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Application of probiotics and prebiotics

It is proved that intestinal microflora provides an immunity good few, creates a natural barrier to pathogenic bacteria. In addition they take active part in digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins, neutralizations of toxins, protect cells of intestines from regeneration. It is impossible to underestimate value of probiotics – they are capable to destroy even viruses.
About them started talking quite recently. Now in any supermarket it is possible to find lactic products with a probiotics, and in any drugstore – special ferments. Whether a probiotics is so useful, will tell

What is the probiotic

Применение пробиотиков и пребиотиков Probiotics is microorganisms, friendly to the person (in translation designate "for life"). It can be also bacteria, and even some mushrooms. Scientists consider the commonwealth of microorganisms as the natural protective barrier which is "built in" a human body. But so was not always. For some time scientists could not understand true purpose of microflora and even tried to fight against it. As a result "sterility" led to active reproduction of various harmful bacteria and, as a result, to deterioration of health of the person. The organism became defenseless before any illness, including before such serious illness as a cancer. It is proved that intestinal microflora provides an immunity good few, creates a natural barrier to pathogenic bacteria (does not allow them to breed). In addition they take active part in digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins, neutralizations of toxins, protect cells of intestines from regeneration.
It is impossible to underestimate value of probiotics – they are capable to destroy even viruses before which antibiotics are powerless.

When to accept a probiotics

From violation of intestinal microflora practically all population of Earth suffers. The bad ecology, low-quality food, stresses, reception of antibiotics and sulfanilamid leads to full or partial death of probiotics. If you often are nervous, do not fill up, irregularly eat "under way", returned from travel or had cold, it is necessary to take care of microflora.

Disputable dysbacteriosis

Применение пробиотиков и пребиотиков In spite of the fact that the western medicine does not recognize the diagnosis "dysbacteriosis", we even have special analyses. Let's consider this term as the name of a situation when friendly intestinal microflora is forced out by stafilokokka, a sinegnoyny stick, fungi. The discomfort of intestines, diarrhea, pains in a peritoneum can testify to it. At dysbacteriosis there can be also an abdominal distension, and even prickings in it. In this situation you do not receive the necessary amount of vitamins and microcells, the metabolism is broken, and the pathogenic microflora is capable even to damage an epithelium of a gut and to get to the vascular course. Consequences can be the most different. At violation of microflora the organism is strongly weakened by bacterial toxins. Also allergic reactions are gradually shown. Everything can end with atopic dermatitis and the most difficult forms of bronchial asthma. It is necessary to pass inspection on dysbacteriosis to both hypertensive persons, and people with an inflammation of joints, and those who suffers from excess weight. In total because of the broken metabolism provoked by shortage of vitamins and microcells.

How to update microflora

Применение пробиотиков и пребиотиков If your fears were confirmed and to you made the diagnosis "dysbacteriosis", do not despair. It is now important to occupy anew intestines useful microorganisms. But a problem that only 10% of bacteria from the drunk capsule or fermented milk products reach the destination – intestines. The others perish under the influence of gastric juice. That those resistant 10% got accustomed in intestines, prebiotics are necessary. It not microorganisms, but products of their activity therefore gastric juice to them is not terrible. They "pave the way" for development and reproduction of probiotics. As you can see, treatment has to be complex, it will be therefore better if the course is made by your attending physician.
How we can protect the existing useful microflora? To try to avoid stresses, to use qualitative food, to get enough sleep and … every day to drink 250-300 ml of kefir or yogurt.

How to choose the real probiotic

Применение пробиотиков и пребиотиков Recently from TV screens producers of various fermented milk products promise us care of immunity. You should not trust advertizing promises, it is necessary to learn to choose really "correct" probiotics.
    At a choice of yogurt or kefir attentively read structure. On a label there have to be marks that the product is natural and contains live bacteria (Lactobacillus Casei Imunitass, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium ActiRegularis). And if on a label there is a word "probiotics", it is better to buy such yogurt – in it the raised maintenance of useful microorganisms. Buy only the freshest lactic products – a probiotics for some days perishes under the influence of lactic acid which also develop.
As for those probiotics which are on sale in a drugstore, it is best of all to choose preparations in capsules. It is important that in the summary there was a specification that the capsule is steady against acid and is dissolved not earlier than in 3-4 hours. Only this way all probiotics will reach the destination.
    As a result of one independent examination, only one preparation Bifiform could brag of a kisloustoychivy capsule. And here advertized Lineks "delivered" in intestines only 1% of bacteria. Here also trust after that to advertizing.
By the way, in a stomach of little children almost neutral environment therefore the question of "survivability" of probiotics so sharply is not necessary.
Concerning advantage and the correct application of probiotics of discussion among men of science go still. It is at the moment proved that the optimum medical effect is observed at simultaneous reception of probiotics and prebiotics. If medical forms have to be used according to the recommendation of the doctor, "self-made" lactic products perfectly will be suitable for prevention. Readers Mirsovetov can quite prepare them and at home, on the basis of boiled milk and special ferments. The last happen the most different – everything depends on quantity of types of the probiotics included in structure.
    From personal experience I want to advise Vivo ferments. They are made in Kiev, and sold in any drugstore. I very much like "Simbilakt" – it renders the medical effect very pleasant on taste, not a mucous consistence, pleasant sourish taste. With its help we in three weeks "updated" intestines to the child after operation. The Bulgarian ferments on my taste taste bitter, a little viscous on a consistence.
It is possible to eat house yogurt with honey or to fill with it salads. An expiration date – 5 days. By the way, a probiotics does not live in the sweet environment, therefore store sweet mashed potatoes for children – simply tasty dessert. It is better to feed the members of household with house fermented milk products – both in quality, and you will be sure of medical effect.
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