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Rest on the Liguriysky coast of Italy

What only enthusiastic epithets beautiful Italy did not receive: it is called "a world pearl, "the homeland of the greatest creators", "the Renaissance cradle". In this country of people antiquity, the richest culture and the unique nature always attracted.

Definitely, in this country there is something magic – everyone, even the tiniest town of Italy has the unique charm which is expressed in unique architecture, an interlacing of small small streets in provincial places and noisy evening promenades of big cities where sometimes there is a feeling that every day – a holiday.

This note for readers of – the small story about one of the finest, in my opinion, places on the earth – the Italian Laguria where I was lucky to visit quite recently; fantastic beauty the region, the azure-golden coast which begins on border with France and is continuation of French riviera.

The Liguriysky coast of Italy – area in northern part of the country, of 15 thousand square kilometers, located along the coast of the Ligurian Sea, beginning from border with France to the Italian town of Le Gratsiye - Portovenere (Le Grazie – Portovenere). Picturesque places with the unique nature, bright paints of plants and the purest sea. Places which by right are considered as the most beautiful coastal zone of Europe. "Riviera of flowers" as still often call these places, includes the following cities: Bordigera, San Remo, Armadas and Tadzha, Empire, Diano Marín, San Bartolomeo, Alassio, Loano, Pyetr Ligure, Final Ligure, Spotorno, Chel Ligure, Arentszano, Genoa, Kamolyi, Pagona, Rapallo, S. Margherita Ligure, Sestri Levante, Monterosso, Portovenere.

The visa to Italy

It is rather simple to receive the visa to entry into the country independently, having given a standard package of documents to the visa center (the questionnaire completed in English, the international passport, the copy of the Russian passport, an insurance, photos, the reference from work, confirmation of a financial solvency for a trip) and having paid a consular fee of 35 euros. Thus to file documents if you plan the trip to a high season, I would advise at least in a month as popularity of Italy as the tourist center is so high that sometimes the embassy simply does not manage to return documents because of huge loading in time.

How to reach

To reach the coast of Laguria in traditionally perhaps two ways: to get on the western part of Riviera it is better to go by plane to Nice, further – train to the town Ventimilya (Ventimiglia), then – to any city of Laguria. Besides it is possible to reach by plane Genoa, further also by train, but in this case east part of the coast will be closer.

The developed network of the railroads penetrates all country therefore practically there are no limits of the imagination in creation of the plan of the unique travel for Italy. Besides, between the cities which were not really remote from each other regular buses ply.

My way was from Nice train to Ventimilyi, then to the city the Empire. In total in way about an hour. The road – already pleasure: you see how one French riviera flows in another as the picture – from the refined garden landscapes of France to wilder changes, but from it not less beautiful Italian. The nature of these places struck at once with brightness, rich, saturated colors. I admit – after populous megalopolises behind an electric train window at some moments to believe in reality of the events it turned out not at once.

Sights of the Liguriysky coast

In the XIX-XX centuries the coast of Laguria had great success in notable people of Russia and Europe. And to this day it is considered to be a number of places so-called "elite" resorts with history. If to aim "to feel taste" each town and not to be limited to visit of a beach and the embankment, it is possible to experience originality of each of them as if the gifted artist spread a motley mozayka, seeking to make each element unlike on previous – such there was my idea of the Liguriysky coast.

I will a little tell about those places which it was succeeded to visit.

Diano-Marina – the city which kept the wonderful medieval atmosphere. The main monument of architecture – ancient church St. Antonio Abbat which ancient frescos are capable to make impression even on experienced travelers. One more important sight of the city – Ardissonne's country house (Del Parco's palace) which is the museum of local lore containing a big collection of artifacts of ancient Roman culture now. The city is beautiful the ancient small streets, the palm embankment, a huge number of the bright exotic flowers growing literally everywhere.

The Italians of the senior generation living in Diano-Marín and in the neighbourhood like to remember, how still quite recently, in 70-80 of the XX century (!!!) in the evenings the magnificent public in evening dresses took to the streets of the town as people walked, conducted idle conversations at ancient restaurants and coffee houses. Now, of course, it is quite modern democratic resort nevertheless adapted more likely for quiet contemplate rest. The city has the big range of hotels of various categories. To reserve room perhaps in advance through the sites bases (, for example). Dispersion of the prices on average from 50 to 250 euros per day. Among the most popular – Grand Hotel Diana Majestic (4 *), Hotel Moresco (3 *), Hotel Ulivo (3 *), Hotel Sole (3 *).

