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How to pump up house muscles

The desire to pump up muscles at the men dissatisfied with the physical form, arises more often than it can be imagined. But here business does not reach only practice in most cases. The offered exercises will help to pump up muscles, and to carry out them it is possible and it is necessary at home.
Как накачать мышцы дома The desire to pump up muscles at the men dissatisfied with the physical form, arises more often than it can be imagined. But here business does not reach only practice in most cases. And there is a lot of these cases, and the author of this council not an exception. There is a desire, but suddenly something began to distract? Distract, and to spit on desire. If it rather strong, and you really want to reach a certain result, having pumped up all muscles of the body, the desire will return. Remind yourself of it more often!
For me diligent readers of useful tips! And let you are not frightened by enthusiastic tone of my words. Because for receiving result you should sweat, but not to laugh, and can even damn the modest author of these lines in a fit of temper.
That I intend to offer you, can seem (and will seem) to the strange. But, I hope, it is not deprived of sense. Before you not councils of the instructor on physical preparation, but the person six years doing sports swimming and firsthand knowing how to be in good shape.
The offered exercises will help to pump up muscles, and to carry out them it is possible and it is necessary at home (amusing to offer people to be engaged in group if they are not happy with the body). Maximum time of their performance 1-1,5 hours. Less at you it will not turn out and you should not hurry anywhere. You after all, really, want to achieve results?

Principle of increase in muscle bulk

Many heard about what exercises carried out participants of the ancient Olympic Games for competitions in a raising of weights. The idea is simple and clear. The young man who started trainings daily lifted a calf. With growth of a calf load of the young athlete constantly increased.
We do not need a calf, as well as travel on a time machine. The main thing – the principle of this training. Let's carry out all known exercises on the general physical preparation, thus artificially increasing the weight of the body. This excess weight will become yours for the period of occupations that will help to distribute loading more evenly.
My familiar yoga instructor, and still the bard, in the past the boxer (and still the devil knows who is he such), told me that work on itself, as well as on the body is only practice. And, therefore, any, even the cleverest chatter will not replace five minutes of this practice.

How to pump up house muscles

We will carry out exercises on a floor and on a horizontal bar. As "excess" weight we will use a backpack in which, for a start, we will put "The Soviet encyclopedic dictionary" and we will start performance of exercises. Everything is simple as orange.

Pulling up on a horizontal bar

Подтягивание на турнике We hang on a horizontal bar, the successful fellow – by palms on ourselves, hands on width of shoulders and we are tightened. In it there is nothing new, but not everything is so simple. If you seek to pump up muscles – the most important to carry out exercise evenly, without breakthroughs, with an identical speed at rise and lowering of a body. advises to do this exercise with the maximum "excess" weight which you are capable to tighten evenly. The number of approaches thus has to be minimum. Breathe a nose, evenly: the breath on rise, exhaled when lowering. Rise and lowering have to be carried out with the minimum speed, but are comparable to your deep and uniform breath exhalation.
Now we change the successful fellow for "a monkey grasp" (all five fingers cover a horizontal bar crossbeam from above) and we are tightened, "putting a horizontal bar for the head". Thus it is desirable to do odd number of pullings up. As well as for the previous exercise. It gives the chance to distribute loading for training of your endurance. It is important to distribute mentally in advance your forces for the beginning of approach, its maximum loading and the termination. Think of it during exercise performance.
Effective minimum of pullings up at desire to pump up muscles – 3, and at most, well I do not know. One is clear: starting expediting these exercises very much will reach "maximum". But, only, without fanaticism!
Further for distribution of loading the successful fellow in 1,5 width of shoulders is used. This coefficient can be increased somehow smoothly to 2.
At such mode of performance of exercises both muscles of hands, and a back, and an abdominal tension will not remain unaddressed.

