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Choice of preschool institution

For anybody not a secret that preschool education promotes development of communicative abilities of the child. But there is a mass of ardent opponents of kindergartens. But you should not forget that presently there is a mass of alternatives. So, we will consider what preschool institutions happen, and we will try to answer a question – how to make a right choice.
Детский сад For anybody not a secret that preschool education promotes development of communicative abilities of the child. Before receipt in school it is necessary to be assured that your child is ready to education not only from the point of view of skills, but also from the point of view of communication with contemporaries. However there is a mass of ardent opponents of kindergartens and establishments similar to them. The main arguments of "homebodies" are frequent diseases and an untoward influence of other children. Say, my angel sweet here came to group and there bad children taught him to lie, to be rude, fall into hysterics and so on, and so forth. All this, of course, takes place. And unfair tutors meet, and children happen different, from different families, and the educational system in a garden can not coincide with your ideas of correctness.
But you should not forget also that presently there is a mass of alternatives to the state kindergartens which offer both esthetic education, and learning of foreign languages, and preparation for school, and even school of little managers. Also you can choose full/incomplete day of stay in establishment, presence of parents, their inclusiveness in education and many other things. So, we will consider what preschool institutions happen, and we will try to answer a question – how not to be lost and make a right choice, both for ourselves, and for your child.
For a start we will consider main types of preschool institutions.

Municipal kindergarten

Детский сад To provide long descriptions, by and large, there is no special sense – all of us passed through them and we know that there anything radically did not exchange. As well as 20-30 years ago, the state gardens work according to the old methodical program. By and large anything bad is not present here, after all – socialization of the child – the municipal garden carries out the main function very more exhaustively.
Low payment and opportunity to find a garden near the house also belongs to undoubted pluses of this option. Negative, unfortunately, is both quality of food, and qualification of teaching staff, and lack of additional lessons, and not the most convenient schedule for the working mothers, and also many other things more.
What here it is possible to advise? It is necessary to look. In the state kindergartens as anywhere, plays a role a human factor. If the tutor – the teacher from god, children are fed, happy, formed and kissed everyone in the personal nose, let them will be though 40 people there.

Private kindergarten

Частный детский сад First of all, I hurry to assure readers Mirsovetov that the private kindergarten is not concourse of the charlatans wishing to heat hands on kids. For opening of similar establishment it is necessary to pass a huge number of legal procedures – from certification of the personnel and control over quality of food and to suitability of the room. What here is the good? First of all, it is the best conditions, food, toys and the room. Secondly – teaching staff, which often more qualified and attentive to children. It is a little children in groups – 5-10 people. The main plus – the mass of the additional developing classes from rhythmics to oriental studies. Everything is taught here, there is no need to carry the child on all city. All this undoubted pluses of private kindergarten, but what about minuses?
They, certainly, are, and it is possible to divide them into two conditional subgroups: with what it is necessary to be reconciled, and with what it is impossible to be reconciled by no means. First "hitch" is, of course, the price. The private kindergarten costs expensive very much – as they say, it is necessary to pay for convenience. The second digestible complexity consists that the garden chosen by you can be far from the house. Pediatricians recommend not to spend for the road to kindergarten more than 20 minutes, but in the conditions of globalization it becomes almost impossible to adhere to similar councils. As for conditions to which it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of a kindergarten is an existence of all authorized documents, first of all licenses. If in establishment you were accepted tenderly, painted the sky in diamonds and, eventually, for one reason or another refuse to show the license for educational activity – run without looking back, in this place anybody and for anything will not bear responsibility.
After you made sure available documents, descend on excursion on a garden, look at the room, the game room, a bedroom, be not ashamed, glance on kitchen. If you do not work in OBLSES, the meeting with you will not be followed by special podgotovka and, most likely, will see work in daily option. Even if will arrange you everything seen, all the same do not hurry to sign the contract. Properly study its contents and specify all possible details: whether the payment sum during the training period changes, whether there are force majeur surcharges, in addition paid services. Also take an interest in the mode of stay of the child in establishment, to conditions of medical care and that similar. As do not twist, but a choice of private kindergarten – occupation long, hard and laborious, but at the end of tortures, in case of a positive solution, you are waited by remuneration in a look in due time and harmoniously developing child who does not throw into cold sweat at a mention of a garden or the teacher.

