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Maintenance of dwarfish rabbits

Very soon there will come New year, and on east calendar (in different versions) it is year of a cat, hare and rabbit. And if suddenly in the light of east trends you were visited by thought to make to itself the big-eared friend, it will be useful to learn about some parties of the maintenance of dwarfish rabbits.
Very soon there will come New year, and on east calendar (in different versions) it is year of a cat, hare and rabbit. And if suddenly in the light of east trends you were visited by thought to make to itself the big-eared friend, it will be useful to learn about some parties of the maintenance of dwarfish rabbits.
Карликовый кролик
Hare appeared at us unexpectedly. Unexpectedly for me: it was the husband's gift on birthday. Shortly before it we were on a visit at my friend and for the first time saw the rabbit who is living not in a cage, and freely walking about on kitchen there. Saw. Admired. And I forgot. But the husband did not forget! It was touched so by this small pussy that the issue of an ideal gift was resolved by itself.
My reaction to such gift was directly opposite to expectations. It was the confusion and tears. Ask "Why?". Because the first thought which came to my mind, was such: "Now we cannot leave anywhere! And very long!". After all dwarfish rabbits live 8-12 years. Unfortunately, as a result it appeared not the only problem. So give about everything one after another.
So, before buying a dwarfish rabbit, I recommend to readers of to think of with whom it remains if you want to leave? It is necessary to be ready that everything is not obligatory around (including living with you in one apartment) will be fans of your favourite. Also it is desirable to think over in advance to whom you will be able to entrust it. If you want to take it with yourself, previously specify, whether your airline transports rodents. Because in most cases it is forbidden. It is possible to transport by train, having the reference from the veterinarian and the corresponding carrying or a cage. We carried by car, the trip lasted about 20 hours, and during this time with Krall (so we called it) practically did not eat, and drank water only during stops. Generally, it was for it a big stress.

About safety

Rabbit freedom was our idea. At first we tried to give to Krol a scope within the apartment, but this invention failed. As to protect all furniture, carpets, linoleum and wires it was unreal. Besides, it had a bad habit to go to a toilet in the most unexpected places, and also to gnaw the things forgotten on chairs. Then we decided to be limited to kitchen. Put a cage in a corner, closed a door that hare did not run out on kitchen, and started living. At first everything was quiet. Krall ran for the refrigerator, sometimes pogryzyvat our oak table, ate in a cage and in the same place celebrated the needs of nature.
The thunder burst one morning. I was late for work, and suddenly because of the refrigerator strange sounds were distributed. As though someone several times struck on a wall. In a moment from there a bullet jumped out Krall. Some moustaches at it were singed, and on a lower lip a burn. It appeared that our researcher not for nothing spent time behind the refrigerator: wires on a back wall were izzhyovana simply in a bast. It is surprising as did not hit it with current earlier.
This episode forced us to look other eyes at our kitchen. All wires which it was possible, we cleaned under a plinth, and that is impossible, placed in corrugated tubes (such are on sale in the construction markets). An ingenious find of my husband was to use an old metal hose from a shower, having passed in it a wire – with it Krol's teeth could make nothing. The taken measures bore fruit, and more incidents with current did not repeat. Therefore if you solved, like us to lodge a rabbit in the room or kitchen, inspect the territory regarding wires, electric or telephone. Believe, easier initially to secure everything, than to repair after or to risk life of the pet.


The, probably, largest problem which we faced, was that the rabbit gnawed practically everything. I.e. he gnawed linoleum, a table, chairs, a wall border, the refrigerator door, a kitchen door forgotten in kitchen of a thing. At first we tried to fight against it: bought to it a special salt stone, swept for rodents, gave different plates, but on some, only to the conducted reasons all this did not suit it to it, and teeth needed to be sharpened. As a result, in one place a floor he gnawed through directly to concrete, izgryz all border, and in a wall of an air duct the huge hollow was formed. The only thing that did not attract it is a kitchen furniture. Why – we do not know. The put destructions were gradual so we somehow estimated not at once damage scales and when understood, we had to do in kitchen repair taking into account Krol. Because we still adhered to a position that hare has to live not in a cage. All this happened against my frequent quarrels to the husband because I considered him as responsible for the events, but I all the same did not want to give someone a rabbit.
Карликовый кролик
But we will return to repair. So, here that we made. First, a bottom of walls where there is no furniture, we imposed with a decorative tile. And height was counted proceeding from growth of a rabbit when it costs on socks on hinder legs plus still centimeters 7. Because it had such habit: to become and eat wall-paper. Secondly, put new linoleum and so that in kitchen there were no seams as it started gnawing originally a floor from seams. Thirdly, bought cheap folding plastic chairs with metal legs and pillows on them. Earlier he slept on soft chairs, but them is brutal izgryz. Chairs had to be thrown out, and that was simply a shame to us before guests. We thought that Krall will jump on new chairs therefore for the night put and leaned against a wall, but then understood that they do not interest a rabbit. So now it was possible to leave quietly them in unassembled form. Fourthly, we bought a new table. It was with wooden legs, and we should have protected them. Two-liter plastic bottles at which we cut off top and a bottom were for this purpose used and cut them lengthways, having wrapped up the turned-out leg tubes. After a while we removed at first one such protection, and then all. The varnish with which the tree was covered can, was tasteless, however this table of Krall did not gnaw.


