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How to clean nosogubny folds

My school friend, wishing to become more attractive, invented different exercises to get rid of characteristic nosogubny folds. And inflated balloons, and even pasted on the person an adhesive plaster for the night. But except the expressed face edema of anything it was impossible to it.

Now the cosmetology promptly develops, and those problems which seemed to us unsoluble about ten years ago, belong to the category of lungs now. How to clean nosogubny folds?!

Why so occurs?

Pronounced nosogubny folds can appear at any age. Can influence this factor not only anatomic, but also congenital features of the person. Also folds can be formed because of the wrong care of skin and a way of life (strong "mimic activity" often pursues actors and announcers), food and even ecology.

Naturally, folds do not appear in one day. They, as well as wrinkles, "cut" skin gradually. And, with age the situation can only be aggravated - skin loses elasticity, cheeks droop (fall down), and the being subcutaneous fat becomes thinner.

Filling of folds with special substance

It is possible to solve a problem in one stage – to go to cosmetology clinic and to resort to a conservative method. But in each business there are pluses and minuses. First, surgery in an organism without essential indications it is dangerous. And secondly – not everyone because it has high cost is able to afford such procedure.

You were already solved on cosmetology procedure? Then will tell in more detail about methods of disposal of nosogubny folds.

Filling of wrinkles with filler is considered fast and almost painless procedure. Pricks of beauty give temporary effect which will remain of half a year about one year. Procedure is considered safe because the basis of the entered substance is a hyaluronic acid.

Cosmetologists claim that procedure can be done not often. Except acid, the similar effect gives also other filler of wrinkles created on the basis of synthetic preparations.

If you decided to indulge yourself similar procedures at least once a year, it is desirable for you to fill nosogubny folds with own fatty tissue. This procedure is considered more effective. But in that case it is necessary to lay down in a hospital.

Botox pricks

Injections Botox - popular procedure which can be made practically in each cosmetology office. Experts claim that filling of nosogubny hollows the botulotoksiny yields good result.

Actually, this action is caused by that the substance a neurotoxin which blocks muscle fibers contains in a preparation. It turns out that for a certain period the muscle "is switched off" - ceases to be reduced and is smoothed. The effect from procedure will last from four-five months to one year, depending on a way of life and age of the patient.

Other methods of correction

If there is no desire to subject the person to injections, it is possible to resort to more sparing method of disposal of nosogubny folds – procedure of a peeling. Depending on depth of wrinkles, can recommend you a middle or deep peeling.

Procedure reminds the principle of a burn: the special preparation which is applied on previously prepared skin, cleans it the top layer. Together with it also small wrinkles "leave", and skin starts being updated actively. As a result of procedure disappear not only folds, but also pigmentary spots, and also hems after an acne. Skin becomes smooth and shining.

Face fitness

If you saw only the outlined wrinkles, by means of certain actions it is possible to stop process. It is about special gymnastics for the person. It is necessary to carry out it every day, giving itself favourite only twenty minutes of precious time.

Preparation for occupations.

It would seem, what here difficult? Simply take and do exercises as it is written. But, before starting doing exercises, it is necessary to prepare for procedure not only a face, but also hands because they also will be our main tool on the way to success.

Follow such rules:

  1. Wash hands with soap before each occupation.
  2. Clean a face from cosmetics, dust and dirt.
  3. Try to do exercises standing or sitting on a chair with a high back. Hold a back directly.
  4. Take a mirror and put it before yourself. So you will see the actions.
  5. Begin and finish exercises by relaxation of muscles.
  6. Do not forget about a "finger-type" shower: be run on the person by small pillows of fingers.
  7. Each seven days do a photo of the person in three projections to see progress.

It is impossible to do gymnastics if you have such diseases:

  • viral disease of skin;
  • nerve inflammation (front, trigeminal);
  • kuperoz in an active stage;
  • at gnoynichka;
  • in the period of an exacerbation of an allergy;
  • at diseases of the top airways;
  • if you have a bad mood.

Simple exercises.

Mirsovetov recommends to our readers to try to master face fitness.

To clean folds for a long time, exercises need to be done always. Train in such mode: five days loading and two days off. It is possible to alternate breaks to trainings.

First exercise.

Let's lift cheeks. By fingers of hands do accurate pressings on folds. Work gently, as if stroking skin. Your actions have to be similar to a vein pulsation – soft and rhythmical. Do this exercise no more than a minute. At the end you will feel as your cheeks rise up.

Second exercise.

We "mould". Put little fingers on nosogubny folds, and palms close cheeks. Accurately press on skin, carrying out "pushes" as if your face is raised up. Performance time – one minute.

Exercise the third.

Solar smile. Warm your palms the friend about the friend that they became hot. Touch skin by fingers and do strokings in the direction from lips to an ear that at you the smile turned out. Work at the same time two hands. It is necessary to repeat this exercise 20-22 times.

Exercise the fourth.

We hold a spoon. Take a spoon so that your lips "came" for teeth. Slowly lift it. When reach the top point – try to hold a subject cheeks. Be late for two seconds. Repeat exercise of 20 times.

Exercise the fifth.

Pinches. Softly pinch from time to time cheekbones and try to smile at the same time slowly. Detain a smile into the account five. And now relax muscles. Repeat exercise five times. During occupations try to pinch skin not strongly, it is also impossible to delay it.

We consolidate result

We cannot force to leave muscles alone and not to smile. Therefore that time for performance of exercises was not spent in vain, you need to observe these simple recommendations:

  1. Do not only face fitness, do not forget and about massage.
  2. Use the moistening means for skin.
  3. Do not ignore sun-protection cosmetics.
  4. If you have age nosogubny folds – use cream with hyaluronic acid.
  5. Eat more fresh vegetables and the fruit rich in cellulose.
  6. Try not to purse lips because then muscles of cheeks strain, and they have to be weakened.
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