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Pregnancy "delights"

Pregnancy is an and magic feeling of life in itself, and expectation of the first meeting, and the boundless love growing every day. But as always, other party of a medal is known: the indispositions arising at pregnancy and problems with health. I want to tell about most widespread "delights" of pregnancy, their reasons and methods of fight against them.
Whether you trust in miracles? At least, each of us becomes witnesses of one indisputable miracle almost. How differently it is possible to call the period of pregnancy and birth of the new person? Of course, the fullest and bright experiences for the rest of life remain with the most important participant of this event – the woman who gave birth to the child. This and magic feeling of life in itself, and expectation of the first meeting, and the boundless love growing every day. But, as always, other party of a medal is known: the indispositions arising at pregnancy and problems with health. I want to tell readers of about most widespread "delights" of pregnancy, their reasons and methods of fight against them.


Проблемы во время беременности It, perhaps, very first and most widespread unpleasant follower of pregnancy. It is expressed in a number of symptoms: nausea, vomiting, plentiful salivation and the general depression that attracts loss of appetite and body weights. Depending on their expressiveness toxicosis is divided into easy, average and heavy degree. Most often by 12-13 weeks of pregnancy all indispositions gradually disappear. However at the amplifying nausea and vomiting it is necessary to ask for medical assistance, since for life of mother and a fruit very dangerously dehydration and violation of exchange processes.
The reasons for toxicosis experts bring much:
  • various negative emotions of future mother;
  • chronic diseases of a liver and gastrointestinal tract, asthenic syndrome;
  • condition of immune system and heredity;
  • hormonal influence of a placenta and fruit on the woman's organism;
  • the age is more senior than 30 years;
  • violation of the coordinated work of the central nervous system and an internal.
For simplification of a condition of the pregnant woman it is recommended:
  • is in the small portions, but it is frequent; include the easy not hot dishes tempting at you appetite in a diet; do not force themselves to use any "useful" product violently;
  • organize the meal, very first in a day, in a prone position before get up;
  • for breakfast try to eat dairy products and eggs;
  • separate the drinking mode of meal, surely having added to it alkaline water;
  • following the feelings, eat gradually sour or salty.
Though toxicosis brings tortures to many women, it is not necessary to inspire in an organism negative thoughts of pregnancy in advance. For example, I had a toxicosis of an easy form, but it too had the features. So, for the first months of pregnancy one thought of meat or fish made sick. It was rather simple to me to exclude them from the diet. Still I felt sick from all specific and unpleasant smells (a cigarette smoke, from a smell of a cauliflower and a borsch), and also from aromas of perfume. I completely refused use of spirits, antiperspirants bought only flavourless, soaps and shampoos – hypoallergenic. Even the husband for the period of toxicosis asked not to use eau de toilette. And, really, it was simple to me to cope with toxicosis. So listen to the organism and simply try to understand his desires.


It is a special case of a varicose illness: expansion of veins of a rectum round an anus. Sharp manifestations of hemorrhoids: severe pain, the internal or dropped-out knots. Chronic hemorrhoids are followed by short-term bleedings from knots of scarlet color. Also there can be anus cracks.
Most often during pregnancy hemorrhoids arise at hereditary predisposition or already existing chronic form becomes aggravated. But because of frequent locks, the raised tromboobrazovaniye and the violations of blood circulation in a small basin which are observed at pregnancy future mothers get to group of risk. For prevention it is important to eat, carry out timely treatment of locks properly. Fortunately, this "charm" avoided me to that I am inexpressibly glad.


Проблемы во время беременности Because of hormonal reorganization of an organism of the pregnant woman, weakening of walls of veins, an elevated pressure in vessels of feet there are varicose changes. The varicosity except external unattractiveness involves a number of serious complications. Therefore at the first symptoms readers Mirsovetov should address to the obstetrician-gynecologist, and in the presence of a chronic varicose illness it is necessary to be observed all pregnancy at the vascular surgeon or the phlebologist.
The first symptom of varicosity – emergence of a visible venous grid and vascular asterisks. Then at vertical position of a foot swell, quickly are tired, there are painful feelings. At further development of an illness blood circulation of veins is broken, constant puffiness is characteristic, pigmentation of skin, eczema, trophic ulcers and thrombophlebitis are observed.
The factors increasing risk of development of varicosity:
  • heredity;
  • the available varicose changes before pregnancy;
  • excess weight or fast set of extra kilos;
  • insufficient physical activities;
  • excessive influence of sunshine.
Consider that already appeared varicose changes completely recover only surgical intervention. Therefore preventive methods, among which all strengthening of vessels permissible physical activities and correction of a food allowance, use of medical linen are extremely important. I was helped very much by morning exercises, nightly foot walks on long distances and massage.

