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Pluses and minuses of Cesarean section

Today in increasing frequency to future mummies doctors suggest to give birth to the child by means of Cesarean section. Such procedure is recommended at possible risks for health, both for the woman in labor, and for the child. But not seldom pregnant women go for this operation voluntarily, seeing in such way of the birth of the kid only positive sides.

Cesarean section is a band operation by means of which of an abdominal cavity of the woman get the child. This procedure is very widespread in the modern world – on statistical data to it resort approximately in 40% of cases. It is important to note that this method of birth of babies saved lives to thousands of women and children and played a significant role in mortality reduction at the time of delivery. However, as well as any operation, Cesarean section has the risks and potential complications. Therefore if you have no indications to this operation, it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons of Cesarean section carefully.

That it is necessary to know about Cesarean section

The first that each woman before procedure of Cesarean section has to define is a method of anesthesia. For this operation there are three types of an anesthesia. One of them – the general. At this anesthesia the woman in labor after medicamentous influence completely loses sensitivity and enters an unconsciousness. The following type of an anesthesia – epiduralny. Its sense is that to the woman before childbirth between vertebras enter powerful anesthetic into epiduralny space. Thus there is a total loss of sensitivity of the lower part of a trunk, but the woman in labor remains in full consciousness for the period of all operation. And the third type of anesthetization – spinal or spinal. At this anesthesia anesthetic is entered into subweb space between vertebras. The effect is observed the same, as at an epiduralny anesthesia. Each of these methods of anesthesia has the advantages and shortcomings, the nobility which has to each future mother, but nevertheless the last word about a choice of this or that anesthesia has to remain for the doctor.

During Cesarean section the doctor carries out two sections: the first section – a belly wall (skin, fat and the accompanying fabrics), the second – a uterus. Thus cuts can be vertical or horizontal, their alternation sometimes practices. Though the horizontal seam will be more esthetic, vertical will allow to take a fruit quicker and more safely for the kid. On the end of the operation recommends to learn from the doctor which sections were, after all it, undoubtedly, it is useful to you when planning the following childbirth.

After a section of an abdominal cavity and a uterus the doctor sucks away amniotic waters and takes the kid. If the woman to be under an epiduralny or spinal anasteziya, the child put to mother's breast that he could receive the first microflora. If do to the woman operation under the general anesthesia, applying of the kid to the father who was prepared for this action in advance practices. Further the newborn is sent for all procedures, necessary after the birth: a clearing of oral cavities and a nose from excess liquid and slime, rubdown and an assessment on a scale Apgar. At this time newly made mother manually delete a placenta. After this procedure to the woman in labor sew up a uterus and an abdominal cavity with a surgical thread which will be removed before an extract from maternity hospital. In general operation usually takes no more than 30-45 minutes.

Doctors divide planned and emergency Cesarean section. Prepare for the first of them beforehand, and usually hospitalize the pregnant woman one week prior to estimated childbirth. Indications to planned Cesarean section:

  • narrow basin of the pregnant woman;
  • inflammation of ovaries;
  • uterus myoma;
  • deformation of bones of a basin;
  • existence at once several fruits;
  • strong short-sightedness, etc.

I resort to the emergency operation in cases of emergence of problems during patrimonial activity. Indications to the emergency Cesarean section:

  • long childbirth in which it is not observed progressions (distotion);
  • buttock provision of a fruit;
  • rupture of a uterus;
  • hypertension and tachycardia;
  • otsloyka of a placenta;
  • fruit hypoxia;
  • loss of an umbilical cord;
  • big weight of the child (> 4000 grams);
  • umbilical anomalies of a brain, etc.

Pluses of Cesarean section

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of Cesarean section is that, as the woman in labor and the child will be in perfect security from those problems which could arise during natural childbirth. So, you and your kid will "be insured" from a sad outcome. Besides, the woman does not feel special concern and a stress on the relation of difficult childbirth, after all risks for health of the kid and mummy considerably decrease. Besides, if there are medical indications to Cesarean section that, certainly, it is not necessary to think of pluses and minuses of this operation.

