or a large number of time. Enter into a habit to carry out them at least two-three times a week or at work a free minute. And if to connect the means helping to get rid of wrinkles to this gymnastics, the result will definitely not keep itself waiting long.

Masks and compresses

As we already spoke above, there is simply a darkness of recipes which will help your skin to rejuvenate and return considerably, apparently, the lost elasticity and smoothness. Let's sort a little, as the most popular, and the most effective.

  1. Cream. The simplest method to smooth is a little skin and to return it former smoothness – usual a face cream. It is best of all to apply nutritious or cream from wrinkles. To make of it a peculiar mask, it is necessary to take a stripe of white smooth paper, to apply with a thick layer on it cream and to put on a forehead. Watch that muscles of a forehead were relaxed. Sit so about 20 minutes. The best effect will be if you make the whole series of such compresses, daily before going to bed, within 2-3 weeks then a similar break and one more series of daily compresses from nutritious cream.
  2. Paraffin mask. Before its application clear skin and put a little moisturizing cream. Warm on a water bath of a little pharmaceutical paraffin. When it is kindled, apply in some layers on forehead skin. Do not forget to check its temperature not to burn. Leave a mask for about 20 minutes. And postpone the stiffened paraffin until the following use. It will be quite suitable.
  3. Banana and honey mask. Mix a honey teaspoon with pounded banana up to the mass of a dense consistence and apply on moist face skin for 20 minutes. Wash away warm water and apply nutritious cream on skin.
  4. Glycerin and honey. Mix these components in a proportion 1:1 (best of all on a tablespoon) and apply on face skin and necks with the massing movements for the night. And wash away warm water in the morning.
  5. Grape mask. Mash grapes without stones (green sultana grape is best of all) in a posudinka and apply with the massing movements on the cleared face skin. Leave for some time and wash away the remains warm water. The effect will surprise you: grapes contain a miracle antioxidant which is capable to smooth wrinkles in the eyes.
  6. Grapefruit and rice flour. In the coffee grinder make a rice flour of rice, we need 1 tablespoon. Also we will add 1 tablespoon of curdled milk and 2 spoons of juice of grapefruit. Properly we will mix and we will apply on face skin for about 20 minutes.

If periodically you apply at least these some recipes, in total with gymnastics to forehead muscles, the effect will not keep itself waiting long. And after, you will not be able to refuse in pleasure to be to yourself very best any more. But what to do if nevertheless helped nothing? Or you want to gain ideal appearance in few days and you do not want to wait? Then run to the cosmetologist.


For work with wrinkles between eyebrows and on a forehead just injections are the most demanded in the world of cosmetology today. They differ according to the name, structure and impact on skin.

One of kinds of injections which completely will smooth skin, will relieve of any roughnesses, the skin which are given out by presenilation, are restilayn or perlayn. They are very effective in fight against any mimic wrinkles. Besides the described effect, they also fill need of skin for moisture and gialurunovy acid.

Botox which today very famous actually at each woman, has a few other effect. It as if freezes muscles, blocking their communication with skin and roughnesses on them. After the first injection the effect lasts about half a year, after the subsequent - lasts approximately about one year.

It is also necessary to pay attention of readers of that such pricks do not make any impact on an organism. The preparation remains in a muscle and has effect only on a certain zone. Today injections are the first-class means in fight against aging.

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