San Remo – the city which by right is in the list of the most popular and most visited cities of Italy. In the XIX century it became the popular vacation spot for the Russian aristocracy, was the favourite resort of the empress Aleksandra Fyodorovna.

In the city all the year round rather soft climate, even in the winter temperature seldom falls lower than ten degrees. The city is closed from all directions by mountains: on each side – two capes – Green (east) and Black (western), behind the city – the Alps. Mountains disturb penetration of cold winds into the city thanks to what the favorable climate remains.

The history San Remo originates in the Middle Ages.

The city received the name from a name of the Genoa bishop Romula (VIII-IX). The bishop was engaged in active distribution of Christianity, Binyon conducted a hermit's life in a mountain cave. In his honor it was also decided to call the city – San Romolo.

All history of this small city is connected with continuous fight for independence: having initially arisen as the port city, San Remo up to the XII century belonged to the Genoa bishops, was not sold to the Italian nobility yet – to De Mari and Doriya's families owning it up to the XV century. Having exempted from the power of patricians in the XV century of San Remo began to develop actively and independently, but in the XIX century nevertheless it was taken by the Genoa republic.

In the same XIX century the first tourists began to come to the city. The resort began to enjoy rather wide popularity at the Russian nobility.

Among sights of the city the greatest popularity was gained by a concert hall of "Ariston" in which since 1977 passes the largest in Italy and, perhaps, one of the most considerable in music world the San and Remsky festival of a song. The majestic building of a city casino – one more important monument connected with a festival – it was his house since the festival birth in 1951.

The most, in my opinion, beautiful monument of architecture in San Remo – the wonderful orthodox church of Christ Christ Redeemer constructed by Pietro Agosti according to Alexey Shchusev's drawings in 1913. Wonderful, distinguished, in style of the Moscow churches of the XVII century, it quite exotically looks against the Italian landscapes.

At the moment San Remo – one of the most developed tourist centers of the Liguriysky coast. The resort is ready to offer a wide choice of hotels for the most different budget, entertainment, bars, clubs, excellent shopping in the downtown.

In the city – a huge number of hotels. During a summer season of the price for days of accommodation approximately from 80 euros. Here some of them: Hotel Alexander (3 *), Hotel De Paris Sanremo (4 *), Sole Mare (3 *), Grand Hotel De Londres (4 *).

The main settlement of the Liguriysky coast located to the east San Remo – the city the Empire. It is one of the youngest cities of Italy, it was based rather recently - only in 1923. The empire shares on some areas, each of which has own history, but, generalizing, it is possible to tell that the city was formed to association of two communes which history began at the time of Ancient Rome – Porto Maurizio and Onelya – at the moment it is two main regions of the Empire. Today the Empire – the large tourist center. It is the modern city with many historical sights.

Onelya and to this day it is considered one of the main centers of production of olive oil in Italy. Certainly there is also a museum devoted to the main Italian product.

One of the most important architectural monuments of Onelyi – church San Giovanni Battista which was constructed in 1759 on Gaetano Amoretti's project.

The main sight of Porto Maurizio – a cathedral of the XVIII century of San Maurizio who consider as the biggest cathedral of the Liguriysky coast. It is the temple built in neoclassical style by the architect of Lugano Gaetano in 1838. At construction the architect set a task to create a cathedral which would symbolize power and greatness of the Genoa republic.

In the city there is everything for excellent rest – well-planned beaches, the base of water sports, most known in Italy, the magnificent nature. The most popular hotels – Hotel Rossini Al Teatro (from 135 euros for number), Hotel Kristina (from 80 euros).

In summary I want to tell a couple of words about absolutely small Liguriysky town – Chervo where made a foot walk from San Bartolomeo, next to it. Chervo - the city with the small population located on the hill which crowns a beautiful cathedral in Baroque style - St. Giovanni Battista. The town consists of the small streets representing big, leading uphill, a labyrinth. If to rise upward, to the temple, from the area to a look absolutely unforgettable view of the coast will open. By the way more than 40 years on the square in front of a cathedral the festival of classical music on which known musical collectives and soloists annually gather is held. When you go on Chervo's small streets, does not leave feeling of a cosiness of true old times – you literally appear for some centuries in the past which you feel, passing on the remained stone blocks of lanes, concerning walls of houses and shod lattices at windows and low balconies. I think, would please all fans of old times and Chervo's romanticism. Privacy and tranquillity – two states accompanying me during walk on the wonderful city.

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