Practically all the time rabbits eat something, gnaw and chew. Therefore it is important that hare always had a qualitative and various forage. It first of all hay which is on sale quite big packages in pet-shop.
Also now on sale there is a large number of various ready-made feeds. They consist of cereals, seeds, nuts, vegetables or fruit. If you want to use ready mix, the main thing that this forage did not make all diet of a rabbit. The recommended portion depends on the weight of an animal and it is usually specified on each pack. I pay attention of readers of that is very important thus that the rabbit constantly had clear drinking water because they drink quite often. It is necessary to change daily water and to wash a bowl for water (or a drinking bowl) that on walls microbes did not propagate.
All the year round you have to give to the pet fresh greens. We bought by Krolu germinated oats in pet-shop, salads in pots, tore off leaves and put in a cage. Still he very much loved fennel, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes. Of course, do not forget about carrot, crude potato and apples. The cabbage should be given in small amounts since it can cause formation of gases. When lived in the country, we gave a dandelion, a plantain, previously having washed plants. In the city you should not break them because of doubtful ecology. Also do not forget to watch purity of its pans every day.
Our rabbit also loved a peel from onions, oat-flakes and sunflower seeds. Can offer still branches of trees. In case of an oak branch diarrhea with leaves will serve as medicine.
I do not think that you will begin to give food from your table, but just in case I will tell that it is impossible to do it.


Initially the husband bought a small cage for a rabbit. In height it was centimeters 30, in width 32 and in length of 56. Inside I put a cardboard lodge which made itself that it could hide there. In process of a growing of a rabbit it became obvious that this cage to it is small though he also lives in kitchen. We chose for it a cage 1 meter long on that case that if we closed it, he would feel comfortable.
Содержание карликовых кроликов
It was planned that too he will celebrate the needs in a cage as it was earlier, but it did not occur. As a toilet he chose a place directly near a door and as we tried to accustom him to other place, at us it turned out nothing. It was necessary to put directly before a door a cat's tray with wood granules. And everything who wanted to come on kitchen, had to step through it. That, of course, it was very inconvenient, but it is inevitable. And, by the way, it was necessary to watch purity of a tray, and that Krall could descend easily in any other place.
He slept in a cage and when in the apartment it was cool now, we laid on a bottom that old jeans, a sweater. Though in the beginning we bought it in pet-shop a plush cylindrical lodge with the same plush roof. It seemed to us that there to it will comfortably sleep. But the view of things had Krall. In other words, it izgryz it simply into smithereens. It was necessary to throw out a lodge. But, generally, after repair and purchase of a big cage life in general was adjusted.


It is quite easy to look after dwarfish rabbits. They are very clean animals and like cats watch the purity. We had cases when with Krall it was awfully soiled, then we gathered in a basin of warm water, and one person held it, and another – washed. But it more likely exception.
In a cage 1-2 times a week it is necessary to carry out cleaning provided that the toilet is in a separate tray and not in a cage. We used wooden granules which absorb in themselves liquid in a tray, turning into dust. She can be cleaned simply a sovochok, dosypav new granules. It allows pads to remain dry and facilitates cleaning. But all the same we washed a tray at least 2-3 times a day.
Two times a year rabbits fade. At us at this time its wool soared everywhere, and on chairs remained its whole a shred. Somehow to accelerate process we scratched it special brushes. If you have an allergy to wool before to get a rabbit, it is worth specifying this question. Because the period of a molt can not pass for you completely.
At Krol in room conditions grew long claws, we did not cut them. But in general they should be cut special tweezers, without having touched skin at all.


In principle with health dwarfish rabbits have no special difficulties, but there are some important points to which it is necessary to pay attention. Drafts in the same way, as a bright sun are contraindicated to them. And the cage cannot be put directly near the battery. Poisonings are also very dangerous to them. Therefore if you will see at a rabbit such symptoms as allocations from eyes or a nose, refusal of water or food, a lock or a diarrhea, twitching of hinder legs or simply unclear slackness, do not postpone visit to the veterinarian by no means.
As well as other pets, rabbits of times a year need to do inoculations. It is especially important if for the summer you want to take out it on giving. And it is better to find out in advance where in case of an illness you can treat your hare. Because not in all veterinary clinics are engaged in treatment of rodents. And to find the expert, by the way, he is called ratolog, in general is difficult.
Карликовый кролик - храброе домашнее животное
Though there are situations when the doctor can be necessary not for a rabbit at all … From time to time to us there came parents with the mopsik. When still Krall was small, we tried to acquaint them, but hare was frightened. With age he grew up and began to protect the territory. Once they even fought after that they strongly took a dislike to each other, and we in general closed them access to each other. And Krall had a dangerous habit to watch near a door. And when someone came on kitchen, it rushed on feet. Sometimes even bit. And here in one of arrivals of a pug, they with Krol sat on the different parties of a door, is visible waiting for fight. My sister tried to come into this moment on kitchen, having pushed aside a pug, and here hare made the masterful throw. It marked at a pug, and got to the sister's foot, having hung on it teeth and claws. The wound was deep and long did not heal so it was necessary to address to the doctor. Generally, as the dog was lucky and as the sister was not lucky. I to that such situations more likely an exception, but after all it is worth to remember that the dwarfish rabbit is after all animal, though house.

Let's sum up the results. Dwarfish rabbits, certainly, can live out of a cage. Also it is not obligatory at all that you will have same problems. I only wanted to share with readers of personal experience because about it it is not written in one book about rabbits. By the way, before you will get an animal, I advise such to read to gain basic knowledge. Then you will imagine more stoutly for that it is possible to wait from your big-eared friend. And if you resolved to get to yourself a krolchishka, will not be disappointed. It will be love for the rest of life.
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