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What to esteem from a fantasy

It is scientifically proved that reading brings huge benefit. Books have impact on our spiritual development and moral qualities. Detectives, for example, it is useful influence deductive abilities. But we will talk about other genre in literature. About a genre which can not only present us rest but also transfer us for a while to the fantastic worlds, escape from gray everyday life.
You like to read? Someone from you can shrug in response to a question shoulders, and someone with confidence will say yes "!". Anyway, it is possible to claim that read all in our society. One prefer newspapers and magazines, others – web pages on the Internet, and there are those who is fond of historical novels or classics.
It is scientifically proved that reading brings huge benefit. It broadens horizons, increases a lexicon and learns to express own thoughts. Books have impact on our spiritual development and moral qualities. Detectives, for example, it is useful influence deductive abilities – remember at least the well-known works of Agatha Christie. And if you because of something long or simply were tired, take in hand the light novel behind authorship, for example, O'Genri – and a smile is provided!
But we will talk about other genre in literature. About a genre which can not only present us rest but also transfer us for a while to the fantastic worlds, escape from gray everyday life and look at life other eyes.
We will talk about a fantasy.

The fantasy is …

Actually as those in a fantasy there is a lot of genres. It both fantasy, and science fiction, and kosmooper. In more than hundred their years managed to appear much.
All these books are united by one: at them there is a so-called fantastic assumption. It means that in the history which is thought up by the author there are events, heroes or objects which emergence in the world, real, habitual for us, is impossible. Certainly, it belongs not only to books, but also, for example, to movies and computer games. Fantastic it is possible to call any work of art action in which at least slightly is beyond the ordinary.
It is considered that the fantasy as the direction in literature arose at the beginning of the XX century. At this particular time there is "Land of the Lost" of Arthur Conan Doyle, and a bit later – "Vampires" of the baron Olshberi. However if to dig more deeply, it is possible to notice that the genre originates from magic fairy tales, national folklore and myths. The earliest work of this sort it is possible to call "Illiada" and Homer's "Odyssey" where supernatural creations – gods – battle on an equal basis with people.
The fairy tales which reached us about a baba-yaga, Koshchey Bessmertny and Ivan little fool can be an example of a "domestic" fantasy. See: fantastic, impossible heroes live in the invented world, make acts, love and hate. At once you start "supporting" one heroes, others cause disgust or fear. Remember: many children the sincere trust in the Baba-yaga and Father Frost.
Fantasy – the fairy tale for adults. Literature of free imagination.
If you decided to pass away evening, having taken in hand the book, most likely, will go to bookstore. But here to you the first reef will also meet: regiments are filled with bright covers of all flowers of a rainbow, and on backs infinite surnames, surnames, surnames are written … Let's talk about it in more detail. So …

What to esteem from a foreign fantasy?