Push-ups from a floor

Отжимания от пола Let's start push-ups. Same principle: having loaded with a backpack with a quantity of "knowledge", we carry out odd number of push-ups for approach.
It is better to carry out push-ups on fists – so you will only increase efficiency of process of inflating of muscles. Slowly, with a breath, evenly we fall and smoothly, with an exhalation, without delays we squeeze out ourselves and "excess" weight.
Begin with 5 push-ups for approach. It is better to alternate approaches to rest lying on a stomach, having enclosed hands under the head. Especially if "pulls" a waist.
As well as in a case with pulling up mentally distribute for yourself loading, as before, and during exercise performance. Make, how many will be able, but be ready to it!

We swing back muscles

Lying on a stomach, thrust feet under a sofa, the battery, anything. If only to find a point of support for exercise performance. Put hands for the head and, slowly caving in in a back, lift and lower an upper body.
Begin with 5 rises lowerings for approach. Breathe evenly.
If it was not succeeded to find a point of support for feet – anything terrible. To pump up back muscles, we will carry out exercise "boat" with a "excess" weight on a back. Lying on a stomach, bend feet in knees so that you could grab socks of feet hands. For the rest – the same: lift and lower an upper body, helping thus themselves hands. Only adjust length of straps of a backpack to tighten its weight higher.

We swing press muscles

Качаем мышцы пресса To pump up press muscles, we sit down on a floor, we bend feet in knees at right angle. Again we look for a support under the battery, a sofa, etc. We begin exercise – we will take the leave back, and at rise evenly we turn the case to the right, at the following rise – to the left. During performance of exercise we do not fall a back by a floor (will stir a backpack).
We do 5-7 rises for approach. Do not give all the best for 100%, and will regret that about it tomorrow! The good, vigorous beginning can come to naught. It is not necessary for you.

We squat

For this purpose a little more "excess" weight is required. We take freight of smaller weight in hand, than lies in a backpack. We hold it before ourselves on outstretched arms. A back direct, feet on width of shoulders.
Slowly we squat and we get up. To start 14 knee-bends for approach awaking quite enough.

