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Preparation for gastroscopy

More and more people problems with a stomach and digestion disturb. Someone has an eructation, heartburn, at others – burning, discomfort (a raspiraniye, weight) or pain in that place where the stomach is placed. In such cases correctly to make the diagnosis, and then to appoint effective therapy, the doctor channelizes on gastroscopy.

General information about gastroscopy

Inspection it is appointed in case the doctor has suspicions on damages or serious violations to activity of a digestive tract. It disseminates doubts of the doctor, helps to specify the diagnosis. That gastroscopy was productive, it is necessary to be prepared for it as appropriate. To start Mirsovetov will explain, this procedure, after all many patients how exactly proceeds, having heard about gastroscopy, very much worry and in literal sense lose rest, expecting something terrible. Actually, inspection this simple, it is only necessary to realize its need and positively to adjust itself. During gastroscopy the expert to whom the patient registered in reception in advance, in the appointed day and time will enter the special modern device called by the gastroscope through a throat. Further the priborchik will be lowered on a gullet directly in a stomach. The gastroscope is similar to a cord of the average sizes. On one its end there is a tiny video camera. This cord is attached to the main device. The gastroscope allows to investigate in detail a condition of a bottom of a stomach, its walls. The image is shown on the monitor, if necessary it is possible to approach it in details to consider and study, and also to write down on a disk. If there is a need, the expert at once can take a sample of fabrics in one or several places of walls of a stomach then to send material to laboratory. In passing the expert will examine, whether all as it should be with a gullet and a duodenum. By means of this method it is possible to reveal eroziyny changes mucous, inflammatory processes, bleedings, gastritis, ulcers, to notice polyps and a cancer at initial stages when regeneration of cages only just begins.

Before procedure

The stage first - to register in this diagnostic method. For two or even three days before the appointed date of inspection refuse the use of the drinks containing alcohol, too fat or spicy food. Try to abstain from cigarettes. Eat food at least four times a day, portions have to be small. The porridges prepared on water, fish dishes, gentle veal or beef are welcomed. And here it is better to exclude the products often provoking formation of gases in a digestive tract from food temporarily. After all gases can prevent the inspection course. If the patient is disturbed often by gas generation, these days it can accept digestive enzymes, preparations under the names "Mezim", "Enzistal", "Festal". So, these days refrain from milk, kefir, sour cream, black bread, crude vegetables, fruit, bean, carbonated drinks, kvass.

It is necessary to know that procedure of gastroscopy is carried out on an empty stomach therefore before it for 8 hours it is necessary to refrain from meal. The best option if procedure is appointed to morning hours. It is desirable not to drink in 4 hours prior to specified on an inspection time talonchik. Otherwise during introduction and advance of the endoscope there can be an emetic reflex and an exit of emetic masses (that was not digested in a stomach yet). All this very much complicates work of the expert. Then he should withdraw immediately a priborchik from a stomach. Besides, aspiring outside of weight can push out already entered gastroscope therefore there is a risk of damage of walls of a stomach or throat. If in a stomach there is no food, it will not react to emetic desires while the foreign matter moves ahead inside.

Going on inspection, put on in a free cut clothes that it did not prevent you to relax and normally to breathe. Any ties, hard collars, corbels and to that similar! Take with yourself a big towel, replaceable footwear, damp napkins, the policy of medical insurance (and its photocopy) and the direction from the gastroenterologist (or the therapist), a medical card and results of those inspections that were made earlier, the passport.

Some more important points:

  1. In 3 hours prior to gastroscopy the smoking people by all means should refrain from cigarettes.
  2. If getting very thirsty in the morning, it is possible to swallow no more than 100-150 ml of water, but notify on it the expert who will conduct examination.
  3. In the morning, before procedure try to talk less.
  4. If the woman is pregnant, she has to report about the situation to the endoscopist.
  5. Having pulmonary or cardiac illnesses too have to notify on the diagnoses before procedure. In the presence of an allergy to any medicines too tell it in an office.
  6. If to you the medicine lowering acidity of a stomach was prescribed, in day of inspection (till its beginning) do not use them.
  7. Empty a bladder before come to inspection.
  8. Before laying down on a couch, remove dentures, points, contact lenses (at their existence).

How procedure is carried out?

Gastroscopy is carried out by the qualified specialist therefore you should not be afraid of any harm and complications for health.

The patient lays down on a couch, on the left side. Under the head enclose it that towel which it brought with itself(himself). During inspection there is a salivation therefore the towel very much is useful. It is necessary to try to relax, close eyes. The mouth is irrigated with mestnoanesteziruyushchy means (usually it is Lidocaine). Between teeth the mouthpiece will be inserted. Now it is necessary to try to take as if an imaginary sip and a breath, then at this time the doctor will quickly push a long tube of the gastroscope on a gullet. Implement all recommendations of medical staff, then inspection will take place quickly, without funny things and complications. After procedure of gastroscopy some time the patient can feel irritation, discomfort in a throat, a language sleep. Sometimes there is an otrygivaniye by air. All these phenomena soon will pass. It is possible to eat in 30 minutes. If the biopsy was carried out, for 48 hours it is impossible to eat hot food, only the warm.

On average usual inspection takes 10 minutes. If the expert carries out still any manipulations (takes samples of cages mucous, stops bleeding, deletes polyps), procedure can last 20-30 minutes. Yes, feelings can be unpleasant, but it is necessary to adjust itself that mission of gastroscopy – the help to people. We hope that the above recommendations and explanations will help you easier to transfer this informative diagnostic inspection. Do not postpone visit to the doctor because of fear, the exact diagnosis will be made earlier, the measures directed on its overcoming will be more effective.

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