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Prokrastination and her treatment

The unknown term "prokrastination" means with what, perhaps, every second of us sins from time to time. The person applying for a rank of the procrastinator always postpones important issues to execute them later. And time frames treasured are limited not only days, but also the whole weeks "later"!

The procrastinator perfectly understands that on service or unpleasant housework nobody will exempt it from drawing up the annual report, but, nevertheless, again and again shelves the duties.

Difference of a prokrastination from laziness

Prokrastination and banal inaction not same. Let's be convinced of it on a classical example of behavior of the procrastinator in usual life.

On days off the journalist sits down at writing of article which the editor-in-chief expects on Monday. It turns on the computer, and the program is loaded so far, puts a teapot on a plate. Well it is necessary, coffee ended... And without coffee in any way! I will go to shop. Did shopping, came back home, made coffee, sat down at last at the computer. The text editor is already open but how to get to work, without having checked mail and news in social networks? Oh, that for the reference, now I will check. And coffee cooled down already! Why not to arrange a smoke break and not to make the new?

Now it is clear, on what "tinsel" the typical procrastinator instead of sitting down and to work fruitfully for an hour or two spends time. The prokrastination also differs in it from usual laziness. The person inefficiently disposes of the time: it seems it is also occupied with something, but at the same time fully has not a rest with thought that just about will get to work.

Any procrastinator does not admit that he that is. The most interesting that the person is really convinced of the ability well and productively to work. Simply the head ached, distracted phone call, planets did not meet - always there will be a powerful occasion to justify the inaction.

Why there is a prokrastination

The following factors can become the reasons of so original way to perform work:

  1. Work is not pleasant to the person and brings him only negative emotions therefore he does everything possible to delay this unpleasant moment.
  2. Incorrectly placed priorities.
  3. Work with "hitch". For example, to execute so and so, it is necessary to communicate to the hamovity colleague that there is no wish to do very much.
  4. Uncertainty in own forces: eyes, as they say, are afraid therefore hands do not do.
  5. Uncertainty of the person that this work - that is really necessary for him. Absence of clear plans and the accurate purposes "eats" all vital energy which could be sent to the productive course.
  6. Inability to distribute time for work and rest.
  7. Absence of skill and experience in the new enterprise - instead of solving, from what party to be risen to work, the procrastinator is afraid to think of it in general.
  8. False confidence that the task will be expedited and it is qualitative only in that case when on the horizon "deadline" (a work performance deadline) looms.
  9. Fear of pain - the procrastinator will think up one thousand reasons which will prevent it to register in reception to the stomatologist.
  10. Fear of success and changes - result of significant work frightens more, than work because the person worries how it can be reflected in his life.
  11. As it is paradoxical, but at times those who suffers from the excellent student's complex become procrastinators. The person will offer deadlines of delivery of a task only for the 100-th time to be convinced that he performed work correctly and well.

Than the prokrastination is dangerous

People who got used to perform work for the shortest period on own will, do not differ in a good health and high resistance to stress. When all terms "burn", the procrastinator works very hard and, as a result, not always manages to eat, fully to sleep and have a rest. Shortage of energy is compensated by liters of coffee and other power engineering specialists.

Hard work is reflected and in mentality: the person is tormented by sense of guilt and discontent with. How many it is lost valuable time, how many plans and remained unrealized because of unproductive power consumption! Besides, the procrastinator is under pressure also that with it people around are not happy, whose hopes it did not equal.

Psychologists claim that from a prokrastination more than 25% of adult population of the planet suffer. Fortunately, this feature of behavior not congenital - the person gains it under the influence of factors which we considered above. With a prokrastination it is possible and it is necessary to fight! And Mirsovetov will prompt to you as to make it.

Prokrastination and her treatment

Before beginning treatment of a prokrastination, it is important to recognize that it really exists. Until you think out various justifications of the idleness, all efforts something to change will be vain because you will be at war with windmills.

  1. Accept as a reality that socially active person will always have difficult, demanding devotion affairs. That is willy-nilly you should reconcile to it - change to them the relation. Start performance of difficult tasks immediately that did not remain to time for reflections as to you it will be difficult. Take for a habit to break labor-consuming tasks for steps and short-term objectives - so process will go quicker.
  2. Learn to plan time is a peculiar guarantee of personal efficiency. Thanks to the accurate plan organized people perform works everything qualitatively and productively.
  3. If there is a "standard" set of tasks which you postpone for later with an enviable regularity, honestly answer yourself, than you are frightened so by process of their performance. From here also make a start: perhaps, at you it will turn out to overcome the hostility and to start working. If to cut the Gordian knot it did not turn out, think, whether there is an opportunity to decline all responsibility for unpleasant affairs. Seek to make life simpler.
  4. Do not use the phrase "I have to", "I am obliged" in relation to the forthcoming work - such formulation will extinguish a working spirit of any enthusiast. Treat duties so as if carry out them only voluntarily.
  5. If in the course of work you distract, despite all efforts, do not stuff yourself the head with aimless campaigns on social networks. The most useful that you can make for yourself - to come for half-hour walk or to lie down 15 minutes blindly, without thinking of anything. Such timeout will help you to collect the thoughts and to be adjusted on a working harmony.
  6. Samodistsipliniruyte of: for example, start performance of obligatory tasks at the same time and work until execute the planned work volume.
  7. If you fight not the first day against the habit to postpone all important for later, think out to yourself different incentives to work, but everything unsuccessfully, maybe, business at all not in a prokrastination? Try to estimate a sort of the occupations objectively: perhaps, this work really not for you, times your any attempts responsibly to work were not crowned with success. Risk to be engaged in that to you to liking, and will forever forget that once shirked important issues!

For those who despaired

If any of the offered methods of fight against a prokrastination did not help you, do not think that for you everything is lost. We suggest you to use method of the structured prokrastination. It was thought up by professor of Stendfordsky university, a certain John Perry.

The method is based that the procrastinator seldom does nothing - it is always occupied with conditional and useful affairs, if only not to carry out that is rather important. If sharpening of pencils was the most priority business for the procrastinator, he would try to start his performance as it is possible later. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that it will perform any difficult work if it postpones the time of performance of the same difficult, but more important issue.

Make the list of tasks of their decreasing importance. Set the most actual and complex challenges in chapter of the list. Other affairs have to be not less useful and important. Their performance will be "opening" for an otlynivaniye from fundamental obligations.

And what to do with those urgent tasks which hold the first places in the list? In it focus of a method of the structured prokrastination also consists. Madly important these tasks have to be presented only to the procrastinator, but actually those not be. And who better than the procrastinator will be able to convince himself of imaginary importance of this or that occupation? In fact, the method of the structured prokrastination is based on self-deception. The paradox, but it really works.

The procrastinator, small or big, lives in each of us, and it does not mean that we cope with the duties badly. However it is worth reflecting on motives of the behavior nevertheless if the constant otlynivaniye from affairs already became style of your work.

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