On the end of exercises

Recover the breath. Lie down, but it is better not to sleep. Make small walk, slowly. Try not to think neither of exercises, nor of the received loading. Better in general not to think of anything.
Appetite woke up – eat. Do not hesitate. It is more than proteinaceous food, all know it. By the way, reminds that porridges – excellent means, both for fast restoration of the spent forces, and for increase in muscle bulk. For example, in a diet of the Roman gladiators barley prevailed. And barley porridge with mutton or goat fat was a main course of fighters of the arena, as well as the Roman legionaries.
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    Andrey//on January 18, 2008 I am 15 years old, I started taking care of the own life about about two weeks ago in house conditions. In 14 years it could not be tightened never at all, hardly) Now with a house technique and the healthy house nutrition 5 times only in 2 weeks are tightened.
Andrey, it is possible to learn that it for a house technique?
Value on January 29, 2008
Well to be engaged houses, of course, but it is not enough for achievement of good result. It is possible to work at a bar in training + to be wrung out and be tightened houses in the mornings. Besides the bar gives to blow weight. The main aspiration to the purpose, and simple chatter really will not help for achievement of this purpose. So I advise all to visit the hall. Or at least to give worthy loadings.
Nikiton on January 25, 2008
Houses, of course, you will not be pumped up, it is possible to improve only slightly a form, and here the hall is the hall. But to shake not to everyone it is given. Did not prevent to eat any additives yet, and it is so written in principle normally.
Vladimir on January 24, 2008
I, of course, understand that occupations of the house it is good. And that there was a true effect, and you could apply the physical qualities with advantage, it is necessary to play sports, for example: sambo, judo, karate, etc. And then the received skill will be well combined with force, and you will be at peak of the opportunities!
All of good luck! I wish success!
Yury on January 21, 2008
And I in general and houses am engaged and in a hall!!!! Of course, it is better than the house, but in a hall too it is good. Also help you councils, and you seek to be as they. Nevertheless and houses, and in a hall are the advantages.
Vadya on January 19, 2008
jericho: During trainings place emphasis on the left hand, be wrung out on the left hand, right having put for a back.
Andrey on January 18, 2008
Article good. Bad I cannot tell anything. I am 15 years old, I started taking care of the own life about about two weeks ago in house conditions. In 14 years it could not be tightened never at all, hardly) Now with a house technique and the healthy house nutrition 5 times only in 2 weeks from scratch are tightened. I will agree with many. The gym kills a body and eats a brain-) to shake in house conditions Much better as our ancestors did. After all Greeks had no training halls, all did in house conditions and reached perfection, had excellent muscles. Main are a good food and work. The truth of people can be engaged in years, but to achieve nothing because does not aim. It has to represent accurately that wants. If you are in love, it is even simpler to you to be pumped up. You will try because of all forces to be pleasant to the girl - and it is already excellent spiritual preparation!
Jericho on January 13, 2008
I from 4 years play sports, 42 times are tightened, 160 I am freely wrung out on fists! There are big shifts, but children, at me a problem, the right side stronger and surpasses by the form left, what to do to me?
Yaroslav on January 12, 2008
Children, and you it is not aware that it is possible to eat like a protein?
Glory on January 07, 2008
The Trknazherny hall and result in pulling up, is things it would seem unilateral, but. I learned on own experience that the gym disturbs pulling up, namely a bar. I was brought up 28 times, then started being engaged more seriously in "trenazherka" (thus I did not throw pulling up) and literally in a month took, what it became much more difficult to be tightened. Instead of former 28, it began to be tightened 20.
Igor on January 06, 2008
I am brought up 35 times. Also 200 times are wrung out. House with dumbbells and with a horizontal bar can achieve bigger result, than in a hall for musclemen. Which cannot be tightened not to time. Also sdykhat after 10 push-ups.
ilfat on December 29, 2007
I am brought up 20 times, it is necessary to want simply and trenerovtsya!
In development on December 26, 2007
Very important, boys, when performing exercises constantly mentally to want to improve the look.
Seryoga on December 24, 2007
All this is good, but prompt, what it is better to eat when trainings?
Vanya on December 22, 2007
All these trainings - anything without psychological preparation! And having gone outside, you can simply be frightened and as a result will receive the lyuly!!! In my opinion, the best training is street fights without rules!!!
Dmitry on December 21, 2007
I here that will tell, how the doctor to doctors :) Try to eat less fat and fried is very much will help you with achievement of the purpose. And, as it was correctly noticed, do not give all the best on everything 100 - it is not good!! An excess stress to an organism to anything! Itself, by the way, I am going to be engaged houses as time for the hall is not present!! And still: forget about McDonald's!!!! Forever :) Good luck all! Not to throw the main thing on a floor of a way....
GolD on December 19, 2007
Tell if regularly to carry out these exercises in the morning and in the evening, how soon it is possible to wait for result (even if small)?
Arnie on December 13, 2007
In my opinion, on one pullings up and push-ups far you will not leave. Here at my place folding dumbbells, a bar and a board for presses is a necessary minimum.
