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Resort of Sol-Iletsk, lake Disorder

In the South of the steppe Orenburg region on border with Kazakhstan the small city of Sol-Iletsk was located. At first sight it maloprimeten is also unsightly, but conceals in itself(himself) centuries-old entertaining history. Of this resort it will also be told in this article on, we will acquaint you with everything that from year to year attracts vacationers here.
In the South of the steppe Orenburg region on border with Kazakhstan the small city of Sol-Iletsk was located. At first sight it maloprimeten is also unsightly, but conceals in itself(himself) centuries-old entertaining history. Of this resort it will also be told in this article on, we will acquaint you with everything that from year to year attracts vacationers here.

Steppe town of Sol-Iletsk

Not for nothing the first part of the name of the city is connected with a product of prime necessity for the person – here at a 300-meter underground depth miners extract salt. And production of food table salt, in the 18th century recognized as the scientist M. V. Lomonosov by results of the chemical analysis of the best in the world on quality, provide requirements not only residents of Russia, but also the abroad.
Кристалл соли
Соляная шахта
The integral component of history of the Iletsky field is the history of the lake Disorder which made Sol-Iletsk known is far outside area. Concentration of salt in this reservoir is so great that people in it do not sink. Trying to dive water pushes out on a surface. The reason is simple – density of water exceeds density of a human body. But not only this factor attracts here every summer millions of tourists.
Панорама озера
The third noticeable object of Sol-Iletsk is … the prison for prisoners with a life sentence having the mysterious name "Black Dolphin" (in Russia of such colonies only two, another, with the name White Lebed, is located in Solikamsk of Perm Krai). Brightly pink building with sculptures of dolphins at the central entrance which is near a resort zone draws attention of all visitors. And if to listen who is there inside and to learn their "track record", hair on end become …
Третьим заметным объектом Соль-Илецка является… тюрьма для заключенных с пожизненным сроком, имеющая таинственное название «Черный дельфин»
Если послушать, кто там находится внутри и узнать их «послужной список», то волосы дыбом становятся
Sol-Iletsk is famous also for achievements in agricultural branch – here grow up bread, and still excellent sweet water-melons and melons. In 2007 when in Volgograd there was a crop failure, Sol-Iletsk fed with water-melons all country, up to the Siberian regions.
    By the way, water-melons in Sol-Iletsk can be bought very cheap, after all them a huge number here. The water-melon contains carotene, folic acid, vitamins of group B, cellulose, makes positive impact at an atoniya of intestines, a hypertension, diseases of cardiovascular system, are a fine diuretic. In Sol-Iletsk you will have an opportunity to apply therapy of an arbuzolecheniye which is recommended for prevention of inflammatory diseases of kidneys. A course of treatment – from three weeks to one and a half months at daily consumption of a water-melon in number of 3-4 kg.
Соль-Илецкий арбуз
Trying to support the status of the resort town, Sol-Iletsk slowly, but in every way tries to develop – gradually starts restoring the parks thrown since post-Perestroika times, recreation centers, movie theater, museum of local lore. The administration cherishes grandiose plans for improvement, modernization of city infrastructure, but on everything time and means are necessary. After all arrived to have a rest, except the lake, and there is no place to go more.
Краеведческий музей
Sol-Iletsk is in 67 kilometers from the regional capital – Orenburg, it is quite simple to find a way to it on road signs. Go here mainly by buses, share and private taxis, on the individual motor transport. Use railway transport much less often, the border station Iletsk is a point of intersection of highways of Moscow-Samara-Orenburg-Tashkent and the transit road connecting the Caucasus, Lower Volga area to the Urals and Siberia.

