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Reasons of a delay of the monthly

The menstrual cycle (monthly, regula) represents the physiological process supporting reproductive functions in a female organism. Thus the brain is responsible for periods. It operates this process. However, so far still it is not clear, what department of a brain is responsible for it.

The menstrual cycle, in fact, is process of rejection of a functional layer an endometriya. The beginning of a menstrual cycle is the share of age of 11-15 years, and the termination, as a rule, of age of 45-55 years. Monthly usually last from 3 to 7 days. Thus the cycle makes about 20 days. Though depending on features of an organism the cycle can last more or less. The full-fledged cycle monthly usually is established approximately in half a year-year after their beginning.

At emergence of a delay the first that occurs is an existence of pregnancy. However cause delays of the monthly can not only pregnancy. So, part from the possible reasons of emergence of delays are gynecologic, that is, connected with various gynecologic diseases, and other of them – have no communication with diseases. And depending on the reason which provoked emergence of delays also its duration can change. About it also we will talk in more detail to readers of in this article.

Dysfunction of ovaries

Quite frequent reason provoking a delay monthly dysfunction of ovaries is considered. This diagnosis is made most often by doctors at typical complaints of the patient. Though actually dysfunction of ovaries is the same, as a delay. After all the delay occurs because of violations of work of ovaries, and here the reasons of these violations can be various. Therefore dysfunction of ovaries in itself is not the reason but only only ascertaining of the fact, and directly the factors which provoked similar violations in a female organism still should be found out.


Statistically, various stresses and nervous tension quite often can cause a delay. Stresses, often, are provoked by various shocks, problems at work, study or in a family. A strong stress for an organism is also the sleep debt and overfatigue. It should be noted that for an organism any nervous shock is a difficult life situation in the period of which the woman should not become pregnant. And to get rid of a stress, it is possible to address to the professional psychologist if there is an opportunity it is possible to change a job or some in any other manner to eliminate the factor causing a stress.

Excessive physical activities

As for excessive physical activities, they long since are the known factor provoking failures in a menstrual cycle of the woman. So, usually understand loadings at which the organism works very hard as heavy physical activities. In general women who professionally play sports, quite often have problems with delays. Because of what sometimes it is difficult for them to become pregnant. Besides, failures of a menstrual cycle can wait for the women performing a hard physical activity which actually men have to carry out. But you should not confuse excessive physical activities to fitness class. After all similar simple trainings still harmed to nobody, as well as active lifestyle in general.

Insufficient or excess weight

Fatty tissue has strong impact on all hormonal processes. Therefore if the woman has an excessive weight or, on the contrary, excessively small, she can also have long delays. Anyway, it is worth addressing to the doctor who will be able to establish the available reasons of a delay and to appoint the corresponding treatment. The main thing not to tighten. Otherwise, consequences can be very harmful to a female organism.

Change of climate

Delays quite often meet at women who decided to spend the holidays abroad where there is other climate. In general this reason can also be carried to a stress because change of climate for an organism actually is a stress. Delays can also arise because the woman spends too much time for the sun or in a sunbed.


Unfortunately, among girls what do not refuse alcohol, drugs and cigarettes meet. All these addictions extremely negatively affect reproductive system of the woman. By the way, and on reproductive system of the man too. Similar addictions can provoke a delay of the monthly at women. Besides, the delay of the monthly can arise as well at women who are compelled to work at a harmful chemical factory. Generally it is possible to call these reasons intoxication and to solve these problems, it is necessary to refuse reception of the stimulating substances and in the latter case to think of work change.

Reception of medicines

In particular, delays can be caused by anabolics, diuretics, antidepressants, antitubercular preparations and some other medicines. Therefore if it is defined that delays arise because of reception of medicines, it is worth consulting with the doctor and, perhaps, to replace the preparation provoking delays on what will not cause such by-effects.


Sometimes can also provoke a delay of the monthly and heredity. Perhaps, someone from relatives in the past had similar problems. However, the reason of such heredity did not manage to be found out so far.


At women after 45-50 years of a delay can arise because the climax approaches. In general, at achievement of 50-year age, the woman start noticing that in their organism there are certain changes. In particular, monthly at them become less regular. Besides, they become less intensive. It testifies that the reproductive period comes to an end. Over time monthly at women absolutely stop. Though it not the reason to refuse contraception. After all monthly quite can be started over again in 1-2 months, and pregnancy at this age is undesirable. It can be dangerous both to the woman, and to the child.

Gynecologic reasons

Quite often various gynecologic diseases are the reasons of emergence of delays. In particular, various tumoral educations (a cyst, uterus myoma, a uterus neck cancer) can cause a delay of the monthly. Delays about ten days often meet at a cyst of a yellow body, adneksit, ooforit and at a polikistoza of ovaries. Besides, various endometritises, adenomioz, and also inflammatory and infectious processes in urinogenital system can become the reasons of similar violations.

Important at early stages to manage to diagnose opukholevidny educations. And, not very well cancer they or good-quality. Anyway such educations need the corresponding inspection and treatment. If to tighten, it can lead even to a lethal outcome. In general any violations in an organism need treatment.

Besides, incorrectly established spiral can cause a delay. Also abortions and abortions are the reason of emergence of delays. After all because of interruption of pregnancy in a female organism there is a sharp reorganization. In particular it concerns reorganization on a hormonal background. Besides, in the course of a scraping the mucous membrane of a uterus is injured. Inevitably the delay of the monthly is caused. That the menstrual cycle was restored, the female organism will need some months. If it does not occur, it is necessary to address to the doctor.

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