Wheel on December 13, 2007
All hi! Earlier here to the written I will add to everything: Try to feel the body and muscles! Do not do in stupid all exercises - you not at school work for an assessment! And everything will be OK! Professionals, physical culture - all have to play sports! Good luck!
San on December 13, 2007
Thanks, I will surely try...
alex on December 11, 2007
Advise how at occupations it is possible also normally to put on weight?! I eat everything that is possible, but not as I will not gain weight.
ruslanych on December 10, 2007
And I here that will tell: it is not necessary to follow only one program. Having worked on the above exercises of week two it is necessary to add exercises on other groups of muscles. I am engaged in it already whole year. Shifts are: 60 times are wrung out, force exit to two hands, etc. And to stop on the reached - only in vain to spend year. Generally, all of good luck!!!
Seryoga on December 10, 2007
I could not be brought up at all, and then a week of UNBEARABLE work prior to 9 times reached! Now 10 times are tightened.
Romka on December 08, 2007
The lie, the hall cripples, and these exercises treat. Also are very useful... especially, if you wish to receive forces. I still would add exercises on bars, but time is not present =)
Jenia on December 08, 2007
Certainly, the hall will replace nothing. This program is rather for those who leads a sedentary life. In the mornings it is quite good charging. I will tell on own experience: without constantly growing otyazheleniye of trainings it is not enough that good will leave.
Alexey on December 08, 2007
For growth of muscles 2 things are necessary: 1. Conditions, that is the food containing not less than 2 g of protein on body weight kg a day. 2. The reason, that is CONSTANTLY GROWING LOADING. Having hanged on one weight, you will NEVER pump up weight. Could make more than 12 repetitions - increase loading.
Pasha on December 07, 2007
House trainings are anything in comparison with the hall! Only it is not necessary to think that I will be pumped up in 1 month or 2. For a good beautiful body, years of trainings are necessary! Here for 2 years of a fitness studio I achieved good results - from a breast I press 90kg. Maybe it will seem to someone a little, but with my weight in 70 kg it is norm)))) Train, good luck to you!!!
LittleM on December 07, 2007
This all nonsense will never replace the real athletic hall. At most that you will be able to make is a slope 'the beach muscleman', it is simple to t.a to bring the muscles into a tone, BUT not to pump up them. And to pump up it is necessary to stick as a dinosaur before loss of consciousness - then there will be a result.
Andrew on December 06, 2007
Started being engaged since 16 and a half years whereas time there came the summer, and I solved why and is not present, time I can perfectly own balls, rackets, bits, and other things, after all always sport was given me as entertainment. During the summer achieved a good result. In 3 months of push-ups in the mornings and to evenings, pumped up a breast, straightened a back and leveled a press. For this purpose it is enough to know 6 types of statement of hands, a back and feet. In 3 months pumped up a press, without using any batteries, sofas, etc. which was under a layer something that did not arrange me, in cubes-rubiki. It was first upset with that their of everything 4, and only top, is closer to a solar plexus. But with age everything began to be shown better and better. Today to me 19, also look me is sports, without any additives. Also do not forget to eat correctly!!!
CM Punk on December 04, 2007
Children, it is necessary to believe that you want, do these exercises with belief! And not to look each 5 minutes at result, and that that 2 years you do exercises and the effect is not present is your body means cannot develop in this plan. Simply you strengthened an organism it is it too well.
JayTee on November 28, 2007
Hello)) I here on what question, I not absolutely thick, but also not the dystrophic person)) BUT am fat and it is a problem. How to move away him (it is desirable quickly)? What exercises to do? How many? I swing a press every morning (once a day) to food it is effective? Thanks in advance! Write on Fox1991@list .ru soap!
Anton on November 16, 2007
The result all the same will be, at least, a breast in house conditions it is possible to pump up!
P@sh @ on November 06, 2007
All this seems to me nonsense, the gym is better. I go the 2nd year to a trenazhyorka, and, believe, result at me big. Yes generally and since the childhood of times till 10-15 it was tightened.
qwert on November 05, 2007
I never could will be tightened. Bought a horizontal bar - 3 times can now. Such result is less, than in a week.
KillerWeeD on November 03, 2007
If after long loadings you do not feel effect, means or you do something wrong, or you have an unimportant muscle bulk. And then it is necessary to start being engaged from 13-14 years. P.S. If you are in love with the girl, muscles shake much quicker. Noticed? It not accident, special substances which promote fast increase in muscle bulk are simply allocated.
DEMON on October 31, 2007
It was tightened every day for 3 years till 14-17 times! And I pound... by my calculations I already had to be Shvartsnegger... and it is only sensitive strengthened the organism.
Black on October 25, 2007
Already as month I am engaged, the result is, but small, and so in principle is normal.
doody on October 12, 2007
Even that once you can already well :)
BOSS on October 04, 2007
WELL and chyo, well I trenkovatsya at home and on the street, and I pound 2% from 100%. Stupidly somehow 7 months I am engaged.
Artur on October 01, 2007
In principle everything is clear... let's try... But one question: and if I can be brought up only once, and that by palms on myself?
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