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How to present itself

All people different! Someone can easily present himself from the bright party, others do not even represent as to make it …

People are similar to windowpanes. They sparkle and shine when the sun, but when the darkness sets in shines, their true beauty opens only thanks to light going from within.
Kyubler-Ross E.
There are no two more different people, than the same person when he just applies for some post and when it already occupied it.
Halifax. All people different! Someone can easily present himself from the bright party, others do not even represent as to make it …
There is a fellow, externally is remarkable nothing, and will approach, will start talking, and it is so simple and easy with him, it is not necessary to puzzle in search of subjects for communication. And another – visible, stately, and on a face – except a silly smile in combination with horror you will notice in the opinion of nothing. Also it is visible that silence is burdensome to it, and it seems wants to tell something, but cannot. Does not know how to present itself though burst. Such copy is rumpled, hesitates, hardly is at loss for words or jokes inattentively. Perhaps, it for excitement. Perhaps, something or someone makes impression on the person, or, for example, he is afraid not to equal someone's hopes. Fears such are normal. Excitement in an unfamiliar situation, with new people is the adequate behavior somewhat allowing to keep a body and thoughts in a tone, the desire to be pleasant can rouse to commission of good acts, to rendering signs of attention. It is good.
Many people who already built a certain stable relationship it is nostalgic subsequently, with a kind smile upon the face remember such periods of the life when adrenaline drove blood, and heart jumped out from a breast.
But it happens so that the fear of communication does the person closed in itself, prevents it to live, open, trust, to strike up new acquaintances and to build the relations. And then, whatever it was, he all the same will not be able to present himself properly. Such fear needs to learn to be overcome in itself, working on itself and eliminating the emergence reasons.

As far as the person wins against fear, so he is a person.
Karleyl T.The most widespread types of fears are: fear of refusal, fear to be rejected, fear to seem "black sheep", fear to trust and burn, fear to be disappointed …
It is initially necessary to understand what exactly prevents you to arrive as there is a wish that holds to live so that to feel comfortably in this world. And to start working. Gradually to open, present itself to people such what is, without being afraid that you will be condemned or ridiculed.
Realize that doing nothing, avoiding communication with people, you will achieve nothing. The best way to get rid of fear – to glance to it in eyes. Learn to present yourself it is necessary on the personal experience, let sometimes and on the mistakes. Nobody promises that everything will go at once smoothly.
Do not overestimate an assessment to the interlocutor, underestimating thus the. If you start reddening, shivering before the girl or to think that she will send you then and will be (unfortunately it is the bitter truth).
The first and most important governed that forming of the relations with people brought you only joy and was successful – love yourself! After all only this way you will be able to develop confidence in own forces, and without special work will be able to present yourself at the worthy level. Love yourself with not washed up hair, with the broken heel and bruise under the right eye! Remember the heroine of one kind Soviet movie who repeated to herself: "I – the most charming and attractive!" Believe in it. And this invention (to what it seems at first sight) will appear your reality.
The second, and very important – an internal spirit. How strongly the person when his face is spiritualized by a positive spirit differs. Only one it already forces the person "shine", and the person can present himself silently, without words. How much really depends on as far as the person is capable to be adjusted, understand positively about himself that "I cool, I am superstar, I am loved already and still fallen in love!!" Getting on in the world, such person dresses on himself an image successful, sure, positive "I will be able, at me it will turn out, I in peak form!"
And it is how frequent you, looking at itself in the morning in a mirror - were upset to that saw, and thought that any on light of people will not want to fall in love with such freak. And the you become more senior - the more often think of it especially as traces of stormy or sleepless nights imprint on a face already more strongly. And in general years are condensed in various folds, furrows and wrinkles, etc.
And is how surprising when at the moments of absolutely inspired spirit, people do not notice at all that so afflicts you in your appearance, and just your internal power works!
And during these moments it is unimportant - nuances of your appearance, after all not the skin spot - and general impression which is made by you wholly is evident! And your personality, charm of your internal energy - makes the same impossible jump from usual gray or even the unattractive person to a bright magnetic image, similar to how it happens to a pop star, kings and queens of a scene!
Also I recommend to prepare some jokes – kind, not trite and short. Where the common sense will not help – the sense of humour will come to the rescue! And in an intense situation the good joke or an interesting story will help to discharge it.
As one actor wrote: where your attention, is directed there and the attention of the viewer is directed. If you take a steam bath because of a heat-spot, the person will feel it and will start taking a steam bath together with you. And if you love that you do, surrounding to infect with this love very easily.
Do not postpone for "then" work on yourself. You came to this world initially because bypassed the competitors on force and advantage!
Trust in the forces, to a vsesta with the pages enjoy reality and pleasant communication!

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