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Useful properties of a peach

The large, ruddy, velvety, exhaling pleasant aroma peaches and tempt us with the appetizing look, having settled down on shelves of shops, fruit tents and on counters of the market. Inside they have a gentle, juicy pulp of delightful taste and a big rough stone. These fruits not only are beautiful and tasty, but also are very useful to health.

Interesting about peaches

To start Mirsovetov will offer the readers some of very curious facts about peaches.

  1. Initially Romans believed that these tasty fruits it is from Persia, after all even the Latin name is said as "Prunus persica". Therefore the fruit long time was called "the Persian plum" or "the Persian apple". Later historians and botanists came to a conclusion that the peach tree is from Northern China. But through Persia bright fruit got to other countries.
  2. At Chinese beautiful peaches are considered as a symbol of longevity, protection and good luck.
  3. To America peaches were delivered during the well-known travel of Columbus. In 1565 in Florida there was the first peach garden. Now there is a lot of such gardens in California and Georgia.
  4. Augustus in the USA – national month of peaches (since 1982).
  5. The peach tree is frequent in literature call a life tree.
  6. The peach happened to become the first fruit which was eaten by the American expedition on the Moon.
  7. Many poets and artists are sure that peaches are allocated also with mystical properties, they compare this fruit to tenderness of girls, consider this delicacy as a love elixir.

Let's get acquainted closer with a tree

Height of a peach tree usually from 5 to 7 meters. Bark at it grayish or brown. The krone wide, on branches is a lot of leaves of a lanceolate form, which edge gear. Flowers most often the pink. But grades with white, red and even two-color coloring of flowers are removed. And, large fragrant flowers decorate a tree till the period when on it young leaflets reveal. The similar phenomenon occurs and at a cornel. The young tree starts fructifying for the third year.

Fruits ripen large, in a form they round or oval. On one of the parties the groove is noticeable. The pulp of the majority of peaches orange or yellow, but is grades with white or reddish pulp. Inside there is a large kernel in firm, outside of furrowed and a yamchaty cover. Usually to the touch peaches velvety. And the subspecies having a smooth cover are called as a nectarine. From these fruits the delicate flower aroma caused by air and presence of such acids as valerian, kaprilovy, ant, acetic proceeds. Taste of this fruit depends on a look, a grade and their degree of a maturity.

Let's glance in structure of fruits

And now let's specify, what substances scientists found in this tasty fruit:

  • vitamins – E, B2, B1, B6, B5, B12, K, C, PP, carotene;
  • iron, copper, selenium, zinc, fluorine, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese;
  • 18 amino acids;
  • cinchonic, hlorogenovy, neokhlorogenovy, lemon, apple, wine and other acids;
  • pectins, essential oils, cellulose, carbohydrates, proteins.

Is in pulp from 80 to 90% of water.

Essential almond oil, fat oils are found in a seed a glycoside amigdalin (the B17 vitamin which received the name).

It is counted that hundred-gram fruit contains about 40 kcal, and in a glass of juice – 60 kcal.

Advantage of peaches

Visiting relatives in hospital, try to bring to them as a gift this fragrant and tasty fruit, after all they have the toning and all-strengthening effect, and it very opportunely during the recovery period after operation or the postponed infection, an inflammation. Also diuretic, antiemetic, laxative, sudorific properties are revealed at them.

What else benefit peaches are capable to bring?

  1. Stabilize work of a digestive tract, lead acidity, activity of a stomach to norm, improve digestion of the food abounding with fats, relieve of heartburn, locks.
  2. Stimulate sokratitelny ability of a gall bladder.
  3. Give feeling of satiety though in them there are not enough calories. Therefore are recommended by nutritionists to those who wants to grow thin.
  4. Banish bad mood, a depression, uneasiness. In Hungary they are called often "tranquillity fruit".
  5. Help with treatment of diseases of heart, kidneys, a liver, a gall bladder, gout, rheumatism, anemia.
  6. Eliminate avitaminosis. Are effective for the prevention of cold and other infections.
  7. Relieve of helminthic invasions, remove the toxins which collected in an organism.
  8. Improve production of sperm at men. Are natural aphrodisiacs.
  9. There are data that at peaches there are substances capable to stop regeneration of normal cages in malignant, that is to prevent growth of tumors.
  10. Well influence sight, cogitative activity and memory.
  11. Contain the valuable components doing skin elastic, smooth, gentle, interfering fragility and a hair loss. They prevent emergence of pigmentary spots on skin and wrinkles. Therefore peaches are also used in cosmetology.

Some recommendations

There is an opinion that if during a season of peaches to eat on 3 pink-checked fruits daily every day, soon it will be possible to clear an organism of many harmful substances, including toxins and products of disintegration.

Juice from peaches is useful at stomach diseases when the lowered acidity is observed, at an anemia, violations of a warm rhythm. It is best of all to drink on 100 grams of nutritious juice in 20 minutes prior to food.

Infusions and broths from leaves and flowers of a peach tree in traditional medicine are used at gastrointestinal illnesses and rheumatism.

Gruel from fresh leaflets is put to those places that are struck with psoriasis or eczema.

For elimination of hypostases inside it is necessary to accept the infusion prepared from flowers of a peach tree.

To improve a condition of integuments, to eliminate flabbiness, to brake growth and deepening of wrinkles it is recommended to wipe a face and a neck the wadded disk which is previously moistened in peach juice. For the same purposes it is possible to use a fruit slice. In 20 minutes the remains of juice can be washed away warm water.

At fat skin such mask is useful: gruel of pulp of a peach + a tea spoon of oat flour or the oat flakes ground in the coffee grinder. The mask is held on a face and a neck by about 20 minutes, then carefully wash away its remains.

Whether all can eat peaches?

Alas, but it is worth abstaining from this wonderful fruit the suffering diabetes and obesity. On velvety peaches there are parts of pollen therefore they can provoke development of a strong allergy. At the increased acidity this fruit can be eaten only in a small amount.

Toxic agent – hydrocianic acid is found in the kernels which are in a dense stone. If you like these "nutlets", wants to warn that the adult cannot eat more than two kernels in day!

Unforgettable aroma, juicy pulp, gentle taste and mass of useful substances – all this is put in summer peaches. At a choice of these delicacies remember that peaches – perishable good. Upon purchase pay attention to their appearance. This fruit has to be elastic. Those fruits are especially tasty, at easy pressing on which cover the soft pulp is felt. Firm fruits on taste the usually sour. Leave them for couple of days in the room, peaches will ripen and their taste will improve.

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