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How to make a rack the hands

All people in a varying degree suffer from a syndrome of "Plyushkin", collecting on shelves of cases the presented or bought knickknacks, books, nice figurines and constantly joining ranks of the elements of a decor creating the unique atmosphere. And if the soul demands new purchases, and severe realities show critical shortage of a place on cases and regiments, it is a high time to reflect on a new rack.

Of course, it is always possible to go to furniture store and to buy a brand new rack, but there is such pleasure, as a rule, considerable money. If you want to keep within certain dimensions, to pick up individual color option, to receive the maximum quantity of shelves, the exit can be only one – to make a rack the hands.

It is known that business – extremely cowardly and afraid of the master essence. If it seems to you that construction of furniture will demand from you unreal labor costs and phenomenal abilities, Mirsovetov hurries to console you – the teenager will be able to make an ordinary rack the hands even!

For a start be defined where future rack will settle down. In this case it was decided to involve space along a wall to create a corner for a collection of models of cars. Having designated a place, make calculations according to which the amount of building materials will be defined.

At creation of the drawing it is necessary to make the following measurements:

  • height;
  • width;
  • depth;
  • number of shelves;
  • frequency of an arrangement of shelves.

For a collection of models of cars it was decided to build a rack depth in width of basic boards (14 cm) on 5 shelves. For four shelves the processed DVP pieces (ready regiments) the 23 cm wide were used. Thus, regiments support limits of the bases a little. You can use boards of any suitable width provided that its most part will be recorded in the basis.

As a basis the pine board 2 cm thick, 14 cm wide, 4,5 m long was used. As support require two boards on 2 meters, of the remained piece in 50 cm was decided to make one more shelf.

Necessary tools and materials:

  • board 200 cm long and 14 cm wide – 2 pieces;
  • board of 50 cm (regiments) – 5 pieces;
  • corner metal big – 4 pieces;
  • corner metal (small) – 20 pieces;
  • self-tapping screws sharp;
  • screw-driver (screw gun);
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • emery paper No. 3 and No. 1;
  • wood stain;
  • varnish alkidny PF-170 or furniture nitrovarnish;
  • brush wide;
  • solvent;
  • gloves;
  • respirator.

To construct a rack the hands is the cheapest way to get new furniture. However you can make it even cheaper, having bought the raw preparations. So, the unpolished board costs two-three times cheaper, than smooth preparations therefore if you are not afraid to work as hands superfluous a couple of hours, it is possible to save the considerable sum.

Having sawn preparations (it can ask to be made in shop of building materials) on the necessary quantity of parts, it is necessary to process them properly. For this purpose at first clean strong roughnesses by means of large "nazhdachka", then dust hardly damp rag and walk on all parties an emery paper No. 1. Remove special attention to corners and face parts of boards.

When preparations became smooth, it is possible to start processing by wood stain. Wood stain – magnificent antiseptics for any wood. It costs not much, and the elementary instruction allows to use it to the even beginning masters. In this case wood stain is necessary not so much for disinfection of a tree, how many for coloring. With its help it is possible to give to cheap wood expensive "noble" shade. So usual pine boards gained warm beautiful color of wenge.

Before work with wood stain put on gloves and a respirator. The smell of structure reminds saturated "fragrance" of very strong port – tolerantly, but without respirator the head of you will begin to spin literally in 5 minutes. Wood stain not more long dries than 20-30 minutes. The more layers you will put, the board will be more dark. On an example the tree painted by one and two layers of wood stain is shown.

When wood stain dried, varnish elements and leave before full drying. For this purpose it is possible to use a usual alkidny varnish of PF-170 which differs in fine weatherability and durability. It dries long, but to such covering neither casual blows, nor the spilled water are not terrible. There is a special furniture nitrovarnish which is a little more expensive, but dries much quicker. The only powerful minus – a strong specific smell therefore if you are going to use this option, prepare a place for drying of boards outdoors.

After drying of a varnish it is possible to start the most interesting – installation of a rack. In this case the design is calculated on easy subjects and made of light wood therefore it is enough to apply metal "corners" in the lower part to its fixing.

That the rack was steadier, attach corners from two parties in a "chess" order.

As one of bases of a rack will settle down closely to a wall, corners should be fixed on one party. Fasten racks, having arranged them at distance of length of shelves. In this case – in 50 cm from each other.

Today you will surprise nobody with curve floors and walls therefore not to add to this disorder also a curve rack, it is possible to enclose small wooden chocks under bases and to twist self-tapping screws directly in them. Do not worry on stability of such rack – laws of physics in this case will perfectly work in your advantage.

Fasten small "corners" to regiments. If a shelf narrow, and you are not going to put for it anything heavy, there is enough on one "corner" from each party. In this case on the lowermost narrow shelf there will be easy models of motorcycles therefore for it only two "corners" will be enough.

If the shelf wider is also intended for bulky heavy things (books, figurines, vases, etc.), it is necessary to spend on 2 "corners" from each party.

At first attach "corners" to regiments, and then record them on racks. For this purpose a roulette measure the necessary distance and make a mark a pencil. In this case the rack will adjoin a computer table therefore the first (lower) shelf will be located in 75 cm from a floor. Distance between the subsequent regiments – 30 cm. Thus, with a height of rack of 2 meters, the latest shelf will have small "side" which will not allow to fall from it to books, flowers or other things.

It was necessary only to fill shelves with contents and to enjoy result of the work! On creation of such rack at most two days will leave (together with drying of a varnish). provided the instruction on production of the simplest wooden rack. If you want to decorate racks and end faces of shelves with a beautiful ornament or a decoupage, make it before a varnishing stage.

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