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Useful properties of an eggplant

Eggplant – vegetable, habitual for many, it it is possible to fry, extinguish, bake. And it is possible with its help and to be treated. Also it is loved by those who seeks to grow thin, after all in 100 of its grams of only 28 kcal.

Advantage of an eggplant

The structure of an eggplant is not vitamin-rich, it is possible to distinguish group B, and also vitamins C and RR from them. But in it there is a lot of cellulose, pectin, protein, iron and other minerals and microcells. Thanks to high content of RR vitamin it is useful to eat this vegetable with that who dreams to give up smoking. RR is a nicotinic acid and if to use daily an eggplant, the organism will better cope with nicotinic dependence.

The eggplant - the product containing few calories and therefore helps to fight against excess weight. If to prepare from it dishes, it is necessary to consider that vegetable well absorbs oil in which it is fried therefore recommends before preparing an eggplant, to cut it and to place for 20 minutes in cold water. Thus, it is possible to kill two hares – to impregnate a product with water that fat was less absorbed, and to clean from it bitterness. Pectin together with other microcells brings toxins out of an organism, thus prevent cholesterol to be acquired. Potassium improves work of warm system, and kidneys, eliminating hypostases in an organism. The eggplant is also shown and at treatment of anemia, gout and atherosclerosis. Such dishes are especially useful to people of old age.

National doctors very often use eggplant juice. For its preparation it is necessary to rind with young an eggplant and to squeeze out juice the juice extractor. Among indications of reception of juice – gastrointestinal diseases. If there are problems with a bile exit from an organism, such folk remedy will approach: to clear one eggplant of the average sizes of a peel, to cut it on small slices, to fill in with a glass of boiled water. After the eggplant is worn out, it is necessary to put it on a water bath, to boil thoroughly half an hour and to filter. To drink Baklazhanny infusion daily, for half an hour to food.

Contraindications to application

Only ripe fruits of an eggplant are useful, but by no means it is impossible to eat resung or immature because in such vegetable the dangerous substance solanin is formed. If to use a large number corned beef, it is possible to get the strongest poisoning. The first signs – the person starts choking, he has gripes in a stomach, at first nausea, and then and vomiting. To bring poison out of an organism, it is necessary to drink a lot of clear water.

If you doubt the bought vegetables, put them in water and salt, solanin will leave. By the way, practically do not contain toxic agent eggplants with a white peel, and on taste they it is more gentle and more pleasant.

It is known that all is useful moderately, it concerns also an eggplant. Them it is not necessary to be fond and use excessively, differently there will come disorder of digestion, and also calcium will be worse soaked up. Most often this problem arises at people with violation of work of a gastrointestinal tract, at a healthy organism and calcium is soaked up in enough.

It is necessary to limit the use an eggplant in case at you:

  1. There is a gastritis or risk of its development, stomach ulcer and a duodenum.
  2. Problems with a pancreas.
  3. Arthrosis.
  4. Problems in work of kidneys. Especially, if there are oksalatny stones in kidneys as eggplants contain oxalates, and they can cause an exacerbation of diseases.
  5. Diabetes with use of insulin, in this case eggplants can cause a hypoglycemia.

Treatment by dried eggplants

Treatment by eggplants is not limited to time year, it is possible to use dried eggplants in the winter. Train them so: cut vegetables thin plates, string on a thread and suspend to an oven with the included rings at some o'clock. Watch that eggplants did not burn down. Vegetables have to be slightly sun-burned, then them simply hang up in the room and dry as well as mushrooms, about two weeks. It is necessary to store dry eggplants in rag sacks in a cool and dry place. Before preparation they need to be wetted in water.

For treatment of a hypertension it is necessary to crush a dry eggplant in the coffee grinder and on a teaspoon of powder to accept once a day before food. The same powder will be useful to teeth and gums, from it it is necessary to prepare infusion: to fill in with a glass of boiled water a powder tablespoon, to leave to be drawn until liquid becomes room temperature, then to add to it a salt teaspoon, to stir and rinse a mouth.

As prevention of a disease of kidneys and a liver it is possible to accept a tablespoon dried an eggplant. It is simple to wash down powder with clear water, as medicine.

Diet from an eggplant

In the world there are a lot of products about which dietary properties many also do not suspect. One of such – an eggplant. If it is correct to enter this vegetable into the diet, it is possible to dump imperceptibly to five kilograms of excess weight and if to go on a baklazhanny diet, it is possible to get rid to 8 kg in a month.

Useful substances which contain in this product, will support an organism in a tone during a diet. A diet in itself very simple, it is necessary to enter an eggplant into a main course during the lunchtime and for dinner there are only dishes from this product. It is necessary to train them or on couple, or boiling. Thus, in a dish there will be few calories and it will keep all useful substances.

During such food there are no other restrictions in food, but nutritionists advise nevertheless to exclude sweet, flour and alcohol, then result will please you even more.

Exists as well a monodiet from an eggplant, its sense consists in that 14 days are only one vegetables, mainly eggplants, during this period it is impossible to play sports, the breakdown will be observed. Nutritionists do not advise such diet even to begin, weight will leave, but it also quickly and to come back after its termination.

As dietary food, dishes from boiled and baked an eggplant are shown to people with problems of intestines and digestion.

Storage of eggplants

The eggplant cannot long be stored at the room temperature. In the dry room it quickly will start fading and losing all the useful substances. It is possible to store them in such room no more than two days. At a temperature of 2 degrees of heat, at big humidity it is possible to store vegetable three weeks.

To keep a maximum of useful substances in a vegetable, experts advise it not to preserve, and to freeze. At influence of cold temperatures, in an eggplant 80% of useful substances, whereas remain at conservation - 60%.

It is correct to freeze eggplants it is necessary so:

  1. To wash vegetables and to cut on slices.
  2. To powder the cut pieces with salt and to leave for half an hour.
  3. To wash out eggplants under water.
  4. Put them in a colander and lower in the boiling water for three minutes, take out and in the same way lower and in the cold.
  5. Lay out slices for some minutes on a towel, then put on a tray and cover with food wrap.
  6. Take a package for a freezing or hermetically the closed containers, put in them necessary quantity an eggplant and put in the freezer.

Full freezing of vegetables requires about four hours. They can be stored in the frozen state before half a year. It is possible to prepare eggplants, without defreezing, as a last resort, it is possible to use a microwave. At the room temperature it is not necessary to defreeze, differently vegetable will turn into a kasheobrazny state.

To accept eggplants in food it is shown even to pregnant women and nursing mothers that once again confirms its advantage for an organism.

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