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How to lighten mood

You are very suppressed, the whole world seems gray around, and it seems that anybody and will be able to lighten nothing mood. You deeply are mistaken and that is why …

Truly wise person is always cheerfulКак поднять настроение, хорошее настроение You are very suppressed, the whole world seems gray around, and it seems that anybody and will be able to lighten nothing mood. You deeply are mistaken and that is why …
Unshaven, hungry, tired and angry? … shave, eat, have a rest :). And if it is not it if before an important meeting you were sprinkled from head to foot by the car passing by, since the morning the heel broke, and it is necessary to walk even the whole day, or that ticket which you did not have enough time got to you at examination to learn?? Or everything is seemingly good, and something is not enough, the mood on zero both continues to fall, and do not know than to help itself …
You will make the most unsuccessful choice if start feeling sorry for yourself to cry over the "ruined" destiny, to speak to itself: "Everything was gone!" Is not necessary! Thus, you will only begin to attract to yourself compassionate or mischievous views (and it is not better than one another). And why it is necessary for you, so mood not to lift … It is necessary to work, and then everything will take place. To program itself only on the best, and then to this to the Best there will be no other choice. Chances of a prize in fight with destiny always are, at everyone the. And they always find those who looks for them. If the destiny closes a door, it opens a window it is exact.
And still … if the person does not want to make efforts for creation of the wellbeing – anybody will not be able to help it. After all each creator of the destiny.
Our councils for those who does not gather under any pretext to give in to adversities and to sadden the life. For those who appreciates every moment and it is ready to meet him with a smile and good, at least raised, mood!!
So, if the good mood ran away from you for any reason, I advise to remember words of the fan of pies and jam, kind Carlson: "Tranquillity, only tranquillity. That's nothing unusual!" and to smile to all adversities in a face! Yes, the smile can rescue you even then when it seems to you that in your life there was the most prenepriyatny episode. After all often life specially forces a gloom then to flash the bright party!!!
- Try to pull a smile on the person and to hold it within 3 minutes. I was taught to this reception by the old friend. At first I did not trust, but such simple trick with guarantee relieves of bad mood! And all muddy thoughts somewhere disappear at once.
- Imagine to yourself that passed already whole 10 years and look at the problem from height of this time. And it will seem to you such insignificant that will involuntarily raise a smile. So why to be upset now?
- Seconds do not think of the bad! After all the thought is material, so learn to reflect a negative, attracting a positive!!
- Your wellbeing depends on your own decisions. (Rockefeller) Ma we receive exactly so much, how many we give! And in any way differently. So let's surround itself with pleasure!
- Where the common sense does not help - the sense of humour always comes to the rescue :)
- Never stop to smile! Even when to you it is sad, someone can fall in love with your smile.
- And if to try to award with a smile of the passerby? He will smile to you in reply - and will become warmer at heart! "Share the smile, and it still will return more than once to you"
- Crack a window, look on the parties. This all yours! Sky, sun, each flaw! Unless you have reasons for grief??
- Remember an amusing case from the life. As to you then it was cheerful, the good mood literally will return from the past :)
- Play with yourself amusing game - a puzzle: try to find as much as possible positive in the situation surrounding you. After all all life situations are initially neutral, and find sense only when we give them the assessment
- Since morning it is good to be loaded with positive energy from listening of favourite music or to read jokes

Yes you never know even ways on light for a mood raising! The main thing – not to give in to despondency (after all it is a grave sin), to meet all surprises with a smile and to rejoice to every moment! Because every moment it is unique, and it is one more attempt to change life to the best!!! Surely and will be if, after reading of this article on the site, you apply a couple of the described tricks on yourself ;) and then the solar mood will become your award!


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