Some women prefer Cesarean section to natural childbirth because of morbidity during the second. The child's birth for each woman is not palatable experience which can include long hours of wearisome fights. Not seldom women in labor have gaps and various injuries of a vagina which are also followed by burning pain. At procedure of Cesarean section sexual ways remain not touched, the woman does not make efforts at all to push out the child, and childbirth is painless. Also thanks to that the urinogenital system remains in the previous form the woman will have further no problems with intimate life and sexual dysfunction in the first months after the birth of the kid.

One more plus of Cesarean section is that the woman can control time of the birth of the child. Often happens so that the woman in labor expecting the first signs by the natural birth for weeks houses "stay" without releasing thus anywhere the husband. From ignorance they feel constant fear and a stress. And sometimes there are at all delicate situations when amniotic waters start departing in a public place and then future mummies test the real panic. Procedure of Cesarean section allows to avoid all these unpleasant events, and moreover, even to choose a certain day for birth of the kid.

Big advantage is also rapidity of the birth of the child by means of Cesarean section. As it was mentioned above, operation lasts only 30-45 minutes, natural childbirth can proceed within several hours, thus the woman can feel not only painful contractions, but also confusion. After all at patrimonial chamber always there is a numerous personnel which will constantly watch course of patrimonial process. Sometimes, such attention causes discomfort in women in labor and unpleasant memoirs further.

And without doubts, the most important advantages of Cesarean section that the child is completely secured from the injuries got when passing vacuum extraction and patrimonial ways. Besides he with guarantee will not receive oxygen starvation and other serious problems to health of the kid which can arise in time are natural childbirth.

Moreover, as practice "C-section babies" much more quietly than the contemporaries born in the natural way shows. This nuance is scientifically not proved, but happy mummies after the sociological surveys conducted with them confirm this fact.

Minuses of Cesarean section

Against incontestable advantages of Cesarean section there is also big number of shortcomings of this way of birth of babies. Because of these minuses between doctors many years dispute on advantage and harm of Cesarean section is sharpened. Some of them even make proposals on forbidding carrying out operation to women without the medical bases, special on that.

One of risks of Cesarean section is that doctors can miscalculate with the term of pregnancy and the kid to be born slightly earlier, than it is necessary. It threatens with problems with health of the child at infantile age and with lag in development. Besides, there is an opportunity that the doctor, cutting a uterus, injures the child though such happens extremely seldom.

Some risks exist and for mother. First of all, they are connected with that at operation to be entered a certain dose of anesthetic. It can cause allergic reactions, pneumonia or a low blood pressure. After cancellation of an anesthesia of the woman in labor can feel dizzinesses, a headache, nausea and an indisposition. The morale of newly made mummy after Cesarean section also wishes the best. Many women have feeling of incompleteness of the events and alienation from the child. Besides, the woman in labor who passed through operation should care not only of the baby, but also to heal the wound. Because of it women often have a postnatal depression and deterioration of a mental state. Generally, recovery of the woman in labor after operation is a long and difficult process which demands from mummy of force and endurance.

This operation has the shortcomings and for the baby. First of all they are connected with that the child does not pass a natural way of the birth and does not receive a certain adaptation. At "C-section babies" indicators on a scale Apgar is always lower, than at children who passed the put birth stage. It is directly connected with anesthesia, after all it influences not only mummy, but also the child.

And still it is worth to remember that the birth of the child is especially individual process. Some after natural childbirth cannot "depart" for weeks, and some which passed through operation, perfectly feel in some days. Someone recovers quicker, someone more slowly, the main thing that you received the biggest treasure in life – the child. Despite all advantages and shortcomings of Cesarean section – how to give birth to the child to choose only to you. recommends not to listen to various stories connected with this operation, and to trust only the doctor.

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