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How to apply Prozhestozhel

The female breast drawing attention and attracting strong male hands was always considered as a symbol of beauty, tenderness, feminity, motherhood. But what to undertake if the breast becomes a source of periodic or constant pain? This problem is called as physicians as "mastodiniya" or "mastalgiya".

The statistics shows that these unpleasant phenomena face for years of the life from 65 to 70% of women. One of the most frequent factors of emergence of pain in mammary glands physicians call a hormonal imbalance when in an organism of the woman deficiency of a progesterone is observed. In this case the doctor can recommend external means – gel Prozhestozhel who relieved already many patients of pain.

About a breast pain

Unpleasant feelings can appear at any age. Hormonal splash during puberty often does not avoid also the formed, developing mammary glands. But also at the age of 20-40 years, and also before the woman's menopause too address to the gynecologist with a mastalgiya. Character of pain, its expressiveness and intensity can be different – weight, a pricking, discomfort, tension, burning, sharp pain. There are women at whom at a mastalgiya also body temperature rises. Pain can be provoked by a hormonal imbalance (for example, before "critical" days or at reception of oral contraceptives), a trauma, intercostal neuralgia, chest osteochondrosis, a mastopatiya or other gynecologic, oncological diseases. If in mammary glands regularly there is a pain, it is necessary to visit the gynecologist or the mammologist to understand the reasons for which these phenomena happen. Mastalgiya often arises owing to squeezing by the swelled fabrics of the nervous terminations which are in mammary glands. And swelled appears at violations of balance between quantity of an estrogen and a progesterone when considerable deficiency of a progesterone is observed. If to undertake nothing, the layer of ferruterous fabric can become over time thickness that will lead to development of a mastopatiya and other pathologies. To cope with this problem as Mirsovetov already mentioned, in power to Prozhestozhel.

General information about a preparation

Prozhestozhel in Belgium is made. In packing there is an aluminum tuba containing 80 grams of gel and the applicator batcher. Gel this colourless, translucent, is easy opalescence and a smell of alcohol. Active agent of this means is gestagen in the form of the natural micronized progesterone. There are also auxiliary components: oktildodekanol, polioksilgidrogenizirovanny castor oil, a karbomer 980, trietanolamine, the water cleared ethyl alcohol.

Prozhestozhel's action

The progesterone, as we know, is the hormone produced by a yellow body. This hormone blocks estrogenovy receptors, promoting thereby improvement of absorption from fabrics of liquid environments. Therefore squeezing in glands of lacteal channels decreases. Still the progesterone shows the blocking action on prolaktinovy receptors, thereby reducing development of breast milk (laktopoez). When putting gel on skin of chest glands, concentration of this gestagen only in their fabrics increases, the hormone has no system effect. Under the influence of a progesterone there is a decrease in quantity of an active estrogen in a breast therefore their impact on a condition of fabrics of glands is limited. Liquid thus is late already in insignificant quantities, hypostases fall down, pain decreases or at all passes. At skin (transdermalny) use the progesterone gets at once to tissues of mammary glands, without being exposed to changes of structure in a liver, thus on an organism no system side effects appear.

This gel is recommended to women at:

  • mastalgiya, mastodiniya (discomfortable, pain in mammary glands) connected with puberty in the teenage period, the premenstrual period, reception OC (oral contraceptives) or a premenopause;
  • diffusion fibrous and cystous mastopatiya.

How to put Prozhestozhel?

If you the first time took a tube, pierce it the punch which is available on a lid. Get from packing the pallet batcher, squeeze out a gel strip over his ruler. Length of this strip has to coincide with the deepening which is available on a ruler. By means of the batcher applicator it is necessary to apply on one dose (these are two and a half grams) on both mammary glands. It is not necessary gel neither to rub, nor to do the massing movements. Simply leave gel on integuments before its full absorption. It is desirable that some time for places of applications sunshine did not get. Drawings become one or twice a day in the second phase of a cycle or daily (including also days of menstrual bleedings). Duration of therapy is determined by the doctor, on average the course lasts three cycles of the woman. Even if after the first cycle it became much better for you, for achievement of lasting effect continue to put a preparation, following recommendations of the gynecologist. Often besides Prozhestozhel the doctor appoints intake of oral contraceptive preparations, at their combined use the effect from Prozhestozhel amplifies.

Whether there are side effects?

Usually Prozhestozhel's application is transferred by patients well. Such side effects were in rare instances recorded:

  1. The allergic reactions which are expressed as reddenings of integuments in those places where gel was applied.
  2. "Inflow".
  3. Decrease in a libido.Mammary
  4. gland pain.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Headache.
  7. Puffiness of lips and area of a neck.
  8. Uterine bleedings.

Whether there are contraindications?

It is impossible to apply Prozhestozhel at:

  • pregnancies (second and third trimesters);
  • individual intolerance of a preparation;
  • existence of unspecified new growths in a mammary gland;
  • malignant diseases of a female genital;
  • nodal forms of a fibrous and cystous mastopatiya;
  • breast cancer.

With care it is necessary to use gel Prozhestozhel at a renal or liver failure, diabetes, epilepsy, bronchial asthma, thrombophlebitis, a tromboemboliya, increase the HELL, depressions, migraines, the increased coagulability of blood, increase in concentration in blood of lipids (giperlipoproteinemiya).

Morbidity of mammary glands is a signal which gives an organism to the woman, what not everything in it functions smoothly and harmoniously. Also you should not suffer with firmness from pain, to lose joyful emotions. Surely visit the mammologist or the gynecologist which will help to define the reason of such problems, will pick up optimum option of treatment.

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