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Symptoms and treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis represents a noncontagious chronic disease of skin of the person which also can "scaly call deprived". In a literal translation from Greek this word is meant by "itch" or "itch".

Opinions of modern medicine concerning an origin of psoriasis are ambiguous. They it is reduced to various judgments: to genetic predisposition, to mental injuries, and also to violation of functions of endocrine system and a metabolism. Now still there is a hypothesis of influence of virus factors on developing of this disease, however any of versions is not considered conventional. It is necessary to add that at patients are observed not only skin changes, but also transformations in other systems and an internal.


Psoriasis is one of the most difficult and widespread dermatosis tending both to incidence growth and to increase in quantity of various forms of manifestation. Definition of the diagnosis is made by method of visual research of skin, in case of existence of atypical rashes, as additional research the biopsy is appointed. Numerous forms of this disease are subdivided into two main categories.

Pustulous psoriases unite the following forms:

  • generalized psoriasis of von Zumbusch;
  • palmoplantarny pustulez, usually settling down on extremities;
  • annulyarny psoriasis;
  • persistiruyushchiya akrodermatit, developing on soles and palms;
  • gerpetiformny impetigo.

Nepustelezny psoriases include:

  • ordinary blyashkovidny or vulgar psoriasis;
  • psoriatichesky eritrodermiya.

Besides, many authors I allocate such additional forms of this disease, as:

  • seboreynopodobny;
  • the medicinal induced;
  • psoriasis of skin folds and sgibatelny surfaces;
  • Napkin's diagnosis.

Symptoms and etiology

Process of emergence of psoriasis, as a rule, begins sharply. It is shown in the form of small papules (small knots) of red-pink color covered with the exfoliating silver-white scales. These educations quickly enough increase, forming plaques. When combing papules at first scales exfoliate, then the brilliant smooth surface which is very vulnerable to various poskablivaniye leading to further emergence of droplets of blood is formed. Such educations, depending on a concrete form of a disease, can occupy quite extensive sites of skin. Most often these rashes occur on a lap, elbows and the head, but, it must be kept in mind that they can prove on different sites of epidermis. Thus psoriasis does not influence the general state of health of the patient and his health in any way.

The significant role in pathogenesis of psoriasis is played by violations of activity of immune system. By a clinical way it is proved that defeats of integuments are followed by considerable inflow of the activated T-lymphocytes. Their excess migration from peripheral blood in separate sites of skin can become the reason of damage of healthy epidermis sick cells. This process can be carried out by means of transformation of cytoplasmatic membranes, stimulation of migration in epidermis, and also increase of coupling with endoteliotsita.


Psoriasis can have three clinical stages: progressing (emergence of fresh small knots), stationary (stable growth of papules) and regressing (the permission of a disease which is followed by disappearance of papules). It is considered, what completely it is not possible to get rid of this disease today, however there is a number of productive methods of treatment and the effective preparations allowing to control disease outbreaks and considerably to soften their manifestations.

Treatment of psoriasis, first of all, is directed on the termination of growth of epiteliotsit and suppression of inflammatory process. For this purpose, depending on a form of a disease, its prevalence and a stage of development, the individual course of treatment, taking into account age, sex and the general state of health of the patient is appointed.

In treatment of easy forms of a disease usually there is enough use of tar, salicylic or any other softening ointment and preparations of a naftalan. The heavy, started forms of psoriasis demand complex treatment with systematic application of the anti-inflammatory, desensibilizing and dezintoksikatsionny preparations, and also various methods of physical therapy. One of the most effective methods of treatment of psoriasis the photochemotherapy or PUVA-therapy is considered now.

Treatment of any form of psoriasis usually is followed by use of the peeling and rassasyvayushchy ointments, use of sedatives, a parafinolecheniye, ultra-violet radiation, hormonal therapy, and also the use of such vitamins, as "A", "B1", "B2", "B12". During treatment of psoriasis patients have to refuse completely alcohol intake and settle the diet, having as much as possible reduced use of spicy and fat food. Products which part digestible carbohydrates are are also subject to restriction: sugar, honey, jam etc. Considerable plus of such diet is positive influence in process of treatment of proteins of a different origin, both animal, and vegetable.

Psoriasis can be shown through quite long periods. It has a wavy current with the periods of an aggravation and subsiding. It is noticed that most often exacerbations of a disease arise in the fall and in the winter, and is much more rare in the summer. In general, the forecast for patients with psoriasis favorable, except for a psychological factor. At heavy forms of a disease formation of the hardly descending scars is possible. On the course of psoriasis pregnancy can have unpredictable influence. During incubation of the child women should not apply hormonal ointments and to avoid system therapy. Mirsovetov reminds that as well as in treatment of any other disease, the most effective method of treatment of psoriasis is prevention of its emergence. Therefore the people having predisposition to this type of a dermatosis should remember it always.

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