The lake Disorder is the former salt pit which became analog of the Dead Sea

102 years were executed to the lake Disorder, unique on the physical and chemical properties, by right by recognized analog of the Dead Sea in Israel this spring. Then, in April, 1906 (being once salt mountain razed as a result of development of salt) flooded a pit with the name Disorder as a result of a spring flood, water quickly turned in the high-concentrated brine (brine) with a mineralization of 305 g/l. Density of a brine makes 1,2 g/cm2. The structure of a brine in Disorder is similar to structure of underground mineral waters of the resort Ust-Kachka (The Perm area), the Big Salty lake (USA), the Solar lake (Sinai), medical sources Wiesbaden (Germany), the Dead Sea (Israel).
Озеро Развал
    For comparison of will provide data on a water saturation salts in different reservoirs of our planet. Concentration of salt in the lake Disorder fluctuates from 270 to 340 grams on water liter. In the Dead Sea, by the way, the lake which is actually and the lowest reservoir on the planet (it is located at the level of 400 m below sea-level), concentration of salts makes 315 grams on liter. And the mineralization of water of a blanket of the Black Sea is equal 18,5 g/l.
As it was already told, water density in the lake Disorder is more than density of a human body thanks to what the person does not sink and can quietly lie on a water surface and thus hold in hand, for example, a sunshade. High concentration of salt in the lake does not allow to develop in water to any live organisms and vegetation. For the same reason the lake does not freeze even at low temperatures what here only happen in the winter. But thus water temperature to 4-meter depth is lower than zero Celsius.
The area of the lake Disorder about 7 gektr, in the widest part reaches 300 meters, and the maximum depth – 18 meters.
Входная группа курорта
    Council: in water of Disorder it is necessary to behave carefully, not to spray water which at hit in eyes or on an open mucous membrane causes not pleasant feelings. Duration of reception of water procedures for recommendations of doctors should not exceed 20 minutes with breaks on air and solar bathtubs. Usually in more detail to study information on improving courses, visitors of the resort directly in its territory buy the special brochures (instructions) published by many local physiotherapeutic hospital.
The basic for what people go here – to restore health, to gain a tone and strength for the whole year ahead. So tells the main number of tourists. Many go on Solenka (locals, and by their example and city visitors so call the lake) it is a lot of years in a row and sum up the results that successfully cured osteochondrosis, bronchial asthma, skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal device.
Многие ездят на Соленку (так называют озеро местные жители, а по их примеру и гости города) много лет подряд и подводят итоги, что успешно излечили остеохондроз, бронхиальную астму, кожные заболевания, заболевания опорно-двигательного аппарата
Big advantage of the lake Disorder that high concentration of salt in water even at the highest anthropogenous loading excludes probability of infection with any infections as ability of the lake to self-cleaning is proved – water is exempted from foreign microflora in 10-12 hours. So here and cholera is not terrible.
    By the way, local, salt-iletsky landscapes with the rich history drew attention of the director Alexander Proshkin who shot in their territory in 2003 the adventure feature film "Trio" (in leading roles – M. Porechenkov, A. Panin, M. Zvonareva). The lake Disorder in this movie – in all the beauty. Sol-ilechane and vacationers then actively participated in mass meetings, and the actor's troupe successfully combined work with useful rest.
The season of bathing and solar bathtubs in the territory of the lake Disorder begins, as a rule, in June, the peak of visits of the resort falls on July - the first half of August. On average during the high season every day beaches accept about 20-26 thousand people. Only according to numbers of the cars which are scurrying about across Sol-Iletsk it is possible to count tens regions of the Russian Federation and the republics adjoining to it – Bashkiria, Tatarstan, Samara, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Kirov, Tyumen, the Caucasian and Siberian regions especially often meet.
Anthropogenous load of the medical lake promptly increases – six years ago when the beach was "wild", tourists was much less here. Today the resort is put in private hands, enclosed with a protection, an entrance on its territory – paid. In the summer of 2007 the cost of the single entrance ticket made in peak of a season 100 rubles from the person. Here from here also start considering costs of a trip to Sol-Iletsk – the minimum improving course of the all-strengthening character has to make 7 days.
    At acceptance of water procedures on the salty lake suntan "is especially well pasted". White it is worth being more careful. Having left water, you will feel soon that the body was pulled together by a salt crust – do not hurry to wash away it, it is useful to sunbathe a little and with it. Skin will gain velvet, and small wounds will quicker be tightened. In the summer in public places of the city the "salty" people protecting this unusual feeling before return to the apartments often meet. The main weight bathed in Disorder prefers to be washed in the fresh-water lake adjoining to it under the name Small City.
На озере Развал
The resort of Sol-Iletsk is equipped by all necessary for safe and interesting pastime – there are a medical aid station, shower cabins, chaise lounges (plank beds), and the announcer of resort radio will always tell you about precautionary measures at acceptance of medical procedures, air temperature and waters in lakes. The only minus – is not enough vegetation, after all during a July heat so there is a wish to take cover under dense krone of a shady tree. It is necessary to be content with a beach umbrella. At least, until did not land here vegetation which roots get accustomed in the salty soil – that precisely is in plans of organizers of the resort.

