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How to prepare a mojito

The summer heat forces people to be ready to do anything to receive though a little saving cool. We install conditioners, we buy fans, we cook soft drinks and we stock up with ice in the freezer. Especially for those who was tired of summer heat, the mojito was invented. This wonderful cocktail not only will bring a cool, but also will present cheerfulness for all day.

Who thought up a mojito

The word "mojito" has some treatments. One translation is reduced to that roots of the name come from the Spanish word mojo that in translation means "to be damp". Other version says that "mojito" came from the African word mojo which is translated as "small sorcery". And that, and other version completely justifies an essence of this drink therefore it is possible to believe safely that the mojito is a small damp sorcery.

Also as well as treatments of the name, there are some versions of an origin of drink. On one of them the Cuban traditional drink of "Fights" which was invented by English pirates from Francis Drake's vessel was "great-grandfather" of a mojito. They mixed rum with leaves of mint and segments of a lime to give to the flaring taste of alcohol of softness and freshness. At the end of the 19th century to Drayk began to add also soda. So gradually handicraft piracy drink turned into the refreshing mojito cocktail, having become informal national drink of Cuba.

Other version says that the mojito came from Mint Julep cocktail which was very popular in the countries of South America. The mention of it is found in John Davies's memoirs about 1803. "The mint julep" was prepared from peach brandy with cognac, and after the 20th century cognac was replaced with bourbon.

"Mojito" got to Ukraine and Russia after disorder of the Soviet Union, in the late nineties, and it gained universal popularity already from the beginning of the 2000th.

Features of preparation

It is very simple to prepare a mojito, however before starting it, it is necessary to know some "reefs". It is necessary to choose ingredients for cocktail extremely after careful consideration, and better to begin with the most important from them – rum. Some mistakenly believe that the rum is better and more expensive, the will be more tasty than a mojito. However Mirsovetov does not recommend to rush in shop and to buy the most expensive bottle. Reflect, you would begin to dilute with Coca elite cognac of centenary endurance? The same and with rum – to anything to spoil expensive drink, which taste in itself is a masterpiece and does not demand any additional interventions. For preparation of a mojito it is best of all to choose the most cheap white rum, in the same way, as for cooking of mulled wine it is better to buy cheap fortified wine.

It is better to use mint for a mojito peppery but if it is not possible to find it (and it extremely seldom meets on shelves of shops), also usual mint with long leaves quite will approach.

Do not confuse a lime to a lemon! Pleasant sour-bitterish taste of a mojito is explained by presence of a lime.

Ice should not be cubes at all – only a crumb! Cubes of ice have property quickly to thaw, unlike shredded therefore if do not want that your drink quickly turned into the tasteless diluted swill, ice needs to be split.

Recipe of a mojito

There are two types of a mojito – alcoholic and nonalcoholic. If you want to freshen up during a lunch, prepare for yourself nonalcoholic cocktail. And for those who was exempted from all affairs, the mojito with rum will brighten up the rest of evening and will present unforgettable pleasure.

Necessary ingredients:

  • rum – 50 ml;
  • sugar syrup – 20 ml;
  • mint – 2-3 branches;
  • lime – 2 segments;
  • soda/tonic / mineral water – 200 ml;
  • chipped ice.

These ingredients are calculated on one portion of a mojito.

To prepare sugar syrup, fill three teaspoons of sugar in a pan and stir in three teaspoons of water.

Heat mix on slow fire to boiling.

As soon as syrup begins to boil, at once place a pan in cold water or ice sharply to cool liquid.

To split ice very simply. Place ice cubes in a package, and it is in a pure towel, turn more tightly and knock on convolution with a hammer for chops or a rolling pin.

When all ingredients are collected, it is possible to start preparation of a mojito. A glass in which will cook cocktail, place in the freezer. A lime to wash and cut segments. Not to rind!

To wash up and tear off mint from branches all leaves.

Get cold a glass from the freezer and a pestle knead mint leaflets before emergence of pleasant characteristic aroma.

Put couple of segments of a lime in a glass and too rastolkit a pestle that mint juice mixed up with lime juice. Add 50 ml of white rum and sugar syrup.

Up to the top fill a glass with ice and pour soda, tonic or mineral water almost to the brim. Mix ingredients a cocktails spoon, trying to take mint and a lime from a bottom.

If it is necessary, add in a glass of tonic, thrust a tubule and enjoy a long-awaited cool!

The nonalcoholic mojito prepares in the same way, only without rum addition.

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