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How to eliminate a zasor

Household problems are in the strange habit to occur absolutely at the wrong time. Zasor in a sink, as cherry on a pie. This trouble, besides obvious inconveniences, quite often also literally badly smells, finally making life a misery in own house. Prevention is in this case simpler, quicker and cheaper, than treatment.
Устранение засоров Household problems are in the strange habit to occur absolutely at the wrong time. How many times happened that at work a work involving all hands / on study pulled hard, in the relations it is restless, mood already on zero, and here also any zasor in a sink, as cherry on a pie. This trouble, besides obvious inconveniences, quite often also literally badly smells, finally making life a misery in own house.
Prevention is in this case simpler, quicker and cheaper, than treatment. General recommendations about this occasion:
  • at a choice of pipes give preference to designs from metalplastic or plastic – their smooth surface counteracts accumulation of the remains of food, a hair, etc.;
  • at installation of pipes provide business to the professional. New plastic designs look not more difficult, than to assemble the meccano therefore hands everything fast itch most. Do not give in to temptation – in this process many reefs and for independence it is possible to pay with monthly zasor;
  • never pour out fat in a drain opening! The part settles it on walls and over time forms a fatty ring which gleam is narrowed and conducts to the most hard-to-remove and artful type of a zasor. It is better to merge the fat remains in a jar, and to wipe very fat ware a piece of toilet paper before washing;
  • time in 2-3 weeks pour out liter of hot water in a pipe. If you established plastic pipes, it is better not to pour boiled water; wait until water cools down to 50-60 °C.

What to do if the zasor did not manage to be avoided?

Устранение засоров However in practice the few reflect on the simplest rules of "hygiene" of sewer pipes. So, you became the happy owner of a zasor. The moment of a call to ZhEK is traditionally postponed until the moment when the situation finally does not get out of hand. Fortunately, it is really possible to manage by own forces.
Conditionally ways of elimination of zasor can be divided on mechanical and chemical. The first are perhaps more effective, the second – it is more pleasant. Here owner barin, as they say.
Mechanical methods:
  1. Classics of a genre – the plunger. All saw, not all are able to use correctly. Densely put the plunger to plum. For bigger tightness it is possible to grease a rubber pear of the plunger with vaseline. Then it is necessary to gather in a water sink/bathtub, it is so much completely to cover rubber part of the tool.
    Important point: densely close a modulation opening if it is, and also plums in a bathtub or other sink – often pipes are reported. Thus we will avoid loss of excessive pressure, useful to us, and we will destroy a zasor. Make 10-20 vigorous movements the plunger handle up-down and sharply tear off it. Couple of such sessions usually destroy a zasor; the part it leaves further on pipes, and the part comes to light at the top.
  2. It is possible to apply an old kind sanitary cable to stubborn zasor. It is a long wire with a diameter about 1 cm with the handle for rotation on one end. Here not to do without the help of the second person. It is necessary to remove a siphon, to insert the end of a cable into a pipe and carefully to push forward, at the same time rotating a cable clockwise. If the cable goes hard, so you pass a bend of a pipe or rest against a zasor. Carefully continue while cable length is enough. Sense of this procedure in destroying a zasor lump, to push it further, to the sewer highway, and also to reel up dirt on a cable during rotation
  3. There is an extravagant way of elimination of zasor by means of the vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to put a vacuum cleaner hose to a drain opening, to wind this design with an adhesive tape or wet rags to avoid gaps, and to turn on the vacuum cleaner on air blowing function.
  4. What progress reached! One of the latest funds for elimination from zasor are aerosols. A barrel, for example, of "Pressure Plumber" to stir up, establish upside down in plums, hermetically to close gaps. To gain about 10 cm of water and sharply to press a barrel bottom. Salt that thus the short-term strong wave which pushes a zasor further is created. The structure of a barrel is quite safe: the liquefied gases, means for neutralization of smells, etc.
By the principle "poured chemical ways of cleaning of pipes and forgot" a little more pleasantly than an independent kovyryaniye in systems of water outflow. Usually they well help at not started stages.
  1. Means from a series "cheap but good": a half-glass of soda plus some tablespoons of coarse salt we fall asleep to plums, we fill in from above a half-glass of vinegar (it is possible hot), we close behind a stopper, we stop up an opening of a modulation and we wait for 10 minutes.
    In pipes there is an intensive chemical reaction with allocation of a large amount of carbon dioxide which besides advances the filled-up salt. A peculiar srub for sewer pipes turns out. By the way, it helps against an unpleasant smell. Though some time it is necessary to suffer a vinegar smell. In 10 minutes we wash out a pipe hot water.
  2. Against fatty traffic jams, steady against mechanical ways of cleaning, it is possible to undertake the following: to fill in in plums couple of caps of means for washing of ware, to insert a hose into a pipe (for example, a hose from a shower, previously having turned off a spray) and to start up a large amount of hot water under pressure.
  3. The author cannot warrant for efficiency, but acquaintances claim that feasible help is given by Coca-Cola. To fill in drink half of liter, to wait hour or so and to wash out hot water. From the chemical point of view the success of the enterprise is explained by the content of ortofosforny acid in Kolya, as gives effect. Will not be worse, and the smell is provided the pleasant. Why not?!
  4. Well and in summary, synthetic means from shop. From own experience I will allocate Tiret (Tiret), the Mole and the German means Is torn (Drano) in ascending order of "termoyadernost". Before use it is necessary were successful all water from a sink.
    Leaving means in a pipe to work, be guided by a maximum of the specified time. If in the instruction it is told, to leave for 4-8 hours, safely leave on 8, differently the risk only partially is great to dissolve a zasor and to go to shop behind the following bottle of means. Small council when using synthetics: do not buy the environmentally friendly means sparing etc. Their only plus – more pleasant smell, and efficiency usually suffers.

What you should not do

That fight with zasor was won as fast as possible and without the victims in the form of the spent nerves or the spoiled pipes, I pay attention of readers of to the following recommendations:
  • do not use means from zasor in the form of powder. Only viscous liquid! Powders often literally cement a zasor so that the call of the plumber is inevitable;
  • never, at all do not use synthetic means together with acids, vinegar, for example. The first, as a rule, are alkalis and give chemical reaction with acids. Consequences serious: from release of poisonous gases (usually chlorine) before explosion threat;
  • you should not fill in in the littered pipe boiled water just like that, without additional resources from zasor. Hot water will hardly help at a stage of the created zasor, but aroma from a pipe you receive the excellent.
If any of the given ways did not please you with result, a call to the plumber, perhaps, your only alternative. Courage and patience to you in hard business of elimination of zasor!
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