To find housing – not a problem

Here also the agiotage among locals – salt-ilechan, differing in big enterprise and diligence begins. Besides melon growing, vegetable growing, the room business dictated all by the consumer demand accruing from year to year is very developed in Sol-Iletsk. So far it is not enough hotels in Sol-Iletsk, here inhabitants also adapted to receive visitors. In the city mainly private houses in which yards mini-numbers for vacationers are built up, and in a radius of one kilometer from a unique reservoir of tourists are ready to lodge practically in each house. Housing prices directly depend on degree of proximity to the resort and, of course, on existence and the level of conveniences.
Start "watching" for visitors in kilometers 30 to Sol-Iletsk. As a rule, it is the cheapest options – it is possible to find a shelter even for 50-70 rubles per day, but warns that, most likely, it will be any shed. City visitors always have a choice – round the lake a set of offers on housing with a bath, the parking, kitchen, certain rooms and the general, etc. Here the daily billeting will manage to the person interested to taste salt-iletsky exotic in 150-250 rubles. For the parking of the car the separate payment is raised.
    About questions of livelihood. It is possible how to prepare (inhabitants seldom offer the services in catering services), and to while away time in the hottest lunch hours per cafe, the restaurants and bars located on the bank of the lake – them some tens here. Right there, near the resort, there is a market with a wide variety of the fruit and vegetables which is grown up on environmentally friendly local kitchen gardens, dairy products, meat products. The prices, as well as in all brisk resorts, "bite" not less, than on the Black Sea coast.

Balneological resort

Near Disorder there are Tuzluchnoye and Dunino's not less valuable mud lakes. These reservoirs are known for curative ground silt mud. Dirt has curative effect at diseases of bones, sinews, rheumatism, frustration of nervous system and other diseases. On a consistence therapeutic mud rather dense, color black. It is important to know that if not to wash away dirt long enough, there will be a feeling burning on skin.
Грязевое озеро
On structure dirt of the lake of Tuzluchnoye does not differ from dirt of known resorts of Saki, Anapa, Pyatigorsk, and in some components surpasses them. Dunino's lake contains a lot of bromine therefore in it patients are recommended to swim with nervous diseases and the weakened immunity.
Beginners in the resort often take the vacationers smeared with curative dirt for Blacks. Show really unusual. But advises to be careful with mud cure, after all the main thing in this procedure – the correct, proved from the medical point of view approach as self-treatment can do much harm.
    Doctor of the A.R Sol-Iletsky regional physiotherapeutic hospital. Abrakhmanov defended the master's thesis on the subject "Antibacterial Properties of Therapeutic Mud" where it is said that mud cure improves processes of an exchange, stimulates regeneration, suppresses growth and development of pathogenic microorganisms. It is established that mud applications have complex impact on blood circulation and respiratory system. Also it is not all list of medical indications.
Медицинская и познавательная литература о курорте
The regional physiotherapeutic hospital (mud baths) with a 30-year experience where under strict supervision of experts it is possible to complete diagnostic and medical courses (besides water mud cure, girudo-, phyto - kumyso-, aero cryotherapy, a speleolecheniye, etc.) enjoys wide popularity at city visitors. Treatment cases on Sol-Iletsk the resort of difficult skin, nervous diseases and even infertility are known.

It is worth arriving to Sol-Iletsk, of course. It is hospitable, simple and unique thanks to the climatic factors which are well influencing a human body, than and attracts those who visits its every summer.
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