The psychology of the man - as them to understand
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The psychology of the man - as them to understand

We live side by side with them, and not important we love them or we hate, we respect or we despise. Anyway we try to understand psychology of the men who are near us. And it happens absolutely hardly, after all we such different.
Психология мужчины - как их понять We live side by side with them, and not important we love them or we hate, we respect or we despise. Anyway we try to understand psychology of the men who are near us. And it happens absolutely hardly, after all we such different.
Since the childhood of boys and girls bring up, focusing on those social roles which they should carry out in the future. So, girls, playing, learn to be mothers, hostesses, teachers, doctors and so forth. Their games are constructed generally on verbal, that is verbal communication. Anyway, but game of girls is a communication for the sake of communication.
Quite another matter boys. In their games action prevails. Besides, the competitive component is very considerable. They should deliberate more not WHAT to tell, and HOW to make. And it is not simple to make, and to surpass partners in game, to prove that you the best. From the earliest age the boy is aimed at action which will bear concrete fruits. Besides, our patriarchal society inspires in little men a certain thesis about machismo superiority over the female. However superiority obliges and to a certain responsibility for that whom the man risked "to tame".

As the man's psychology is arranged

Успех необходим мужчине, это часть его психологии Men – the stronger sex, on them from time immemorial keeps the world. They build, destroy, are at war, always on their shoulders the most responsible and hard work lays down. But except work men always got money, the power and glory. So not one century proceeds, and it created a certain image, to correspond to which practically each man aspires. It is an image of the clever, strong-willed, self-assured person which reached all earthly blessings.
However, there are no rules without any exception, it is inevitable and in the relation to man's psychology. There are people who always and in everything go counter to stereotypes and the standard dogmas. For example, there live in one yard three friends: Petya has a prestigious highly paid work, well and respectively the big apartment, the beauty the wife and good girls children. His friend Vasya works at uninteresting work, lives in the one-room apartment, the wife saws him for a lack of money etc. Vasya very much seeks to be same successful as Petya. And society understands it because successful to be good (sounds it is banal, but it indeed). And the third friend, Sidor, lives as it is pleasant to it, does not seek to resemble anybody, does not pursue prestigious work, does not try to scramble above on a social ladder. In psychology of this man simply other priorities – he, for example, likes to collect a collection of unique photos or to grow up houses a palm tree in a green tub. But the public opinion with understanding will belong to Vasiny attempts to earn more, and for certain will negatively estimate the nonconventional relation of Sidor to the standard values. The few are capable on such, but Sidor has the zone of superiority, a certain ability which is not possessed by any of his friends. And it ennobles it in own eyes and grants to it the right to be proud of itself. Thus, in psychology of the man there is an important point - achievement of success. Not so important, the man succeeded in what sphere, it is important that his merits allocated him on the general background. It (independently vzleleyanny palm tree in a green tub) does it absolutely irresistible and incredibly attractive to women.
The success is absolutely necessary for the man to take place as the personality. And the more areas in which the man is successful, the it is more at him than incentives to further "gains".
Such direction in psychology of the man was always. For example, the man, wishing to continue the sort, has to prove to the partner what exactly he is worthy to be the father of her children. To prove to the whole world, what exactly it the cleverest, the strongest, the most successful, most, most, most...

Men are big "little boys"

Мужчины как большие дети - тоже иногда хочется пошалить и покапризничать And now let's glance under a lid of this armor. What party of psychology of men disappears under this "egoism"? Even the most courageous macho succeeding everywhere and in everything somewhere at heart remained the little boy. And this boy sometimes wants to play pranks, pokapriznichat, and even to arrange a hysterics if it did not let to take a walk. The wise woman will never forget about this feature of man's psychology and will not begin "to press authority" independently solving as as the husband has to do. The clever wife – is always a little bit similar to mother, tender I pardon mother who can simply stroke the got naughty boy on the head.

Why we cannot understand man's psychology

Ныть и плакаться – это не входит в мужскую психологию The aiming of man's psychology at success generates in them those strangenesses which women are not able to understand. Men are capable to comprehend an event entirely, to estimate the main tendencies and to establish connection between parts. So, for example, when in the apartment mess, the woman sees EACH thing which lies not on a place, and for the man it is simply small disorder. Men are not exchanged for trifles and if enrages you that socks of your elect creep away on all apartment, there is no sense to make scandal, your man simply does not notice it, he does not see this household trifle. His brain is absorbed by considering of some grandiose thought... and here you with some socks! Well how here not to flare up?
Though it is necessary to recognize, men are capable to control the emotions better. Besides they can hide the weaknesses, to suppress offenses and failures. At all not because the man does not trust the darling. It is simple to ache and be cried is does not enter man's psychology. It (as it seems to them) does men similar to women and deprives of their that status of the successful person for which they strive.

We approached the main thing: what to do to us, women to succeed in communication with our men. There is no need long to understand subtleties of man's psychology, after all the answer is simple: the man needs support. If the man does not reach wished in some field of activity, whether it be business, family life or sex, he is simply lost. Also can quite lower hands and even to refuse further fight. And here recommends to find all necessary words of participation, to give psychological support to the man. Ladies, do not hesitate to ask the spouses. Your man is always ready to believe your words that he the cleverest, the strongest that at him everything will always turn out. These simple words can sometimes be enough that your Phoenix rose from the ashes.
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