Elevated pressure

Experts speak about the increased arterial pressure at indicators from 130/80. The hypertension is dangerous by a lethal outcome both to mother, and to a fruit therefore it is impossible to ignore her emergence by no means. At cases of increase of pressure before pregnancy the woman should consult even when planning with the therapist or the cardiologist. If necessary the supporting treatment and control will be appointed during all pregnancy. But the increased load of cardiovascular system at pregnancy can cause an attack of an arterial hypertension for the first time. The risk is aggravated with age after 40 years, polycarpous pregnancy, diabetes, diseases of kidneys, hereditary predisposition, the wrong way of life and frequent stresses.
Not to worsen a state, avoid too salty, sweet, fat and fried food, use more vegetables, fruit and steam dishes, the volume of all liquid drunk by you has to make to 1,5 l in days, observe as much as possible a healthy lifestyle. As for medicines, such means are selected the doctor strictly individually and are corrected according to a course of disease.


Проблемы во время беременности Burning or feeling of warmth in subspoon area, i.e. heartburn is a symptom of a disease a reflux-ezofagita. Never I will forget these unpleasant feelings, especially if to consider that before pregnancy I had no concept about such problem. Unfortunately, more than a half of pregnant women test heartburn. There is it because of increase of intra belly pressure and the weakened work of the lower food sphincter which has to close border between a gullet and a stomach. As a result gastric contents get to a gullet and cause an inflammation mucous which is expressed by heartburn. Also it is necessary to remember that heartburn is one of symptoms of a number of diseases of the digestive system. Therefore at frequent and strong heartburn to you can appoint additional inspection.
Measures of fight against heartburn:
  • to exclude fresh bread, fancy bread, fat meat and fish, the eggs cooked in abrupt, sour berries and fruit, black coffee, ice cream, carbonated drinks, sharp marinades and spices from a diet;
  • frequent fractional food;
  • 30-40 minutes after food to be in vertical situation;
  • daily to empty intestines;
  • the berth has to tower at the head on 15-20 cm;
  • free clothes;
  • use of grass broths and kissel.


If to you began to reap footwear, a ring on a finger, the weight set uneven or in a week exceeds 300 grams, there are bases to suspect a liquid delay of an organism. Emergence of hypostases in the second half of pregnancy in the absence of protein in urine and normal pressure usually does not demand treatment. At me so was within the last weeks before childbirth. But if similar symptoms arose till 20th week of pregnancy, the doctor will be engaged in inspection of kidneys and hearts. In food it is worth limiting the use of salt, seasonings and fried, liquid volume pregnancies has to make in recent months no more than 1-1,2 l per day. I sympathize with those who should fight against thirst in the summer. It, really, problem: both it is necessary to drink, and it is impossible to drink much too.

Hypererethism, nervousness, irritability

Проблемы во время беременности Hormonal reorganization of an organism of the pregnant woman influences a condition of her central nervous system. In the first trimester decrease in excitability is characteristic: at future mother drowsiness, absent-mindedness, some block is observed. It promotes relaxation of a uterus and the normal course of pregnancy.
The mentality of the woman starts facing attack of the new disorders and experiences connected with the pregnancy and the forthcoming childbirth. It is not surprising that for her behavior hypererethism, nervousness and irritability become characteristic. Very hard morally, if you hold a senior position or simply work stressful. I, for example, was very easy to be offended and touched, and such word to which before pregnancy I and did not pay attention. It is good if relatives and colleagues treat such unpleasant changes with understanding. However and mummy it is necessary to learn to calm down and behave, after all ahead hard moral and physical activity which the kid will demand still is necessary.

Readers of should not adjust themselves even before conception of the child on obligatory presence any of above-mentioned "delights" of pregnancy. It seems to me, wisdom is very pertinent here: it is worth solving problems in process of their receipt. Your optimistical spirit will definitely not complicate possible problems, and here negative experiences can create additional difficulties. I wish you happy and unforgettable expectation!
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