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Protrusion of mezhpozvonkovy disks

Among different types of a degeneration of a disk the protrusion of intervertebral disks meets most often. At this illness the intervertebral disk supports limits of a spine column that causes quite severe pains in a back.

Vertebral disks, as we know, have an oval form and spongy structure. Their shift usually happens because of the traumatized or age changes. Does not feel pain in a back of people with similar shift there will be no irritation of one of the next nerves yet.

Usually at the movement of vertebras in a backbone there is their depreciation by means of vertebral disks. Eventually these disks wear out and as a result they are stuck out out of limits of the normal situation. However, wear of vertebral disks occurs gradually. This process can be divided into some stages. The first stage is a damage of a disk. At this stage the internal part of a disk is displaced from the normal state and stuck out towards a fibrous ring. Thus the formed camber can make more than a half of a circle. The second stage of wear is a formation of hernia and protrusion of a mezhpozvonkovy disk. At formation of hernia there is a damage of a fibrous ring. And the internal part of a new growth sometimes leaves abroad this ring. To a condition of a protrusion the vystupaniye of internal part of an intervertebral disk to the vertebral canal is characteristic.

The person at whom the protrusion of disks was formed, often also has also other problems with health. Thus for treatment of these problems various methods of phytotherapy are used. In addition also other medical procedures can be applied.


Most often pathology is formed in lumbar department of a backbone, less often similar violations are formed in cervical, and is even more rare - in chest department. Therefore the illness symptomatology depends on a place of localization of pathology. Anyway pains can give to various parts of a body: in a hand, a foot, a nape, a neck and in a mezhdureberye. In places of formation of a protrusion weakening of muscles, muscle pains and sensitivity violation can be observed. That, symptoms will be how expressed, in many respects depends on pathology which led to protrusion of a disk. In addition, symptoms of an illness depend on the protrusion sizes, and also on extent of compression of nerves and a spinal cord an intervertebral disk. Pain can be provoked by sharp inclinations forward, sitting or standing in the same pose for a long time.

Pathology of lumbar department of a backbone

It should be noted that this department of a backbone usually suffers most often. It occurs because of the expressed loading and big amplitude of movements. As a result of it intervertebral disks of this department of a backbone have big tendency to damage and emergence of a protrusion. This type of pathology can develop at young age. Though age degenerate processes can do a situation even worse. Thus the person usually complains of the aching pain in lumbar department which arises at long lying, sitting, standing or after long walking. Besides, at inclinations the nagging pain in a waist zone arises the head forward or at a raising of a foot. Further there is an aching foot pain which gradually goes down to foot. Thus the person feels a pricking in feet and it has a condition of so-called "wadded" feet. Also Mirsovetov notes that at this illness it becomes heavy to person to carry out the movements in a waist. There can also be pains in feet, headaches, and also can "shoot" in a waist.

Pathology in cervical department of a backbone

It is known that as a part of cervical department of a backbone there are seven vertebras. Between each such vertebras there are intervertebral disks. When disks start wearing out, there are protrusions which can lead to tightening of a spinal cord or its nervous terminations. If there is an impact on these structures, the person starts complaining of muscular weaknesses in extremities and an elbow, it has a sleep and a pricking in a hand, and also pain which can give on all hand. People with such violation also have chronic pains in a neck.

Protrusion in chest department

This type of pathology meets much less than other types. It is connected with that mobility in chest department of a backbone is much lower, than around a waist or a neck. For this reason excess impact on disks is less considerable here. Nevertheless, the small volume of the movement nevertheless is available. Therefore at wear of intervertebral disks in these parts there can also be protrusions. At statement of the diagnosis it is important to exclude other diseases with similar symptoms. The main symptoms in this case is pain in chest department of a backbone in shovels and intercostal neuralgia. Pains in the middle of a back, weakness of muscles of a press, constraint and morbidity in a back and the expressed sleep and a pricking in a breast are also possible.


Most of all information on a condition of departments of a backbone can be received by means of MRT (magnetic and resonant tomography). MRT is quite difficult, but in too time by a safe method of research. By means of this method of diagnostics it is possible to obtain all necessary data on the size of protrusions, width of the vertebral channel, on existence of other pathologies, and also information on that, inflammatory changes are how expressed. For diagnosis of a protrusion of mezhpozvonkovy disks use a computer tomography, but this method does not give full and correct information. KT can sometimes show even the wrong sizes of protrusions.


The person who comprehended such illness, should not delay treatment. After all if not to carry out the necessary treatment in time, the protrusion can lead to final fracture of intervertebral disks over time. Sometimes in order that avoid disability surgical intervention can even be demanded. Of course, to such it is better not to lead up. To eliminate both symptoms, and etiologies, carrying out complex therapy is necessary. In general for treatment of different types of a protrusion of mezhpozvonkovy disks often use therapy methods from the Tibetan medicine. These methods give the chance of treatment without surgical interventions, only due to special complex influence. To eliminate pains and to remove spasms in muscles, acupressure and professional acupuncture is carried out. By means of these methods it is possible to kill pain, to improve passing in fabrics of nervous impulses, deeply to relax muscles, to improve food of fabrics and to normalize blood supply, especially in the areas affected with a protrusion. In addition methods of the Tibetan medicine stimulate supply of intervertebral disks with nutrients and blood. In disks return to normal all exchange processes. Thanks to all this their normal functions are restored.

It is considered that it is most difficult to treat a protrusion of cervical department of a backbone. It is connected with what the cervical department is the thinnest and difficult site. To patients with such diagnosis the massage course, physiotherapy exercises is usually appointed. In addition they should be followed up within several years by a doctor.

At any kinds of a protrusion such preparations as miorelaksant, hondroprotektor, and also nonsteroid resolvents can be appointed. If there is a need, to the patient anesthetics are appointed.

For an aktivizirovaniye of exchange processes, elimination of muscular blocks, improvements of blood circulation and elimination of developments of stagnation are used such medical methods as a girudoterapiya, a moksoterapiya, a stounterapiya and vacuum therapy. By means of adequate treatment it is possible to achieve the most important - to turn on the natural mechanism of recovery.

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