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What is the rafting

We with the husband like to travel. Were in caves and on glaciers, bathed in thermal sources and conquered mountain peaks. And long ago dreamed to get on rafting. We decided to achieve the dream on the river Béla in Adygea which originates on the Main ridge of Greater Caucasus.

What is the rafting

Readers of often ask that such rafting as it passes and is how safe. In the article I will try to tell about our experience of rafting.

Rafting is a type of active recreation at which persons interested raft on the mountain river on the special inflatable vessel which is called raft. Rafta happen different spaciousness – from four to twenty-local. We were alloyed on the twenty-local. It was the first rafting in our life, same inexperienced there were also other participants. Therefore we were alloyed on such site of the river by Béla in Adygea where there are no thresholds and falls and a watercourse rather quiet. Extent of our route for beginners made 10 kilometers.

Clothes and equipment

As during an alloy the probability to become wet is great, if at this time there is no forty-degree heat, is desirable to dress a diving suit. Diving suits are rented by the owners of raft organizing an alloy. However, on our magnificent body there were no diving suits of the big sizes. It was necessary to float in the clothes – jeans and an undershirt. Our travel happened at the beginning of May, and was quite warm, degrees 20. But as soon as we removed on the middle of the river, watered a heavy rain, and in 10 minutes we were wet through. Feet were blotted at once as we sat down in raft – at the bottom of it lapped unclear from where the undertaken water.

Without fail all participants of rafting are given out helmets. It becomes in order that in case of a turning of a raft, people did not hit the head stones at a bottom (the river in this place not so deep, on shallows huge stones are visible. It is obligatory for all participants of an alloy life jackets - are given for a falling case in water. And, of course, each participant of an alloy is given out an oar (except small children and old men who sit in the middle of a raft, but not at a board, and float simply as passengers).

Who can participate in rafting

Children since 7 years can participate in rafting (in the simplest route) (accompanied by parents or other relatives) and elderly people are not more senior than 70 years. Prior to the beginning of an alloy the instructor explains all safety measures. For example, it is impossible to jump off from a raft in water, to rise and go on a small boat during swimming.

The special instructor is in the boat during all route and orders to whom what to do: "the left board rows – both time, and time, the right board has a rest".

As far as it is safe?

We were alloyed along the simplest route which is not demanding any special preparation. The life jacket and a helmet insured all on a hit case in water.

Emotions and impressions

Despite a pouring rain, lightnings and a wind we received bright and unforgettable impressions. We rowed, submitting to teams of the instructor, raft maneuvred between stones and whirlpools. Sometimes waves whipped directly in a face sitting ahead. To whom where to sit down the instructor therefore we with the husband appeared not nearby ordered. Men are more bright and more safely sat ahead of and at the command of the instructor carried out duties of helmsmen.

And we floated on the raging river under thunder peals, and the wood waved to us following wet branches ashore. Over the river the grayish haze rose and hid distant mountains.

Unexpectedly raft started developing across a current. "The left board, we row!", - the instructor, - "both time, and time, and time ordered …". Raft leveled the course, but it was unexpectedly hooked by a bottom for stones and ran aground. "Jumped!", - the instructor cried. We did not understand where it is necessary to jump and why, then he began to jump on an inflatable floor of our small boat, and we slowly moved forward.

Behind turn of the river we were waited by small voronochka. Our vessel flied forward, pouring over ice splashes of all, sitting in it. Suddenly raft threateningly bent on the left board, and all of us instinctively bent to the right. "Correctly", - the instructor praised, - "and further so do".

On the river bank we saw the tourists sitting near tent. They waved to us a hand, and we felt skilled old salts. Unexpectedly the river made one more turn, and we moored to the coast. The ten-kilometer route unexpectedly ended. And it is a pity – I with pleasure would float about ten more kilometers! Surely we will go still. Perhaps, and we will choose a route more difficult …

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