The children's developing center

Детский развивающий центр There is a mass of names for similar establishments, but will stop that is the organization into which you can bring the child at any time convenient for you, and choose for him these or those groups, programs, trainings and occupations. And to choose is from what! Over the past few years the number of the establishments providing such services grew to extraordinary quantity. Also it is unconditional plus both from the point of view of a variety of services, and from the point of view of an arrangement of the centers – today literally it is possible to find some "competitors" in any district of the city.
As for a variety, we will try to understand – how to choose a course of occupations necessary for your child. First of all, decide on the purposes of occupations and what you wait for results. In case there are difficulties with behavior of the child, excessive roughness or, on the contrary, shyness if you suspect that the child lags behind in development contemporaries a little or cannot find a common language with them, or you have any else suspicions – the best option will be to address to the expert. Joint consultation with the child at the psychologist will help to answer your questions. For a start, whether your suspicions are groundless? Perhaps, you anticipate events and your child is only 3 years old, but not 16, and it quite explains why he cannot pass entrance examinations in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. If nevertheless your suspicions were confirmed, the skilled expert will help to pick up those exercises and occupations which are necessary for correction your, concrete, situations.
If suspicions any are not present, and simply there is a wish to develop and increase already available, it is good to find out what to develop. Dear parents, be honest before children – if little Pasha diligent, selflessly, for hours and hours on flight the designer collects, it does not mean that he dreams to go in for classical choreography. Most likely, his mother who wants to embody the dreams in the beloved child now once dreamed of it. How the temptation was great – do not give in, it is better to be proud of the great designer, the analyst and the strategist, than, at best, the mediocre dancer.
One more direction in development of the child – preparation for school education. Similar programs and trainings are recommended to be provided at the age of 4-6 years. First of all readers Mirsovetov need to know that the child, going to school, not necessarily has to be able to read, write, solve mathematical problems and so on, to all this they will be learned at school. Repetition of known elements can lead long ago to the most unexpected and sometimes harmful results, in particular, to loss of motivation to training. Your child able integrals will simply decide to miss at lessons where his contemporaries draw sticks and hooks. Little child prodigy? Perhaps, but the education program will overtake your child sooner or later, and he will absolutely not necessarily manage to join in training process in time and as result, you receive the eternal mediocre pupil. The main thing that the program of preparation for school has to give you is a development of memory, thinking, attention and skill of interaction with contemporaries and adults.Детский сад At a choice stop on that program which places emphasis on these qualities and abilities. It is also important to pay attention that the child should change the social role. Earlier the whole world in the form of parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and all other relatives turned round his desires. But at school the child passes into conditions it "is necessary" – there is an activity which he is obliged to carry out. Besides, now the teacher will estimate his actions by marks. From the bezotsenochny period of the preschool childhood in school well prepare game forms of interaction on occupations in the children's centers for the transitional moment. Being simply expressed – game in school which forms behavioural orientations of the child, helps it to adapt.

Summing up the results of all aforesaid, it should be noted the following – it is necessary to be engaged in development of children, and with this task can help you both municipal kindergarten, and the specialized centers of early development. Of course, it is necessary to be ready to that the level of services and the prices thus differs significantly. The most successful option – to pick up specialized kindergarten with the set of disciplines and sections suitable you and your child, but, besides, the cost of such institutions for a shoulder not to everyone. More economic option – a combination of regional kindergarten to occupations in the developing centers. But the main thing, remember – anyway, the main thing to have the finger on the pulse and to watch desires and talents of your child, after all unendowed children do not happen.
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