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Medicinal properties of a lavender

Lavender – a long-term bush as which homeland the countries of the Mediterranean are considered. Many centuries people used this flower as natural fragrance. However, except delightful aroma, the lavender possesses a number of other useful qualities thanks to which it found broad application in medicine. In this article we will tell about medicinal properties of this plant.

Short data on culture

The flower received the name from the Latin word "lava" that is translated as "to wash". The lavender was called so not for nothing, after all in Ancient Rome it was added very often to water when bathing. Greeks thought up to a plant other application: the dried-up stalks set fire and fumigated the dwelling with a fragrant smoke.

The lavender fragrance quickly won popularity because of what started growing up a flower practically around the world. At the beginning of the XIX century the culture appeared in Russia where, later short time, it began to be grown up commercially.

It should be noted that the lavender is valuable not only as fragrance. It is applied in traditional medicine, pharmaceutics, and also used as ingredient for dishes.

Medicinal properties of a lavender

As it was told earlier, this culture and successfully is applied long ago in medicine. The lavender contains many useful substances in the structure, action which range on an organism is very wide. Mirsovetov found out that this plant carries out the following functions:

  • helps to normalize a menstrual cycle;
  • restores normal blood circulation;
  • favorably influences work of a digestive tract;
  • has immunomodulatory effect;
  • helps to remove inflammations, reddenings;
  • has soothing effect;
  • adjusts work of a gall bladder;
  • increases appetite, normalizes release of gastric juice;
  • possesses febrifugal action;
  • accelerates healing of wounds, cuts, scratches;
  • promotes restoration of nervous system, has the weakening and soothing effect;
  • helps to restore forces and effectively to struggle with a stress.

Among diseases in which treatment the lavender acts as the irreplaceable assistant, it is possible to allocate the following:

  1. Bronchitis, pneumonia.
  2. Headaches.
  3. Cystitis, including the chronic.
  4. Arterial hypertension.
  5. Sleeplessness, various stressful states.

Essential oil of a lavender

The essential oil extracted from this plant widely is used in modern medicine. Oil of a lavender is received by hydrodistillation of various parts of a bush. For this purpose are used not only flowers, but also branches and roots of culture. From 1 kg of raw materials no more than 100 g of oil are allocated. Such components are a part of the received substance:

  • L-linaloola esters;
  • alcohols: borneol, lavandiol, geraniol;
  • kariofillen;
  • air of acetic, oil, valerian and kapron acids;
  • gerniarin;
  • benzopyrone;
  • tannic components;
  • ursolovy acid;
  • various pitches.

The range of effect of essential oil of a lavender is very wide. It is applied in the cosmetic and medical purposes. Among diseases with which this substance helps to struggle, it is possible to allocate:

  • burns of integuments of any severity;
  • gangrenovy ulcers;
  • eczema;
  • fungal diseases of skin;
  • acne rashes, acne;
  • migraines and headaches of various origin;
  • premenstrual syndrome and pains during the monthly;
  • rheumatism;
  • arthritis.

This preparation also perfectly helps at stings of insects, removing an itch and an inflammation from the struck place. For this purpose it is necessary to apply on area of a sting of 1-2 drops of substance and to massage an affected site of skin a little.

Despite a set of useful properties, before use of oil it is necessary to be convinced that it will not cause in you an allergy. For this purpose simply apply a small amount of a preparation on a wrist and wait about half an hour. If during this time you do not notice reddenings, burning or other discomfortable feelings, can use oil bravely.

Contraindications to application of a lavender

As well as any other medicine, a lavender has the contraindications. Treat them:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • children's age less than 3 years;
  • the restoration period after abortion;
  • allergic reactions to preparations with the maintenance of a lavender;
  • the use of medicines which part iodine or iron is.

Lavender in recipes of traditional medicine

Let's consider some recipes of application of a lavender as medicine:

  1. Lavandovy syrup. It helps at treatment of catarrhal diseases, tachycardia, a headache or frustration of nervous system. Syrup on the following technology prepares:
    • take about 200 g of fresh flowers and fill in them with two glasses of boiled water;
    • wrap up capacity in warm fabric and insist days;
    • filter broth through a gauze, pour out in metal ware, put on fire and bring to boiling;
    • fill in suitable volume 200 more g of flowers and fill in with their broth made earlier;
    • wrap up mix and insist still within a day;
    • again filter structure, add to it 0,5 kg of sugar and cook on slow fire until liquid turns into syrup;
    • take medicine 3 times a day on 1 tsp for half an hour to food.
  2. For improvement of memory and concentration of attention it is possible to use lavandovy oil. If any responsible event is necessary to you, shortly before it drip 1-2 drops of oil on the back party of a palm and inhale aroma within a minute.
  3. To awaken appetite, take a slice of lump sugar and drip on it a small amount of oil. Then eat sugar and wait 20-30 minutes.
  4. At cough and bronchitis the following means will help: 1 h. l. honey connect to a droplet of lavandovy oil, and rassosit the received mix. So you take off pain in a throat, irritation mucous, facilitate fits of coughing.
  5. Will rescue a special compress from a headache. For this purpose in a glass of water dissolve 3 drops of oil, moisten a napkin in liquid, put on a forehead and lie down in the weakened state of 30-40 minutes.
  6. The best means of fight against fatigue and stress is the heat bath with lavender broth. On 1 l of water add 50 g of dry raw materials, put capacity on fire and bring to boiling. Remove broth from a plate and insist within 10-20 minutes. In a heat bath pour in the received structure and lie down in water of 20-25 minutes, enjoying pleasant aroma.
  7. Dry eczema can also be cured by means of this plant. For this purpose you should prepare the following means:
    • take 25 g of the dried-up lavandovy flowers, connect them from 0,5 l of olive oil;
    • put mix on a water bath and take 2 hours;
    • after that draw oil days, then filter;
    • apply weight on affected areas of skin daily within 1-1,5 months.
  8. To remove a stress, to get rid of fatigue and a depression lavandovy tea will help. It is very simple to make it. For this purpose 1 tsp of dry flowers need to fill in with a glass of boiled water and to insist 5 minutes. The daily use of such drink improves work of nervous system, increases mood and improves the general emotional background.
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