In the West in the middle of the XX century it was simpler to be published – books were not exposed to such censorship, as in the territory of the USSR. Most of world famous authors wrote in English therefore and we will begin with them.
All works about which it will be told below, are checked by time – they got a set of awards and awards, and authors have thousands of admirers around the world therefore the magazine can recommend them with confidence.
Что почитать из фантастикиJ. R. R. Tolkien will be the first in our list.
All of you for certain watched Peter Jackson's film trilogy "Lord of the Rings". Movies are shot based on the works of the English writer J. R. R. Tolkien of the same name, published in the fifties the last century.
The book trilogy "Lord of the Rings" – the ancestor of the whole direction in literature. All other books in style of a fantasy anyway borrow something from the Tolkinovsky epic. Tolkien thought up elves and orks, to him anybody similar did not write anything. This book – gate to the whole world with the history, laws and customs: here both magic, and fantastic beings, and people with the feelings and cares, but people not usual … "Lord of the Rings" – the epic novel which will transfer the reader to the fantastic world Sredizemya for many days, and after reading remains pleasant "aftertaste". The book will help you to reflect on itself, because such is an inevitable result of each good book.
Other work of Tolkien which wants to be recommended – "The hobbit, or There and back". It is background of "Lord of the Rings" where it is told with what everything began. Unlike the trilogy, "Hobbit" more likely the fairy tale, than the serious novel, but the fairy tale fine.
By the way, Jackson and on it shoots the trilogy. The first movie will appear on screens in December, 2012.
Что почитать из фантастикиRay Bradbury. The second writer about whom there is a wish to tell – American Ray Bradbury. This person not simply thought out stories and the fantastic worlds, he affected most of authors who write now, to our time. Its books – about kindness, about the childhood, about a place of the person in this world and infinite search of.
First of all there is a wish to advise you to read its novel "451 ° Fahrenheit". In an epigraph of the novel it is said that paper ignition temperature – 451 °F. It is the brightest novel anti-Utopia in which the writer speaks about inspirituality of the world where people attach significance only to material values, but forgot about the value of live communication and the present, old, printing books. Roman who, perhaps, will help the reader to reconsider the attitude towards himself and the family.
Other not less known and significant novel of Bradbury – "Martian chronicles". The novel consists of a set of the short stories and short stories connected among themselves in a whole. Actually, "Martian chronicles" in an annalistic form tell about colonization of Mars by people, about opposition of natives to conquerors and about the beginning of the Third World War on the planet Earth. But not everything is so simple. It also the book about war and peace life, about melancholy for it and, as always at Bradbury, about the Person.
The third work which there is a wish to mention – the story "Ice and Flame". The writer puts the heroes in incredibly difficult conditions to show that the person is capable of everything. In general on everything. Even if time catastrophically has not enough. The main thing – not to be given.
Filip Kindred Dick – the American science fiction writer. Its works are excentric and sharp, in many of them the rebellious spirit appears. But the main subject which sounds almost in all novels of Dick – the world not necessarily what it seems.
The best-known novel of Dick – "The person in a high castle", written in a genre of alternative history. In 1962 the novel won the award "Hugo", the highest award in the world of science fiction. Action happens in the territory of the former USA, in 15 years after Germany won a victory in World War II, and the USA capitulated to Germany and Japan.
In the novel some subject lines which are equivalent among themselves and are crossed with each other. In it the writer reflects on penetration of fictional reality in real and raises a question: "And what such reality in general?". Dick came back to this subject in later novels, such as, for example, "Ubik" or "Three stigmat of Palmer of Eldrich" more than once.
Other novel of Dick which it is necessary to mention – "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?". The main character - "headhunter" who pursues androyd: the artificial people externally indistinguishable from the person outlawed on the earth. It is the book that such the person, and about one of main, according to the author, human wants – to care of someone.
The director Ridley Scott shot the movie "Running on an Edge" which plot, however, very strongly differs from the book according to this novel.

Domestic fantasy

And now we will talk about people who wrote a fantasy in the our native language. The speech again will go about "classics" who wrote in the middle of the last century. It was to be published then oh as it is not simple – all manuscripts were exposed to the most strict censorship. And nevertheless …
Что почитать из фантастикиStrugatsky Arkady and Boris. Brothers Strugatsky it is possible by the right to rank as founding fathers of the Soviet fantasy. They wrote in a genre "firm NF" and, by their own words, "created that future in which they would like to live". Language of their works is simple and clear, but subjects – not simple, oh, not simple. Coauthors in the tell works, first of all, about humanity. As well as any good writer, they do not seek to teach the reader to live, but show, how exactly could be, if …
For a start you can read two of their works, first of which – the novel "Picnic on a Roadside". The term "stalker" which strongly entered subsequently Russian is for the first time mentioned in it. In the context of the book the stalker is a person who, breaking a ban, gets into the Zone and takes out from it various artifacts which sells subsequently and by that earns a living. Roman speaks about a possible meeting with extraterrestrial civilizations and about what this meeting can turn back for society. The deep, ambiguous book in which each reader will find something special.
The second book – the story "It Is Difficult to Be God" – shows us the society cast into the abyss of the Middle Ages in the worst sense of this word. There are persecutions on scientists, poets, thinkers and among all this chaos – the person with huge opportunities who arrived from the educated Earth and masking under the local to watch the history course, but not to interfere at all. Also there is a question: "And whether it will turn out in inhuman conditions to keep in itself the person?". This subject lies on a surface, but if to get a grasp, it is possible to see much, it is much more …

It is the short and not complete list. You will not re-read all books, it, alas, the fact, but it is possible to begin acquaintance to a fantasy with these. And if you decide not to stop on reached, recommends you several more magnificent authors:
  • George Martin "Game of thrones";
  • Douglas Adams of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy";
  • Dan Simmons "Giperion";
  • Neil Stephenson "A diamond century";
  • Neil Gaiman "The American gods";
  • Stephen King "The necessary things";
  • Chayna Myevill "The station of the lost dreams";
  • Dmitry of bulls "Spelling";
  • Henry Lyon Oldi "To us to live here";
  • Max Frei of "Ekho's Chronicle";
  • Mikhail Uspensky, Andrey Lazarchuk "Look in eyes of monsters";
  • Nick Perumov "Diamond sword, wooden sword";
  • Sergey Lukyanenko "Labyrinth of reflections".
Read and enjoy reading! Welcome to the new worlds, also remember: all books, first of all – about people.
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